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  1. Spoiler:
    For people asking about the "flooded" playlist Im 99.9% sure they are talking about the campaign playlist. In the cross game section of the playlists tab there is a playlist titled "Flooded" with a selection of some great flood levels across all games. It seems like this is an event 343 is doing considering the whole Mcc menu and load screen is now all decked out in flood cosmetics. I am however really hoping that since they said "We need more reclaimers to fight the infection" they are referring to their group of reclaimers that are dedicated fans always doing events/helping with bugs etc. and this is a way to be a part of that. Mainly because i want that sexy black reclaimer nameplate with the Halo ring on it that's my most sought after plate and that's the only way to get it is being a part of their group. But i also play the hell out of this game and the insider so it's a win win either way.

    Regardless if that is the case or not i do love the idea of 343 doing big events like this in Mcc & adding special stuff like the flood menu/loading screen to the game. Maybe even giving out in game prizes like nameplates for doing the community quests like competing the "flooded" playlist right now within the event time. There's a lot of things they could do on top of just the cool menu/loading screen and there is a lot of potential for this going forward in Mcc and future games. I really hope it continues and gets expanded on this is exciting stuff, these are the kind of things that the hardcore fan like myself really enjoys and will keep coming back for, step in the right direction for sure.
First of all they should make the game enjoyable for everyone and fix the major things first. Mayby implament server preferences? The game is unplayable as non american right now.
In the match composer if you select ffa you can only choose infection, others such as myself want slayer ffa for all halos. It shuld be 8 player ffa slayer please fix this also please put ranked h2c ffa
In terms of finding the kinds of games I actually want to play, and not having to shuffle through a bunch of different playlists, this new update for the social multiplayer is a dream come true. I seriously think it's the best feature of the game now.
I'm so glad to see that the Match Composer is working fine for me now that the West US data center network is back up! I also want to add that it's great to finally have the Flamethrower and Fuel Rod Gun available to the maps in Halo: Combat Evolved matchmaking! However, I think the carnage would be more fun with a 4 set selection of every vehicle for Team Slayer matches in CE at both the red and blue bases.

  • 4 warthogs
  • 4 rocket warthogs
  • 4 ghosts
  • 4 scorpion tanks
  • 4 banshees
  • 4 stationary turrets
Good job so far though!
When I go into matchmaking (into any game and gametype) I will disconnect at seemingly random. The two things that happen before disconnecting will be either -
The match's load bar will stay empty until I am sent to the menu.
The match's load bar will almost go to the end, but I am then sent to the menu.

Sometimes I am able to navigate through the main menu after being disconnected fine, but other times it shows a black screen where the pause menu appears, as if I had paused in a match. Friends tell me that, even with the black screen thing, I am not in the match.

I hope this issue can be found out soon, even if it is my end, as I get temporary bans from searching due to being disconnected from matches. Also I want to play those matches usually.
So can you guys remove the quit ban? Or at least make it less punishing because whenever I play on a map that I don’t like I wanna quit the game but I won’t because I don’t wanna get suspended from matchmaking for like an hour. So it’d be much appreciated if you could remove the quit ban
So can you guys remove the quit ban? Or at least make it less punishing because whenever I play on a map that I don’t like I wanna quit the game but I won’t because I don’t wanna get suspended from matchmaking for like an hour. So it’d be much appreciated if you could remove the quit ban
.If you read the stickied ban thread you'll see that it's been reduced.

with the current ban ladder for MCC being:
  • First offence: 5 minute ban
  • Second offense: 15 minute ban
  • Third offense: 60 minute ban
  • Fourth offense: 16 hour ban.
The match composer lets you search for whatever game mode you like so there's not really an excuse to ruin the game for all of your teammates.
Bear in mind that if you're the last player on your team you can safely quit without repercussions.
Also, if you don't quit out of a game in 24 hours your quit timer will be reset.
Loving the Match Composer so far. Had a fun night of Halo CE BTB matches with almost no quitters or afkers. However, my party encountered a weird glitch where it said one of us was idling (preventing us from starting a search), which was impossible. We had everyone kicked, repeatedly, and had to eventually start a new party to fix the issue. All of us were moving our controllers and clicking buttons.

Also, are certain map/gametype combinations weighted more? I kept matching the same objectives on the same maps (KOTH on Infinity, CTF on Sidewinder), despite the fact there should be more options. Not a huge complaint, but the Match Composer seems to be a bit rough still. Plus, how does the searching work? I had a VERY salty guy in the postgame lobby complaining about how Halo CE was awful, and I tried to ask him if he was searching only Halo CE like I was, but no answer.
So can you guys remove the quit ban? Or at least make it less punishing because whenever I play on a map that I don’t like I wanna quit the game but I won’t because I don’t wanna get suspended from matchmaking for like an hour. So it’d be much appreciated if you could remove the quit ban
Are you trolling? The quit ban is in place precisely because of your reasonings. Just because you may not be a huge fan of a particular map doesn’t mean you should ruin the match for everyone else within by quitting.
Could you fix the Flooded campaign playlist so it actually saves our progress and doesn't just keep restarting us at the library?
Weird issue I experienced on the library. The needler no longer recognizes carrier forms as an enemy and will not track flood carrier forms.
I've been enjoying the match composer quite a bit. The option to pick precisely the games I want is very useful. That said, I would change some things about the selections. Action sack only says "a mix of non traditional slayer and objective variants." This doesn't necessarily tell you what your going to get. Someone who picks the action sack choice will have no idea what is being picked. For example, Halo 4 BTB action sack includes heavy games, Dominion and Regicide. Dominion and Regicide are clearly shown in the map list when searching but heavies merely shows Slayer which isn't technically wrong but it could be misleading.
Someone who doesn't frequent Waypoint or Reddit would have no idea what the slayer game type is if they search exclusively BTB action sack. I would suggest that when selecting Action Sack for any game size, the player should be able to identify exactly what action sack actually means. This could arguably be used for any game type in the composer since many game types have more than one option under the same selection. CTF and Assault both feature one sided and two sided games which isn't immediately apparent either.
Basically, when selecting any option in the composer, I would suggest that the game types shown on the maps included screen shows exactly what game types are possible. If searching with action sack selected for Halo 3 and Halo 4 for example, it should say Heavies instead of Slayer. This would help identify exactly what game types are on what maps.
Love the new MM composer. Aside from the ban pentalties which has been addressed I find no fault. It has come a long way in a year and with the addition of tournaments is bringing back a large part of the population that has left. Now if we can only get rid of that “idle player” part I would be very very happy.
Why did you guys RUIN standoff on BTB. Bungie never would have made that garbage mess of a map.
When playing with the Recon and Universal Recon controller schemes, in Halo 1 and 3, pressing the left bumper lets you rotate through grenades, however in H2A you can only use the D-Pad an the left bumper goes unused. For a little more consistency and make it easier on competitive players, can we have the left bumper be assigned to grenade switching as well as the D-Pad.

I have my controller mapped to allow me to do this, however taking away usage of the left bumper in menus and other games is a bigger issue.
Something needs to be done about the 3v4 starts in matchmaking. It’s happened to me, to people on my team, and to the opposing team and it seems to happen at least once a play session. I’m surprised there aren’t more complaints about this. When this happens it’s pretty much a guaranteed win for the team of 4 especially at high level gameplay.
So not only is this a free loss, its also a free quit out which results in a ban. Nice.
The Custom Game menus NEED to be revamped. Even post update it feels slow, clunky and unorganized because everything is listed horizontally instead of vertically. Not to mention that map names aren't listed alphabetically for some reason. The game can also freeze up entirely if you're scrolling between options too quickly. The solution? Make the menu's closer to how H3, Reach and H4 was organized.

Also I know a robust customs browser is in the works, but PLEASE increase the local storage. As someone who plays mostly Forge and Customs, 50 varients is pathetically small.
If you’re going to add larger maps to Halo 3 4v4, can you at least make them BR starts? It’s bad enough I have to play 4v4 on Valhalla, but it’s even more disappointing when I know I have to fight for precision weapons on the map with my own teammates.
Kill Bowls wrote:
When playing on bumper jumper controls, the button to switch your grenades needs to be the 'A' button like how it used to be originally. Using the directional pad to switch grenades makes gameplay more of a hassle.
I second this. Using the D-Pad to switch between grenade types is just a nightmare when playing Bumper Jumper.
Have been having a very hard time getting games in H2A no matter the time of day and even while searching Solo or in two's and I'm only a rank 14 .

Hopefully the population will increase and I'll be able to get games .
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