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[Locked] MCC Insider Program - Info & Sign-Ups

OP ske7ch

Greetings Spartans! Last week invites started going out to members of the Halo Community Feedback Program (HCFP) to join the "MCC Insider Program" - the special group that will be called upon to help us test upcoming MCC updates via public flights.

If you haven't already, please check out our MCC development update blogs HERE and HERE for some important background about the scope of this project, what public flighting is, and most importantly, how we need the community's help to achieve our goals. We'll have more development updates and project details to come, so stay tuned.

We're thrilled to see so much interest and excitement across the community to join the MCC Insider Program! Please read on for some important details and if you have questions or comments, please share them in our MCC Insider Program discussion thread HERE.

MCC Insider

Invites Are Underway!
Beginning late last week, a round of invites went out to current Halo Community Feedback Program Members to come be a part of the MCC Insider program. Please be sure to check all of your folders (junk, spam, etc..) as certain email clients will sometimes treat these emails as spam. Additionally, some email providers or ISPs sometimes just take a little longer to get through than others.

Didn't receive an email or have trouble accessing it? Sign Up Now!
We've heard from a number of folks who have had difficulties receiving their invitation email. In an effort to help those folks out, and alleviate the massive flood of requests for help, we are allowing folks to sign up directly for the MCC Insider Program here on Halo Waypoint.

To sign up for the MCC Insider Program, please go here:

Please complete the survey (be honest!) and complete the steps included to successfully register for the MCC Insider Program.

Important Note: Not everyone in the MCC Insider Program will gain access to every flight. Initially, the participation audience will be intentionally small as the team works on very targeted, specific goals and a focused subset of game content & experiences. As the program continues, access will broaden and eventually, everyone who wants to will get a chance to participate. We'll share more details soon - stay tuned.

Also, please keep in mind that a public flight is a work-in-progress game build and will often be on a small representative slice of the complete game. This process, along with the scope of content, will grow and evolve over time with your help and feedback! While the team has every intent to release builds that are as stable as possible, we fully expect a few hiccups and bumps along the way - which is the whole point of flighting. We look forward to your participation and feedback but we also ask for your understanding and appropriate expectations as we share work-in-progress builds directly with you.

We still recommend you join the Halo Community Feedback Program to provide ongoing, critical feedback to help shape the future of the Halo Franchise. However, at this time it is not required to participate in the MCC Insider Program.

Sign up for the Xbox Insider Program!
In order to receive MCC flighting builds and participate in our public playtesting, you will need to join the Xbox Insider Program and download the app onto to your console from the store. MCC Insiders will eventually access builds and content within the Xbox Insider Hub. Please go ahead and enroll and get the app installed now so you're ready to go.

As a friendly reminder, the MCC Insider Program - including all surveys, game builds and content - are subject to Microsoft's Confidentiality Agreement.

Thank You!
Again, we thank you for your interest and excitement in helping us shape the future of the Master Chief Collection. Please stay tuned to Halo Waypoint and the Xbox Insider Hub for future announcements regarding flighting timing, scheduled play sessions, and other important communications from the team.