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Thank you!
Still crashing at start up.... How long will you ignore this issue? Its been since April when reports of this started happening and still no answer for a patch or fix.
Also, crashing a lot on startup.
Games: H3

Please disable the flaming head when active camo is picked up.

Allow us to change the darkness of the crosshairs. There are some skies and sceneries that make the crosshairs nearly invisible.

Main menu crash.
Another for main menu crash. Every time I think this issue is gone it resurfaces, have heard zero input from 343. Have tried many solutions and the only one that has any permanence is completely restart my console every time I want to play MCC when another game/app was already opened. Please at least comment on whether or not you are aware of it, it’s been months.
> FOV slidder settings
> Customisable main menu (selecting the main menu background and soundtrack)
> Scarab playlist for Halo 3
This is another issue 343 really needs to fix in an update. There are far too many players who don't know how to approach Spartan Ops, and considering it's a very fun gamemode (in fact, it's pretty much a Campaign of its own), it's worth doing properly. I hope 343i change the menu to make it more obvious how Spartan Ops in the MCC is meant to be played. And yes, it's the cinematic episode first and then the five chapters relating to it.
I've just copied this here because it's an issue that needs to be addressed. A lot of time and effort was put into the making of Spartan Ops, and it would be a shame to see it completely die purely because it hasn't been set up correctly in the Master Chief Collection. I've even heard of players not even knowing there were cinematics related to Spartan Ops at all. The story drives the gameplay in the sense that it adds motivation for the player. That should be obvious.

This was the original question:
Are you supposed to watch the cutscene for the episode before playing the episode or play the episode and then watch its episode?
MCC Multiplayer: There are too many playlists in the game as it currently stands.

I know it might wound your pride to cut down the game to a fraction of what it COULD be, but the fact stands that many of the competitive playlists (and some of the social match composer options) do not have a consistent player base. For example, while waiting for my friend to get online last night I thought I'd try finding games in some playlists that I've never played before - H2A Fast Slayer, H2C Hardcore, H2A Hardcore. I didn't find a single person in these playlists, and this was around 9 PM Eastern time. Then I went over into the match composer thinking I would try FFA and couldn't find a single person in that either. I know it stinks that there aren't enough players but that needs to inform the playlist selections, it is simply pointless and annoying to include unpopulated playlists.

I will also echo the startup issues that the game is consistently having. Unacceptable.
General Options Requests

  • FoV Slider for Xbox Version
Even if it did drop performance some(I can't really imagine that being significant especially in the non-Anniversary versions) it would be wonderful to raise the FoV in the games to at least 90 for all games, but even offering a range to 120 like the current version of PC Reach has would be awesome. Halo 3 specifically would really benefit from this.

  • Higher Vertical Sensitivity
It's great having options to control both axis sensitivities, but the values don't seem to be equal. Setting both sliders the same results in a lower vertical sensitivity. This does not refer to the look acceleration, only the inner area before that triggers.
For those that want them to be the same this can make aiming feel awkward, and differing axis sensitivities also skews diagonal movement towards the more sensitive angle. For example, pointing your stick at a 45* angle will result in a higher or lower angle depending on the ratio. Since the vertical sensitivity is lower, most cases the angle will be more horizontally bias.

If you want them to actually be equal you have to set the horizontal sensitivity around half of what the vertical is, but that isn't a solution if you want to play on higher sensitivities.

It'd be nice if the values were either made equal or the vertical cap raised so higher sensitivity players could set them equal if they wanted.

  • Aim Assist Toggles
We have an option in the Anniversary campaigns, but I think it would be nice to see one default in the options menu if you want to disable it in multiplayer or the other campaigns.

This option would specifically remove the slowdown and tracking. The campaign skull also disables bullet magnetism which is nice for the challenge, but reduces many weapons' effectiveness since even with perfect accuracy spread isn't reigned in at all compared to with bullet magnetism.

Perhaps even two separate aim assist options could be added. One for the slowdown/tracking and one for the bullet magnetism.
Classic Medals Setting for Halo CE and Halo 2
Currently there is an option in the Settings menu to enable the classic medals for Halo CE and Halo 2. While I do prefer the classic medals in Halo 2, changing this setting results in Halo CE showing no medals at all (which makes sense, since CE never had medals to begin with).

Would it be possible to split this setting into two separate settings - one for medals in CE, and one for classic medals in Halo 2? I would enjoy being able to have medals in CE, while retaining the classic medals in Halo 2.

Original Halo CE HUD
I know this is probably a lot larger of an ask, but would it be possible to reimplement the original HUD from Halo CE, and perhaps provide a setting for players to switch between it and the anniversary HUD? I feel like the font used in the original HUD was easier to read, and I would enjoy having the option to choose which HUD I'd like to use.
Hey what does the play time measure? My friend and I can't figure it out. My friends play time is 2231:71623:4294998, These numbers just don't make sense, and we were hoping or clarification.
Would it be possible to put Turkey Bowl in a H4 playlist?!!!! This was the greatest game type ever created by you guys. It’s so American; guns, football and Turkey!!!! Come on guys please revive this game type.
I hope this so too.
When choosing colors for your emblem, if you use transparent it shows up black on your nameplate.
This game is broke af