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This is for Halo Reach. I'm having an issue where I can't select the Infection game type on my map. I was in Infection when I was making the map in Forge. I have set the spawn points to inf_spawn. When I get to custom games and select my map, I can only choose slayer or juggernaut. This is only happening on maps made on Forge World as well.
Why is this happening?
PEKIDD15 wrote:
Where is the Sabre, Seraph and other additional forge items? Or will they not be on Xbox one?
Yeah, what happened to that?
I think they are going to add them in later. Thats what i was told at least.
What is with all of the random people walking in circles and looking straight down or up like they are AFK, like literally any Reach game mode I find them in almost all of my lobby’s. Really sucks if they are on your team and especially if you are playing invasion.
Actually, it’s infuriating.
I started up the game today and all my save files have been removed. Hours in forge lost. Wonderful maps I made years ago lost... Is there anything that can be done to bring them back?
HALO MCC GAME: Halo 2: Classic

ISSUE/FEEDBACK: There is no sound whatsoever in any mode that has halo 2 classic loaded.

REPODUCTION STEPS: Play Halo 2: Anniversary/Classic campaign, watch a cutscene on classic mode, or play Halo 2: Classic in custom games/multiplayer matchmaking.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: As I mentioned before, I believe that this is due to Halo 2: Classic being loaded in. I believe this due to Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer functioning perfectly well.
So there are three achievements that have been plaguing me for years on MCC on Xbox.

Party pooper, Dominator and Catch This.

These achievements have reset on me at least twice on each one and I've noticed on Halo Reach multiplayer these achievements are not being tracked and properly rewarded for progress I'm just wondering if this is a isolated incident with me or is this problem occurring with others?

I really would like to play Halo Reach multiplayer but I also want these achievements. The only thing irritating about it is that I already have the required qualification for these achievements.

Also I have reported this to the proper Halo support channels.
I'm having a bug to where I can't connect to Matchmaking games on mcc as a whole, a few days after Reach came out is when this started happening, I was lucky to get a couple of games on matchmaking after turning on the relay option in the network setting on mcc, but Most of the time I can't connect to games, I can find a lobby of players, but when the loading screen hits, it loads slower than it normally would and then the loading bar gets about halfway then disconnects me back to the main menu, plus I can't access my file share or anyone else's file share even after creating a new map or game type then put it in my file share Edit: This is also happening on PC for me as well
Menu narrator is stuck On when navigating menus. Xbox One settings do not seem to affect this. No menu option available in-game for changing this. It is seriously annoying.
The map rotations need to be fixed because they seem to rotate between 3 or 4 rather than all of the maps on the playlist.
HALO MCC GAME: All Games except ODST

ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The current exp system is entirly medal based. This makes games with lesser medals such as halo 3 invalid for leveling up.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Rework the exp system or have a universal set of medals in addition to game specific medals.

- Thanks #^.^#
I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but I unlocked pestilence recently and I tried to put on my elite and it dosent show. It only shows on a spartan.
I cannot even get into the game, freezes on 1st menu when I press start, tried resetting multiple times and cleared cache but no luck.

2hours I've been trying.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Entire Collection
  • ISSUE\FEEDBACK: Network Connectivity
Example one
Example two
Example three
I suffer this issue ever since I got MCC when it launched on Xbox Game Pass, and it happens in EVERY SINGLE MATCH I play in this game. When playing Online Campaign Co-Op, me and my buddy always have the "Reconnecting to server" issue, which stops the whole game to a still, although we're still able to rotate the camera. This issue PREVENTS me from playing Halo 2 online Co-Op. As soon as there's an issue with the server, the game immediately ends, whereas the other games try to reconnect. Even quick missions such as Outskirts (even while speedrunning) can't be completed. These server issues also resulted in dire side effects, two of which I encountered in Firefight (and are likely exclusive to that gamemode).
Invisible enemies in Firefight. After a black screen, enemies are likely to become completely invisible, rendering me unable to see or hear them = unable to fight them, leaving the job to my American teammates (as an European).
Another issue that I unfortunately didn't record was the disappearance of Waypoints and Generator Health Bars in Generator Defense after a black screen.
  • MCC HALO GAME: MCC Game Disc
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: I am no longer able to play MCC at all. Since the update, my disc is unrecognizable to my Xbox.
    -I'm glad I'm not alone on this issue.
  • REPRO STEPS: Things I have tried so far:
    1. Hard Resetting my Xbox
    2. Cleaning Disc (although it was already in pristine shape)
    3. Power Cycling my Xbox
    4. Uninstalling MCC from my Xbox and Reinstalling. (Interestingly enough, after I uninstalled MCC, my Xbox was able to read the disc to begin installation. After the game reinstalled, the disc was no longer readable.)
    5. Deleting my Live account and Re-downloading.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Here is a link to a video showing the issue - https://twitter.com/CanIBeCool/status/1202511573740224512?s=20
    - I am very angry about this and would love a fix.
Update (For some reason this worked):
  1. I uninstalled MCC and began reinstallation.
  2. Once the game said it was able to start, I paused the installation, reset my Xbox. After it booted up, I was able to get into the game..
  3. Now I just have to wait for Reach to download again.. However, I am able to start the game again.
    - This means that I was correct that there was nothing wrong with my disc.
My game has stopped working once again.
Just as before, whenever I attempt to open MCC my Xbox cannot recognize the disc.

When will the game be patched so that I can play my -Yoinking!- game?
Random, but for nameplates, why does Reach LASO not have one but all others including ODST have one?
This is very frustrating but whenever I am matchmaking in Halo: Reach, my Xbox One S controller, paired to my PC using bluetooth, it will randomly stop working and I'll have to reset my bluetooth device, and reconnect my controller. Halo: Reach/MCC is the ONLY game where this happens and is extremely frustrating. Outside of Halo: Reach, my controller and bluetooth device works absolutely fine. And I refuse to play on mouse and keyboard because it sucks on Halo: Reach.

I've updated my controller's firmware, change video settings in-game etc. and nothing works! And it seems this happens the most when the audio is messing up on forge only maps. 343...omg man.
On PC, there are a lot more customization options when it comes to settings. I'm sure xbox can't handle a ton of high settings, but some of the original xbox ones could benefit from making graphic quality lower. Mine has a lot of trouble running games in general without dropping frames and I'd love to at least be able to play my old favorite games. Also, it'd be appreciated if we could edit FOV or controller button layouts. It could improve accessibility and make transitions between Halo and other games easier.
HALO REACH - how the CRAP can we boot players who are obviously AFK or just RUNNING IN A CIRCLE WITH THEIR GUN POINTED UP OR DOWN?!?!?

Some of us are playing to WIN!! It's Crap to ensure losing by 13 when your AFK teammate dies 17 times!!

But since they get XP for not quitting, they are simply leveling up while causing their team to LOSE!!

How do we deal with this issue?
HALO REACH - how the CRAP can we boot players who are obviously AFK or just RUNNING IN A CIRCLE WITH THEIR GUN POINTED UP OR DOWN?!?!?

Some of us are playing to WIN!! It's Crap to ensure losing by 13 when your AFK teammate dies 17 times!!

But since they get XP for not quitting, they are simply leveling up while causing their team to LOSE!!

How do we deal with this issue?
A good and easy solution would be to only award "Game Completion" Crs if the player did actually play the game, no matter how skilled or supportive he is with his team. He can be pretty bad, the worst player in the world, but as long as he did something (grab a gun, attack opponents, etc.), that's all it needs.
I know its asking for alot but can you please change this unlock system.Ive been grinding for 6 days and im just now at tier 23,Its just a pain to level up and i really dont want to spent 40 day trying to unlock something that I already had,this is the third time ive had to restart halo reach.
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