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OP ske7ch

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Remove all 100+ latency players from every playlist, Social AND Ranked. Preferably decreasing the cap of ranked to 80 latency. A Ranked game isnt worth the effort if a player is seen lagging. Assuming the enemy lagger isnt terrible, you already lose this engagement.
2 factors.
1. your shooting Phantoms the players hitboxes are not aligned with the players module.
1A. They are not shooting at phantoms when they shoot at a non lagger as our connection returns the proper info in a timely manner.
2.You will die around a corner or through a wall simply because that other players connection cannot keep up. While the times you wall a person is dramatically reduced .
Block all playes that play over wifi and you can easy bumb up the latency/ping cap to 150ms. EZ
No you can't. Wifi increase the ping . Same result. If you have over 100 latency you are a cheat by gaming standards today. Honestly the cut off limit for a good clean bug free experience would be 70 75 ms. 100 ms is reasonable but obviously alot of you have poor internet and are eagerly looking forward to trashing the mcc online experience. I will say that I will probably quit on the 15th because laggers are already problematic and it's only going to get worse when laggy misinformed players such as yourself join in tomorrow
Delay is lagg? Not to me. Edit: informed? & mis even. Just experience.
I just want to play as i did prior update... i cant find any CE 2v2.. i want to get merked because everybody is better then me but i cant because my ping is 101.gr8
Still plugging for a Veto system - I don't want to play Ghost town and Assembly every game thanks.

And also Region Lock needs to go
Since it’s been a minute since anyone has said something, we want Infection as a permanent playlist.
Update the games! We need title updated halo 2 and title updated halo 3!!! It takes three Melees to kill an enemy; that’s why bungie released the multiplayer map pack to fix those issues! Also they fixed halo 3s hit registration! We will never be able to play this effing game
Here is not finding matches on online multiplayer
Taking 20+ minutes to find a match in several playlists when partied with two or more players... H2A Arena, H3 Arena, H2 Arena.
Dear 343,

Posted this multiple previous times, but please look into these two things:

(1) MLG Hardcore Halo 2 Classic Playlist -- Please add Capture the Flag -- (a) CTF Midship 5 Captures Classic 20 Minutes (b) CTF Warlock 5 Captures Classic 20 Minutes (c) CTF Sanctuary 3 Captures NOT Classic 20 Minutes

MLG Hardcore Playlists originally had 11 different gametypes, and as of right now, there are zero CTF gametypes... For some reason, only Slayer, KOTH, and Oddball gametypes were put into this playlist. Pleaseeeeeeeeee fix this. MLG CTF was the best gametype.

(2) Halo 1 4v4 Playlist -- Change win time on KOTH and Oddball from 2 Minutes to 5 Minutes... games are way too short. 5 Minutes was the standard winning time. Also, respawn times should be set to 10 Seconds.

Bonus: It would also be nice if you added 4v4 Damnation CTF, and took out Rat Race 4v4 Slayer...

Please look into these two playlists.

Thank you!
Finally get a party of friends together from Halo 4 and start searching BTB. Played about 8 matches. All but one were H2C. The one exception was H2A. Needless to say we were not exactly thrilled with the experience. It's not that we didn't enjoy the H2 games as they were plenty fun. We all love Halo 4 BTB and were willing to play the other titles to get the occasional H4 match but that just didn't happen.

I would love to see a H4 BTB playlist. Just Halo 4 Infinity, regular slayer and objectives similar to the BTB offering in H4 360. If that wouldn't work than at least a H2A/H4 BTB playlist since they both are built on the same engine and play similarly in many ways. Then you would have a classic experience with an HCE/H2C playlist, H3 and then the more modern H2A/H4 playlist. H4 by itself would be the ultimate in my opinion but otherwise I would be just as happy with a H2A/H4 option. If the population doesn't support that than at least please modify the rotation so that H4 is a more common occurrence while searching.

Otherwise, the matchmaking is working beautifully in my experience. Fast searches and quick loads leaving very little downtime between matches. Thanks again, 343i for your efforts. Loving this refreshed MCC so far.
Hey I notice that longshore is getting the bulk of btb one sided objective games. Maybe can we put high ground on there? It’ll spice things up a little
TrUoK wrote:
ske7ch wrote:
Please use this official thread to share any and all MCC MULTIPLAYER FEEDBACK.
  • CAMPAIGN FEEDBACK can be provided HERE.
  • Misc/Other Feedback can be provided HERE
If you encounter an issue or have a suggestion or general feedback related to MCC MULTIPLAYER, please include as much detail as possible.
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • REPRO STEPS: If it's a bug/issue, please provide the steps taken to reproduce this bug (if applicable)
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
Thank you
There is at least one person per page on this forum that has notes an issue with the spawn points on Halo 3. There is an issue with both teams spawning at the same place, or players being spawned into combat. I'm sure this was intended to accelerate gameplay, but doesbtd fit the style of game play for Halo 3. My friend and myself purchased a year of gold once this update was installed so that we could predominately play H3 dubs, but the ridiculous spawning has taken away the slow strategy nature of the game and we have barely played due to it. The update feels great,and everything is way better. The only thing some of us thing could be improved on is to reset the games stock spawning locations across Halo 3.
That’s impossible because halo mcc is FIXED now!! 😉
In North America it is...
I’m in North America. Have great connection 175 down 15 up. I think it’s actually lagging worse than it did before the update. But I do find games so that’s positive.
Game: Halo 2 Classic
Issue 1: XSV shot (BXR RRX BXR RRX) doesnt work anymore. After BXR RRX the br clip doesnt come back either at all or really really late so its impossible to continue the sequence like in the original halo 2/pre-patch mcc version.
Issue 2: Hit registration is really inconsistent even on eu servers/hosts. On some US servers it works decently but sometimes its so off that 1v1 duels become impossible to win.
Very strange incident just happened, played games in a full party of 8 on Halo 3 big Team Battle. After one of the games I wanted to back out to go to theater alone, gave someone else party leader and the host migration window came up. At this point I could only see the roster and a blank main menu background with no other writing.

After about 30 seconds I could no longer hear Party Chat and my entire console (One X) became unresponsive. Had to hard restart and wait several minutes for a reset.

This is the first time this has happened and I'm really not sure what caused it, will try to replicate it and update if I run into it again.
This could be just me but I'm a halo 3 player just about all the time. I love the new updates and how fast matchmaking is when searching, loading games up and more. The only thing I've come across is one specific game type/map selection that doesn't seem like a good match. Others may like it but I think it should be removed. Multi Flag BR on Isolation in Halo 3 Arena seems to be really annoying more than anything. Nothing bad about it other than I just don't like it and neither does anyone I run with, haha.

If there is a poll for this, I vote the removal of Mutli Flag BR on Isolation for H3 Arena.
Halo 3 team arena
So I understand that arena isn't the exact same as the original Halo 3 Team Slayer playlist but I thought it was going to be as close to it as possible. As of right now this playlist is missing 10 maps compared to the old team Slayer playlist: Smashed, High ground, Orbital, Valhalla, Sandbox, Tundra, Pantheon, Wastelands, Vindictive and Reminiscent.

The previous version of MCC at least included I believe 3 out of these 10 maps. So what is the reason for not including these in this playlist? And will they ever be added to the playlist?
There are still problems with the stats menu. It won't show my highest killing spree on Halo:CE for matchmaking. Also whenever I die in any campaign, after I respawn nothing I do will grant me points for my score. I hope they get these ones at some point.
Can someone add me : Pi3zJay , i bought a new Xbox one to play halo mcc, ( die hard h2 and H3 fan back in the days ) i'm from the netherlands and can't find a match! It sucks cuz i bought the Xbox one to play H3 again..

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Swat has been pretty good with map rotation so far. The maps that are constant are midship and collosus, where spawn trapping is a nightmare.
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