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[Locked] MCC Multiplayer Feedback - October

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Then if you can provide tangible evidence that 343 can use, please record, document and post that here. Simply saying it's "terrible" doesn't give them anything to work with.
we going too have swat as a constant available playlist anytime soon or is it atleast in the pipeline? Ranked swat would be preferred but at this stage I do not care. I just want swat back or is it still going too be one the the rotationary playlists?
stckrboy wrote:
Then if you can provide tangible evidence that 343 can use, please record, document and post that here. Simply saying it's "terrible" doesn't give them anything to work with.
And what use is recording the issue going to do? They have already acknowledged it, and tried to palm it off as being "client side", so they are fully aware.
They're not trying to palm anything off, I think you need to read it again. Nothing has changed in code. Again, simply telling them "this is terrible" does absolutely nothing to help. "There is a bug, fix it" doesn't help. If there is an underlying / edge case bug that is no immediately apparent, then they need actual evidence of it happening in order to perform tests and fix whatever is wrong (if anything).
any halo game you put in to play multiplayer ,the game will favor one or two people [out of say eight if you’re playing team slayer] or out of 16[ if you were playing big team battle .]This is the truth for any game you play ,if you were honest with yourself! It is bad business !!! What I experience is different gameplay mechanics in Every single halo game. The sensitivity seems different on my controller in every single game .shot registration is different in every single game there is no consistency whatsoever
  • Show gametype in loading screen
  • framerate gets unplayable in h2a and h4 if on normal xbone although h4 is a 360 game
  • bring more h2a maps how can you call that a rework.. Forcefully only playing slayer on two maps over and over again.. (Frustration leads to next point:)
  • Why would you delete map vote/veto system, if too hard then at least do not rotate the same two to three maps over and over again
  • Separate playlists in the different halo games more and the first separation should be extra for different combinations of games
  • Medals in all games feel unrewarding since no XP progression nor recommendations, in end game screen you should see the original ones based on game played, also best of the game medals should be represented at the end of game for all in a proper end game screen. Like add the spartan next to the Name so we See who who Was like in reach for example. Halo 2 medals are not shown ingame.
  • Make medals in h2a bigger
  • Maps in playlists randomly cut out, for example halo 3. Compare it
  • >>redesign your UI
  • not existing xp system should also be a reward for players, be creative, make it attractive like other games do i.e. like recommendations in reach, battlefield with promotion animations but for example after the game and a following glowing rank for promotion/demotion or rank up like in tekken/reach, daily and weekly tasks
  • punish leavers ie with XP blocks
  • (Spawns in h1 are Messe up, spawning next to eachother everytime :D)
  • Ugly profiles and rank visuals,delete the colored circles around the ranks if you can't even copy solid looking ranks from other halos
  • name plates are completely lacking something, they look so generic and are not seen at all in matchmaking experimente. Make them worth showing too with challenges unlocking them
  • spawns especially in H3, even naded made fun of that on heretic and compared Original and MCC on stream Spawns in General on slayer which is 95% of mm are just random.. Run some newer spawn systems on that
  • customization should be way more enhanced/rounded up,ie Amory and profile pics and stuff should be rewarded by reaching XP amounts or challenges like get an extermination medal in a ranked online match

  • All gametypes like juggernaut if not said/ relate to how other games do it, in reach you can monitor how well a playlist is received by the player count which should be also implemented in mcc!!!! It also is the Main cause for people only "liking" some playlists because we feel like nobody plays that mess and if we wont find exotic playlists/same goes for ranked i feel like
  • infection should also be more balanced like the h2a one which reminds me of the reach one
  • a playlist with best community types like duck hunt, wharthog derby, castle wars with swords n plasmas, that stuff (should rotate heavily or else looks pretty dead)
These are the biggest ones that hurt the most I think. All of these are filled with my love and directly connected to my heart Don't play with it ... 343 ..
You are too close :(
(sorry if i act toxic, but those quotes made by the dev Team like "halo is in the best spot since forever"(which were literally written by your Media Managers) followed with epic music in the background right after you had your drama with horrible h5 hunt the truth aka Master chief Marketing. It simply hit hard releasing a not finished MCC with terrible descission making in game design aspects and that drama in the background with all those halo hating people working on halo just to have an xbox exclusive, important people leaving in anger with 343.. Sorry if people who love the game are upset here, but you have to love that hate by players here. They even log in here to alarm you guys which Shows the Do care about blind devs killing their favorite game Serie. Just search a bit for "MCC Hit registration" on your own on the internet.. they dont tell you but they know how close this game could be a great game..this is ofc all criticism, there is also good stuff like h2a br feeling so dont be upset guys)

Please let me hear from your, since i invest alot of thinking into halos game Design
Halo 2 classic ranked doubles.

no need for two halo 3 doubles playlists.
So I played 14 games of infection today for the first time since the update, thanks for bringing it back btw, BUT the game type seems to be very off balance. I played 9 H3 special types (speed demons, S1B, etc), 4 H4, 1 H3 normal brains and 0 H2A. The odds of playing 1 H3 normal brains is .000000015% if everything is equally weighted and even less for H2A. H3 normal brains was the most popular infection mode when voting existed, i know, I played over 1200 games of infection. The balancing may need to be tweaked to 25% H2A, 25% H3 normal, 25% H3 special, and 25% H4 or maybe 20/50/10/20 like how it was when people voted. May be something to look at before the match composer comes out. Thanks for reading this.
"No issues with shot detection"

My view:
Close up:

Thoughts? (Other than the first shot being way off :P )
Hi just to report one more thing, people are quitting in CTF BOMB AND HILL there are many of those games and people really rather playing more slayer please fix it. Otherwise people will find mcc boring and eventuality play other games. Cheers
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Postums wrote:
Sturbz wrote:
GravyGlove wrote:
bring back swat to permanent!!!
Is anyone else not worried about halo infinite when they are completely ruining MCC
I AM, Very very worried! I have very low expectations for halo,infinite ESPECIALLY when some of the first news we here about it is regarding microtransactions implementation into it! I am still lost for words how 343 think this is even feasible in a franchise that is a dying one, which has so much opportunity and MADE XBOX what it is!! And might I add, halo was not made for greed! It was made for passion of gaming and IT SHOWED!
yeah not buying infinite unless mcc is restored. I need to see some display of sensibility before I can feel comfortable risking more money. The playlist offerings were perfect before the update.
I agree that the playlists were perfect as well prior. My group of players almost strictly played Swat and now we can only hope they bring it back just how it used to be. I assumed the update would fix matchmaking issues, certain bugs and other glitches. However it turned out to be a total rearrangement of the game in many ways, and judging from the feedback, not many good ways at that. I commend 343's efforts but things have not turned out too favorable this time.
The Match Composer will definitely help a lot for social matchmaking including those who want to play Swat only.
I think the idea of the match composer is brilliant. My friends and I have actually been talking about something like that since MCC came out but it was just one of those "that would be cool" subjects. However I agree with many that a permanent SWAT social would be great. I imagine it will come out soon since most of the other playlists have come back.
Postums wrote:
SUNYY90 wrote:
Still ZERO games in ranked matchmaking for Oceanic and Asia. Its over folks. MCC multiplayer is only North Americans.
I can confirm that there are many games being played by those from the regions you listed.

Question: what playlist and at what time are you searching?

This may be a population issue based on time OR you could be searching in non-social playlists with a very high ping to populated servers. Competitive (ranked) games have ping restrictions still in place to help prevent high latency matches in ranked play. Social playlists however when searched allow for players to connect to servers that are more populated but offer the best latency.
I've practically tried all of them at different times of the day (ranked that is). My ping is around 50 to 60 and sometimes even 40 so I don't think that's the problem. And I already get the point that south east Australia might not be the most populated but at the same time, I had absolutely no problems during the jnsider build nor during the build right before the new update. So I don't quite understand why population should be a factor here if at all.
Loving the work they have put into the update just a shame the Xbox game pass hasn’t brought the multiplayer population up!! Long searching times but worth the wait 🤙
Just had to quit a fame because we got paired with the same kids 4 times on a connection that was completely unplayable. Going to be a sad reason to get banned .
My ping for the u.s. servers is under 100, yet I'm still experiencing a large portion of lag on half my games played. Why is that?
Please bring the Veto system back.

Also, BR shots don't seem to land correctly at long distances.

The need for more variety and more logical playlists has already been stated a lot, I'll just +1 that.
Can you tell me why you ruined the game again, with we EU players That always play on US servers with a lot of lag??? You 343 are the best to ruin even the only good thing you did: dedicated servers!!!
Please add Blood Gulch CTF back to the HCE team arena playlist. Or at least make it playable on 8 players CE CTF in the match composer
Victor86 wrote:
Can you tell me why you ruined the game again, with we EU players That always play on US servers with a lot of lag??? You 343 are the best to ruin even the only good thing you did: dedicated servers!!!
At least you can find a game!
UK based here, ping to North Europe server is 23ms, West Europe 31ms, East US2 99ms.

Searching H2A Arena, level 17, on my own, haven't found a game for the last 25 minutes.
Are there that few people playing this game?
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