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[Locked] MCC Multiplayer Feedback - April 2019

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I love that 343i is updating and sustaining all of the games on the MCC. I have a question about the 60Hz update, but a larger question about the game in general.

Does the 60Hz update also apply to LAN? Can we expect to see increased responsiveness in the near-ideal network conditions of a LAN party? The big picture question is, does LAN get updated in line with updates to the online multiplayers of the games? If you guys post about an improvement like the 60Hz update, can we generally assume that LAN mode will receive the updates as well? Thanks!
iiBloxorz wrote:
Also, can you guys uncapitalize all of the gametypes?
What do you exactly mean with that?
iiBloxorz wrote:
Also, can you guys uncapitalize all of the gametypes?
What do you exactly mean with that?
It's nitpicky, but all of the game type names are in all caps (except for the ones from before the title update) above the score UI. Shows up like "BTB TEAM SLAYER" or "HARDCORE BOMB". Just a little bit annoying lol
For the past few months now MCC hasn't been the best experience when it comes to connection. My internet isn't great so playing on NA servers just isn't fun. (I'm from EU) This isn't the game's fault, but ever since the update I have only played one game on European servers, even when playing with EU friends. Is it because EU population is actually pretty low? Is it something wrong with the servers? Also I haven't had any problems on other games that have dedicated servers since the update released.

EDIT: I actually just had a BTB match on Halo 2 on East US 2, over 100 ping but little to no latency
objective continues to ruin halo 3 ranked slayer
I feel like Ragnarok CTF for 4v4 shouldn't be in 4v4 CTF when it's 5 flags to win and with the vehicle set of the map. The matches I've played on it feel like they drag on too long for 4v4.
I still have that coop campaign bug where everytime you play with someone in a campaign mission it lags you and the other person out of the lobby.
I keep getting kicked out of multiplayer online games in the middle of the game. I'll be leading the score with 15-20 kills and then I get sent to the menu screen. I'll try to start up another game and it says that I've been temporarily banned and I have to wait 3-10 minutes each time. This has happened several times, each day this week. Why is this happening?
Please just take Valhalla 4v4 off of social slayer... It's so slow without banshee and wraith, when teams play passive it's boring snipe battles and long range BR battles that do nothing because the BR is not good for long range. I know people didn't like the vehicles but it plays so boring otherwise.
I can barely get matched in any "competitive games" playlist.
Put Death Island in the mix for BTB on Halo CE. As a former Halo PC player, I thank you.
I've noticed that servers are failing today. The server location is being listed in the loading screen, yet pretty sure games are being peer hosted. Also, the last several games in a row have had players lag out before the game started.

It seems that the loading screen should indicate that the game is being peer hosted if servers are having issues and the fallback peer hosting is in place.
halo CE
the controls feel less intuitive then they did previously so i dont know whats changed but i can feel a delay between when i press the button and my caricature acts both in custom game and multi player.

i tried it on different machines and with different controllers so it seems to be an issue with the game

for reference i use zoom and shoot with the highest sensitivity.

i own the disc copy but there are no scratches or any damage that i can tell..

100% agree with this. The new update has trashed response time to all actions in Halo CE. I don't play anything but CE so I can't speak for other games but since the new update the pistol lock on is almost non-existent, bullet registration is off to varying degrees based on the opponent with bullets delayed so much so that you can see them shoot behind a moving target while the player moving skips ahead. Overall the game feels different and it's much more frustrating than at any other point in the past 4+ years of playing.

Also, who at 343 decided to make the AR rifle so inappropriately strong? Not only does it take down the over shield way sooner than it should it's also ridiculously accurate from inordinate distances. An inexperienced user can now fire the AR from 20 yards away take our your entire shield while you attempt to pistol them watching your bullets whiz to the left and right of them due to the new delays / bullet lag. Very Halo 2 like, which is not a compliment.

Also regarding camouflage, how is it after 4.5 years, countless updates this major bug with camo isn't addressed? If you are currently camouflage and you are waiting for it to run out but standing on another camouflage, when your first camo expires and you hear the camo sound chime you turn visible rather than stay camo! I mean, like wtf? really?

Another wtf is the teleport situation on rat race. Ports can be blocked indefinitely without causing telefrags is one problem and the other is when you enter a port while turning even just slightly causes you to appear on the other side twisted and as you attempt to move out it bugs out and sends you back to the previous port and as you attempt to move out of that one it sends you back to the other, over and over and over again without end unless you enter, stop, don't move your feet at all, turn then exit.

My last gripe is about the shotgun but to me this is more minor compared to the others. 1, why is it more difficult to pick up vs other weapons? you have to hover over and hold the weapon button longer than any other gun. 2, it's simply not accurate and strong enough in close quarters. I can't tell you the number of times I've fired point blank followed by a melee (standard CE move) and my opponent is almost unfazed. when I do the same thing twice and they don't die it's extremely annoying, when it takes 3 times it's basically a different game altogether.

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Halo 4


Can you add a Halo 4 ranked playlist.

I can easily find games in H4 social and I'd like to play against players of my skill level more frequently.

The playlist should be Legendary BR setup and maybe some Team slayer, but definitively not Infinity slayer.

It should be a mix of slayer and objective, just like the others rankes playlists.

I know that some H4 forged maps are currently in the rotation, but we seen them rarely. I'd like to play on some good competitive maps like ONYX or OPUS more often.

Thank You
I'm experiencing massive lag from Halo: MCC only. Everything is smooth when I play Reach(360 title) and Halo 5: Guardians. I've reinstalled the game, reset network connections, and had my ISP check our internet, and I cannot stop lagging when I play. Is there any way to fix this?

I'm unable to join any matches. It's been like this for a few days. It won't join any playlist at all. I'm unsure on how to fix this? If somebody is able to please tell me what to do I will appreciate it so so so so much!!

Iron Skull in Spartan Ops issue.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 4
  • ISSUE: It is possible to activate the Iron Skull for Spartan Ops missions, but it is not possible deactivate it in the Spartan Ops menu. There is no effect from the Skull in missions however.
  • REPRO STEPS: Start any Halo 4 mission with the Iron Skull on. This can done be from the Campaign menu or the Playlist menu. Quit the mission and enter the Spartan Ops menu. The Skulls selected will carry over from the mission including the Iron Skull, so the active count will be one more than the Skulls selected. By starting a Spartan Ops mission, it can be seen on the pause menu that the Iron Skull is indeed active.
XOBelle2 wrote:

I'm unable to join any matches. It's been like this for a few days. It won't join any playlist at all. I'm unsure on how to fix this? If somebody is able to please tell me what to do I will appreciate it so so so so much!!

This happened to me, and I had to reinstall the game. Not sure if it's the only fix, but it did the trick.
Darth Nint wrote:
Darth Nint wrote:
To those who felt Halo 3 was "off" due to its spotty hitbox, what do you think of the new update?
Because I've just finished playing a bunch of games, and I have to say that H3 has never felt so good as it did right now. I could finally hold my own with the BR and win 1v1 duels: I even managed to kill people across the map, which was bordeline impossible to do before. Seriously, everything felt right, like if I was playing locally.
This was the exact experience I was hoping for when Dan Ayoub promised dedicated servers back at E3 five years ago: I always felt MCC never delivered on that promise, even with the latest updates. Sure, the matchmaking is fast now, and almost every bug has been fixed, but the moment to moment gameplay when playing H3 online has never felt right to me, even if I was playing on dedicated server (I'm from Italy). Until tonight.
I'm really hoping this wasn't just a one-off lucky streak of games, because if it is thanks to the new refresh rate of the servers, then this update is a sorely needed game changer! :D

Also, the new loading screens are lovely!
After playing some more, I'm gutted to report that it was just a streak of lucky games.
I mean, I still occasionally get to play on a EU server, where the game feels just right and fair, but 90% of my matches sadly take place on the East US server, where my BR is just unreliable because of the higher ping.
Why I did get an awesome experience that day, even when playing on US servers, while the game has now returned to its former self pre-update, I don't know.
And it hurts, because I genuinely believed this update would be the one to finally fix my latency issues with H3: at this point, the only solution would be to give us the option to CHOOSE our datacenter. A solution I still understand why 343i hasn't implemented yet. And I don't mean just for the MCC.
I remember that when the H5 beta ended, Josh Holmes promised there would be an option to choose our datacenter in the final version of the game: needless to say, this promise was not kept. Instead 343i said that their matchmaking algorithms would automatically ensure games with a good connection: well, guess what, these algorithms didn't work back then, and they certainly don't work now, at least to the degree where they feel reasonably reliable. But while H5 received some options to better tailor our matchmaking experience, MCC received none.
The problem is that the MCC doesn't even seem to try to find a game in a EU server: instead, after something like 3-5 seconds of search, it immediately connects me to a US server. Why can't I wait a little longer so I can get a game with a better connection?

343i, I don't know if you truly read every post that gets written in these feedback threads, or if you care enough about the EU population since it's just a fraction of the US one, but if you are reading this and you DO care, then please consider adding the option to choose our datacenters. And if you can't or you don't want to, at least tell us WHY.

I hope I didn't sound too entitled, but man, I remember buying Titanfall, choosing my datacenter and thinking that complaining about lag and latency would be a thing of the past: and yet here I am, complaining about this very same issue 5 years later! D:
I quote again, the problem persists. When I saw the new update, I got excited after reading the new server frequency. Played a match straight after, shots were not registering. But thanks to the new loading screen I am now able to tell that the problems are due to the server location. In particular, when I play on EU servers, the game feels smooth and I play like a beast. The BR feels so good and I am able to even kill at long distances. But when the server is North Central US or East Coast US, the game becomes unplayable. Not only because the shots do not register, but also because I get killed through walls, and the most frustrating thing of them all is that I am not able to win a BR challenge whatsoever! I can do the best and unpredictable strafe, but no matter what, I always end up getting killed in the same way: when I am about to shoot the 4th burst and I pull the trigger on the pad, the animation of the shot fired starts but then the animation of my death starts instead replacing it! I see the shots fired and straight after I always die (that's obviously due to the server correction). I can NEVER win a BR challenge on US servers. N E V E R.
Also, at long range, the BR becomes completely useless for me: I can shoot at anyone's body and they would still run without getting damaged. I can aim after them, next to them, or their body/head/feet/anus, no matter where, at long range the registered shots are like 1 on 3 or 4 fired.
Interestingly, another related issue is that after rippin the opponent's shield, is incredibly hard to take him down, like his health was doubled. I already showed in previous threads how this problem is due to the shot not registering at all.
I love MLG and I almost only play Team Hardcore, but it's so damn hard to have a good match because of the connection disadvantage (even more than a Mexican host on the original H3 back in the days).
Proof to this is that I generally play very good when I run 2v2 Hardcore MS, because there I often get assigned to a EU server and the game feels so different.
I mean, it's logical since I ping 100+ to any US server and <30 to EU ones.
And please, don't start with the same stupid story "BR is projectile-based and you have to lead your shots", I played H3 for 10 years and I think I know how to shoot with it and how it felt on the original game, as showed at 4:27 in this video:

Yeah, now tell me about "leading shots", ffs.
Also, the problem of server choice is showed at the very beginning of it.
We don't need network improvements, 343. We need the possibility to have a choice on which server get matched on.
"EU and AUS players can't be matched on US servers" -> put yourselves in front of a mirror and repeat this statement for 10 minutes a day, dear 343 employees.

- Another unrelated problem that recently became unbearable, regards modern aim. There is still the problem of slow turning. It has always been there since modern aiming was introduced, but now I am just sick of it, it makes certain maps completely unplayable, such as Onslaught and Amplified since there's so much action and quick turns are needed.
This video shows the issue, and even though the author refers to the Classic thumbs layout, it happens on any layout:

This is particularly frustrating when there is a in-game situation where, for example, you trade a punch with an enemy and straight after you both jump away to land a BR burst on their head, and you have to follow his head aiming diagonally up (left or right, that's irrelevant). The aim is for some reason slowed 4x down and you can't even reach opponent's head at all, in the sense that they are moving faster than the aim (reticle) does. Which is not the case in other situations, of course, I mean, that's not a sensitivity problem as the video above explains.

The combination of shots not registering, beatdown and 4th burst animations not starting and slow turns on modern aiming, make this game a totally unplayable crap. This is not Halo 3, for the 1000th time. 343, fix your broken game once and for all.
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