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MCC MISC/Other Feedback - September 2019

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Thank you!
Still crashing at start up.... How long will you ignore this issue? Its been since April when reports of this started happening and still no answer for a patch or fix.
Also, crashing a lot on startup.
Games: H3

Please disable the flaming head when active camo is picked up.

Allow us to change the darkness of the crosshairs. There are some skies and sceneries that make the crosshairs nearly invisible.

Main menu crash.
Another for main menu crash. Every time I think this issue is gone it resurfaces, have heard zero input from 343. Have tried many solutions and the only one that has any permanence is completely restart my console every time I want to play MCC when another game/app was already opened. Please at least comment on whether or not you are aware of it, it’s been months.
> FOV slidder settings
> Customisable main menu (selecting the main menu background and soundtrack)