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MCC Halo 2: Please make a Halo 2 SNIPERS RANKED Playlist please!!!

Brings back good memories and the reason why so many played Halo in the first place.

Thank you in advance.
The weight for Objective really needs to be turned down in H3 Arena, its ridiculous that we play Obj more than Slayer. The last few hours has been obj like 90% of the time, people start losing and they quit out. SpeciallyKOtH, Die, Spawn, rush hill with AR, die spawn repeat. There is no way to get set up for hill when you literally spawn a second after you die.
-Need OG Voicechat features in H2C (flashing emblem, mic bottom right corner, option to mute) I have no idea who's talking.
-The sensitivity on all games is messed up. Halo 3 especially is bad, the horizontal sens feels so much more powerful than vertical.
-Melee's whiff a lot more on H2C.
-Hit detection needs improving all games. (Halo 1 feels the best, H2C and H3 are off)
-Need some kind of Pregame Lobby. Throws you into a game without even knowing the objective which is bad.
-View Maps in Playlist should be visible even if all games are not installed and also should show the exact gametypes too. CTF-->1 flag-->Multi-flag
-Playlist Population Counter. (I don't care if the population is low. I want to know I at least have a chance of matching somebody)
-Red text on enemy players during death screen on H2C. I don't remember this being in OG but I may be mistaken.

Some old bugs/fixes I'd like to see:
-Fix the H2C shotgun.Very weak unless you are host. Make it more like H1. This was heavily complained about back on the bnet forums. (shotgun spread demo
-Ending 1 flag/bomb when the other team is unable to tie/win
-H3 Rockets sometimes start reloading again after you just reloaded. (This was present in OG H3)

Playlist suggestions:
-Relic Slayer/1 Flag added to H2C Arena.
-Terminal Slayer and 1 Flag/Bomb possibly..
-Remove Colossus Slayer. Replace 1 flag with Multi-flag/bomb.
-Team Snipers and SWAT should be permanent playlists. (remove h4 tho lol)
-The Team Snipers gametype in HCE Arena is wack. Sniper starter and pistol secondary? The pistol in H1 is pretty much a sniper. Just have sniper.
-In the end I'd like to see Arena playlists split into Objective and Slayer but as the population is now I don't think it'd work.
GravyGlove wrote:
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I am totally with you on that and I hope with enough voices they will bring back social swat permanently! It is extremely important to be able to face and accept criticism from all directions especially for constructive reasons! This is the number one most important attribute for a game developer to be able to improve and grow but 343 must understand this since they have these public forums. Behind what we can see they may have their own visions about direction and growth but the bottom line is that this is their forum with which they can control arbitrarily.
The multiplayer needs a better matchmaking system. I keep getting put in matches with people nowhere near my skill level (usually higher, but just got put in a match where my team won 50-0) and it is really unfair to the players on the receiving end. It is really strenuous. I never get put in an actually good match like I used to be put in in Halo 4. Even Halo 5 has this problem, but nowhere near as bad as it is in this game. Also, the multiplayer needs a rewards and rank up system. All armors shoudnt be unlocked straight from the get go; it takes all the fun out of it. For example, make the flaming head for Halo 3 aquired by beating the game on Legendary. The rank up system should be like Halo 4, or something along the lines. There just isn't a need nor want to play multiplayer in this game, which is really sad. The ranking doesn't give you any reasons.
Swat also needs to come back. It's a favorite of many
I would love for some transparency and communication as to how many servers are provided for us to play on .This is the apparent problem with most latency issues.
Big Team Battle:
Halo CE
The Motion Tracker is disabled in this playlist
I think it's a bug, but if it's a design choice then it's a bad one.
You guys never should have changed the color of enemy names Halo 2 and CE's to red. It really looks horrible and isnt "exaclty as it shipped" its really an eyesore. The least you guys could do is revert back to classic colors and update the playlist thumbnails to some proper HD screenshots. Whoever did the H2 screenshots did a poor job. They're Halo 2 Vista screenshots with the graphics tuned down so the spartans emblem isnt shown. We were given the ok to submit some screenshots last month and they still havent given any notion that they would be using them or updating it.
MCC HALO GAME: N/A - MCC matchmaking

ISSUE/FEEDBACK: "You were kicked due to an idle player in your party" immediately when entering matchmaking for the first time. The idle kick is detecting idle players that are signed into your Xbox One, but not playing Halo MCC with you.

  1. Have another gamer tag signed in, and idle. For example, if your Xbox is set to automatically sign in your roommate or wife's gamer tag instead of your own.
  2. Connect a controller and sign in your own gamer tag.
  3. Launch Halo MCC and enter into matchmaking.
  4. Matchmaking will find players and almost put you in to a session, and just before it is about to show the red and blue teams, you will receive the error "you were kicked due to an idle player in your party."
ADDITIONAL INFO: For me this was my wife's gamer tag signed in in the background. She did not have a controller connected, and she did not press A to join MCC with me. We were not in an Xbox Live party. She was simply signed in to her gamer tag in the background, and I got kicked out due to an idle player, before I could even play one game of matchmaking. After signing her out, I was able to find a matchmade game and play without issue.
I would love for some transparency and communication as to how many servers are provided for us to play on .This is the apparent problem with most latency issues.
This was detailed out here:
  • I was in a multiplayer lobby and it kicked me from a game for being idle.
I mean I was idle, I guess, but I was just on my phone (waiting for like the 3 other European players to load in lol) so that's a weird bug, but it's only happened once so no biggie.
  • My next issue is that people who are AFK aren't kicked.
I've played a few games now where we've had someone AFK for the entirety of it, which is a shame...I can't always solo the other team in ricochet!
I appreciate the message that says "leaving mid game awards penalties across all games" though!
Good work on this collection guys and I appreciate the passion you still have for this game, it inspires ours, because we love Halo!
Customization needs a revamp. I miss my CQC-ODST Spartan in H3. Also, add the H4 DLC armor while you are at it.
Halo: CE (Team arena/doubles):
Problems: Assassinations in the front, rocket launcher shot delay, games will start without players loaded in, fall damage is too excessive/sensitive.
When playing Dominion on H4 , sometimes when you finish capturing a base you loose control of your controller controls for an extended period of time . Like 3-4 seconds while other times you can instantaneously move after capturing the base . Please look into this bug
Halo 2C: The melee seems very ineffective. In the original it took 2 melee strikes to take out an opponent. Now it seems the upclose shotgun-melee doesn't even work. Not sure if it is just me.
In Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer, the Spartan view model arms do not match the armor you are wearing. It only shows the Mark VI arms and the undersuit forearm clips out the side of the gauntlets a bit.
Please make a Halo 1 bTB playlist please. That’s all I ask and don’t delete my comment again.
Why would you guys change party restrictions in ranked?? Now parties of 3 can match an entire team of solo searchers?? Why?? People aren’t even going to search in 4s anymore they’ll just search in teams of 3 so they can get teams of solos and easy wins. Whenever it’s parties vs randoms it’s a curb stomping every time. Back before the update in old mcc especially h2c all it was was parties of 4s vs randoms. People wouldn’t even search ranked because it had a reputation of being parties vs solos. Now ya probably gonna be the same in the lower population in playlists like h2c it’s gonna be parties of 3s vs randoms all the time and all the people searching solo are gonna get stomped and not want to search solo anymore because of the parties, that’s what happened in old mcc and it’s a big mistake to allow a nearly full team match a team of full randoms. Please consider making it so 3s + 1 random can only vs only a party of 4.
thank you
This rocket launcher shot delay is the most frustrating thing I've found that needs to be fixed/updated, imagine being unable to utilize a power up in the game because it shoots when it wants 99% of the time. (Halo: CE)
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