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OP ske7ch

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Where is Halo: CE Big Team Battle playlist???
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The Halo 3 btb playlist needs BR starts for King of the Hill gamemodes. This was the same issue before MCC was updated, every gamemode in btb that appeared on the 360 version had BR starts yet the only one 343 added (King of the Hill) had AR starts.

    Please add BR starts to btb King of the Hill, it is unplayable without them.
You know that feeling when you tell yourself over and over that the game you're playing will somehow become more fun as you keep on playing. However when you realize it's just wishful thinking you start to think about all the other games you could be playing. Well good news is there are so many other games out there, that your friends who've snapped out of it, are already playing and are just waiting on you.
What's with all the Team Snipers across all the playlists?? Played way too many Sniper games last night in Team Arena H2 and H3 and even BTB. Can't remember ever playing Snipes in BTB. Also very disappointed with the Playlist selection. All my buddies and I wanted was to play H2 on BTB. As of now can't even do that and when the crossplay BTB comes out with no voting we're going to have to play equal amount of H1 and H4 games (which we absolutely hate!) And how hard is it to get a Skirmish or Objective playlist??? Slayer is so boring. We'd rather play objective every game. Mostly flag or bomb games but anything is better than Slayer. Please listen to us I've been playing Halo for 15 years and would be happy with just one of those things I asked for
chodrick wrote:
Dagger 323 wrote:
Sogekinger wrote:
chodrick wrote:
So far the update has been a huge success. Takes no more than 30 seconds to get a full lobby in slayer. One issue I am still encountering is that the spawns on Halo 3 still seem a bit wonky. Some rimes I will spawn directly in front of, or behind enemy players. I don't remember it being so prevalent in OG H3, however I have read that the spawns were like this during Halo 3s initial launch.

Also, It might just be a difference in the controller layouts for OG xbox vs 360 games, but in Halo 3 (Recon Controller Scheme) using left Bumper lets you rotate through grenades. I love how fast and easy it is. However in CE, 2 and 2A, you have to use the D-Pad to rotate through grenades. This often leaves me having to stop my movement to change grenades, or I have to use my right thumb to reach over to the D-Pad, which keeps me from aiming. Is there any chance of having this changed. It may not be a flaw in the game, but since the duke controllers never had bumpers, it may just be a way of trying to keep things authentic.

Thank you so much for this, it is such a happy day to be able to play classic Halo again.
Huge successes? Didn't you read the other posts? The game is unplayable everywhere in the world outside north America. I wouldn't call that a success
It’s barely even playable in North America. I’m seeing tons of input lag that wasn’t there before the update, glitches are causing me to fall straight through the maps, the list goes on...
I had played a solid 3 hours or so and have had no issues so far. I have had friends that say they have experienced some lag but nothing game breaking.
I’ve played for nearly three days straight. I know what I’m talking about.
All playlists:
The pregame lobby skips step three, sending right into the match with no voting
Team Arena:
For halo 2 and 3,
Objective game types are favored and cant vote. '

Add Team snipers please, its a staple.
Big team battle is already here so relax.
Nice failed again
Getting lag spikes and dropping connection mid game. (not my connection) stays connected to XBL.

Spacial and directional audio needs A LOT of work.
Well it’s September 1st, I was really hoping to see a ranked ffa playlist by now along with many others, hopefully come Monday it will be there.
Zentendo64 wrote:
vape medic wrote:
Please remove all game type settings without Battle Rifle starts in Halo 2 and 3. H3 Big Team STILL only has damn AR starts on crazy king of the hill. If you want players to stop quitting, add BR starts to every game mode. The games weapons are balanced around this. The only people who don’t like BR starts are the people who can’t win duels
Go pick up a BR on the map and stop crying!
Just because you suck with an ar

why are all the actual good playlists not up yet?

people want to play the real Halo, CE on BTB
You cant be serious.. don't talk if you want BTB, its not what this community needs. No BR starts means battle rifles become another power weapon its absurd. the AR is obsolete and doesn't belong in halo anymore, look back to classic halo 2 and 3 and you'll understand.
Why is it that if I want to play Slayer only, I cant play halo 2 or 3 or 4 slayer only? And why is it that if I only want to play Slayer, do I have to play BRs every effing match? Can you possibly split these choices up? Other I feel like the game is ruined for me and I am not alone. Also, what happened to team action sack? Halo 2 team action sack to be more specific, would be a nice choice as well. Please fix. Halo is the only shooter I actually have fun playing, until a few days ago.
well since 343 failed again and the game is still broken and no team snipers. if they add custom browser in mcc i might keep playing. if not ill just play call of duty.
Love the new update! Getting fast matchmaking and good connections. I'm in southern California.
Only thing I feel is missing is a social BTB playlist that spans all the games. Also miss swat mode, but I feel like that could be a rotating playlist along with actionsack and other miscellaneous playlists
Add this and I think MCC multi-player will be looking golden! 😉👍
Maybe it is just my connection or just the playlist. But quitting has been a huge issue for me. Mainly in social slayer.

Also infection shouldn't have left. That was the main playlist I played before this update. I can't play Halo 3 infection now unless it's just custom games. Hopefully it comes back ASAP.
Edit: Also miss Action Sack. Don't know how popular it was but I always had fun in the matches.
Still no 4v4 CE......

Man I really wish Halo 3 wasn't dog -Yoink- so I could actually enjoy playing MCC....
After a matchmaking game it restarts the search and kicks everyone from the last game... l can never play with the same people. Anyone else having this problem?
Don’t worry you will all get a participation trophy! Lol
Please add 4v4 ce. Most of us have a long weekend and are yearning for it
Overall. I'm happy you updated it and are trying to improve MCC. But I'm upset about the game types. Wheres gridfball? Infection? Team action sack? Infection was my favorite😭 I bet lots of others feel the same. I have never had a problem finding a infection game. Please fix the playlist next update. Keep it up 343🤘
Can I get my money back? This isn't the game that I bought. Should have just released a whole different game instead of getting rid of game types that people have been playing for the last 4 years. If the game was like this when it came out I would've have bought it. The grifball and infection being a playlist was a huge thing. Swat too, I know swat has been very popular game type the last 11 years so I can't comprehend the decision of removing it. Also if the quitting was such an issue, you should have made it so we had a preference to play with people that normally voted for h3 or h4 or whatever. I admit h3 swat was my favorite and I'm sure others preferred h4 or h2. But now we have no swat. Thanks bunches 343
After a matchmaking game it restarts the search and kicks everyone from the last game... l can never play with the same people. Anyone else having this problem?
Yes. Everyone has that problem
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