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Thank you!
Continued issue stemming from game crashing at start up menu. Multiple people complaining of it on here and on support forums. Can we get a fix please?
I would honestly love a re-release of MCC in stores that includes the updates from the game that make it actually playable already on the disc for people with no internet and have it include ODST and Reach. That's a lot to ask for, but I think it will be cool if this happens if the game has a possibility of getting re-released on the Scarlett.
dear 343 indstres i made blue prints for a new covnet halo wepon its caled the plasma rifle 2.0 (tempory name but you can give it one) its a gun that has 3 difrint modes that the player can use and its modle is a gun with 4 handles one of them is a stock for a mode that has recoiol, two sights bothe for two modes and one sight turns off for another mode and the gun has plasma closing chambers to close them up to use in dirfrint modes and the gun spine is a two handed handle with the sights are kinda in the way of this mode and the gun has to trigers one near the stock and one on the main handle and the gun is relodeable with a batry chamber. now the modes the first one is the rifle one of the handles is part of where the plasma is in its batry usige is 20% evrey 3 shots and its rapid fire and the sight in front of the player is turned off but can still see through it and the sight in at the very front of the gun is on and can shoot nomaly, second mode plasmatic its handles are the main handle and the stock handle its like the beemrifle but can zoom in 3 times bothe sights are on and one of them gives it 2 times the zoom and the other gives 1 time the zoom giving it 3 times the zoom and the plasma is narowed out to be more sniper looking its batry usage is 50% and it locks it over heat bar on the half point it can only shoot two times befor it over heats and needs to relode the new batrys. last mode is my favroit one the gravtiy axe its simalar to the gravtiy hammer but ti has a 50% chancs of just swinging it to the side and anoter 50% chance of hiting it on the ground and relesing the plasma rays its batry usage is 10% evrey time it hits the ground the plasma for the rifle and plasmatic is closed off and the plasma thats under the sight infront of the gun is now opend and this mode dose not over heat at all the spines handles are where it wold be holding from. the only way to get more batreys from the enemys are looking for the covnent bodies that had this gun i want my new covnent gun to be fetured in halo infnit (halo 6) so the players will wrek havoick on the enemys if you have any problems about this gun tell me through youtube and my chanle is the star fruit ninja master or through insagram that one is tsfnm
TSFNM - that sounds like a pretty cool gun, but this thread here is for feedback on MCC and not Infinite. You could find one of the wishlist threads in the Halo Infinite forums and leave your ideas there, but Microsoft has (as most companies do) policies around submitting ideas which means they can't really use them. If they do make something similar then they can't credit you (have a read over the unsolicited ideas policy for more info)
I was playing with the Theater mode for Halo 3 and noticed that scripted "neural links" with Cortana have kinda disappeared as where most of the missions have at least one some now have none.
-Note this is not a issue with Theater but with the Campaign.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 4
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: No the activation sound effect on Energy Sword
  • REPRO STEPS: Energy Swords sounds works normaly when you are swinging with this weapon, but no sound at activation once you have equipped.
How about a fix for the startup crash, dont worry i'll be back everyday til its fixed, you'll learn my name 343 with these complaints.

Edit: Just started it up and 3 times in a row the game crashes at startup. How long do we have to complain before you fix the most crucial part of the game and that is the ability to actually start the game properly. Cant play the game if i cant get to the main menu.