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stckrboy wrote:
Naukrai wrote:
Spartan Ops progress isn’t saving.
This is a known issue - from what I recall it's just on the UI side, progress is still being tracked. Should be fixed in a future update
Thanks for letting us know. Glad to know this will be addressed.
  • HALO MCC Theater
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: It doesn't make sense why i can't watch film with a friend??? Give me a logical explanation why this has not been implemented?? This game has been out fir like 4-5 years and something as small as viewing a film with a fiend isn't allowed??? Seriously, get with it. Honestly, Halo 3 for life man. Bungie all the way because is silly nonsense like this..
Hi. Sorry for my maybe bad english: I am francophone. I have 4 points to adress in ordrer of importance.

At first I thought: "is it my connection?" But it's absolutely not. Because I never encounter so much bugs in H1,3 and 4. How comes that a re-relaesed 2004 game can be so broken? Can someone explain?... In fact, I don't want explainations. I want the game I paid for fixed, Glob d... it!
Halo 2 is my favorite Halo title in the franchise (maybe my favorite game of all time) because the maps are so originals. But I am so disgusted by the state of it right now that I hardly dare to play it online. Here are the bugs I encounter the most: caracters don't even fit in vehicules (espacially warthog), they shake like they are about to get teleported in an other dimension; shoots don't reach, I mean simply disapear (espacially for tanks) or delays; people that are teleporting all over the place when they are simply walking foward; I surely miss some right now. I am so pissed about this situation. I gave you my money to play your game, 343 (not even yours at this point, Halo belongs to the fans and my favorites ones are from Bungie), could you at least have some respect for my gameplay experience or will you simply get the f... out on some beach with my money?

For real? Treating us like we cannot make our own jugement about leaving or not a match? I know the argument is: it dissuades people of deserting matches. But hey! What do we do when people leave anyway and so we find ourselves in a 1v4? And what do we do when, for an obscure reason, we are expelled from a match just before it starts and the game considers that for a desertion? Seriously, these problems are very frequents. At this point, I prefer to let people judge by themselves instead of the present situation. I hate being treated like a child like you do, 343. I hated that even when I was a child. You are insulting my intelligence and my socialbility. If you absolutely want to prevent people from leaving matches, invent a report system of some sort with short banned consequences, but let us use our jugement first, for Glob's sake! Maybe in Ranked matches, I can understand the present bannishing system, but in Social matches, it's outrageous.

I get to play on Headlong (my favorite map of all time) in matchmaking maybe once per month or 3 weeks and it's always only in Sniper matches -_-
I get to play maybe once per 2 weeks on High Ground and it's always in Red Glare matches -_-
I can count on my fingers the number of times that I got to play on Terminal...
But hey did I get to play on Warlock (and its other versions) , Sanctuary (and its other version), Sandbox and Narrows! Do you see the problem, 343? I miss the voting system.

Sometimes, even if we don't like this game for various reasons, me and my friends are curious to try a little match on Halo 4. What was my suprise the other day when I was so sorry about shooting my teamate, but realising that it did'nt hurt him. This is when I finally realised that there were no friendly fire in H4 matchmaking... I don't know if this feature was there from the start of MCC, but I find it unwelcomed: it makes the game easier, too forgiving. If I want easy, I'll go play ball alone on my wall, not games about war. That said, did you know, 343, that your games have the reputation of being childish? Well that feature may be one of the last nails in the coffin of adultness in Halo.

I have half of the fun I am supposed to have in Halo MCC because of the problems I just adressed. There is a culture of icompetency that rampages the video game industry right now and if you don't want to be pointed on as in the middle of it, maybe you should do something about it, 343.
Psycho3961 wrote:
Im very certain that there are discussions about this however I would like to add onto it. I love the MCC and very excited for the Reach Remaster however I would like to see an update that would add selective customization, how the old Halo 3, 4 and Reach had to have our own unique flair to our Armor sets to personify our styles. For example in Halo 3 I would want to use a Hayabusa helmet, Recon Shoulders and a CQB chest piece, rather than set armor sets. While i do not want them to delete the system they have now, I would want a button to press to customize myself. Any ideas to add or contemplate?
I support this request for the more complete customization options present in the original versions of these games. I would also like to see Halo 3 ODST have Firefight restored to it, and the additional DLC armor sets returned to Halo 4; I was really disappointed to not have ODST or Mark V armors available to use in MCC's version of Halo 4, in addition to all the other visor colors and other missing options. Ultimately, I want the MCC to render having all the 360 Halo disc versions completely unnecessary, in every way imaginable.
The Custom Games UI needs a total cleanout. H2A has unnecessary duplicates of maps, there's way too many built in game types, built in game types are typed normally (cap + lower case text) instead of all caps like everything else (built in maps and saved game types), and custom setting captions are both grammatically inconsistent with each other and sometimes just useless.
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