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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for our most recent Social Matchmaking Forge Map update.
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to the maps and their corresponding game types listed below. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to the following areas:

  • MAP, MODE, and TEAM SIZE: This helps a lot!
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
New Forge Maps and Modes
Athlon (Foundry) by ArturBloodshot
Gametypes: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, and KotH

Mainstage (Foundry) by Sam Malone xbl
Gametypes: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, and KotH

Mirage (Foundry) by EvaduR
Gametypes: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, Neutral Bomb Assault, KotH, and Oddball

Traumatica (Foundry) by Danger Tanner
Gametypes: Slayer and Multi Flag CTF

Basilisk (Sandbox) by DeeDorr
Gametypes: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, and KotH

Carnival (Sandbox) by DeeDorr
Gametypes: Slayer and Multi Flag CTF

Gauntlet (Sandbox) by Sir Veyza and The Grim Dealer
Gametypes: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, Neutral Bomb Assault, and KotH

Genesis (Sandbox) by ZombieVillan
Gametypes: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, KotH, and Oddball

Serpent (Sandbox) by Kabe
Gametypes: Slayer, KotH

For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket.
Before I get started, I just wanna say that I recognize how much effort was put into all of these maps. I will try to be as objective and honest as possible with my feedback.
  • MAP, MODE, and TEAM SIZE: 4v4 Any on Mainstage
  • FEEDBACK: This map, although designed really well, feels way too tight/small for 4v4. There isn't enough room for combat on this scale, and it doesn't help when players practically spawn on top of each other. Team King is especially chaotic on this map with 3 second respawns. I suggest restricting this map to the Social 2v2 playlist, maybe. Also this map has some terrible framerate issues on my Xbox One S. Please address this somehow.
  • MAP, MODE, and TEAM SIZE: 4v4 Any on Mirage
  • FEEDBACK: This map has a decent design and feels very in-theme with the legacy MLG Halo 3 Forge maps. Sightlines were reasonable, and every mode seemed to play just fine on it. The only complaint I have regarding gameplay is that it can get pretty easy to spawn trap the enemy team in CTF. Besides that, I like it, especially for Slayer. There is one big issue, though, and it's that there are some serious performance issues on the Xbox One S that need to be ironed out if it's gonna make it into Matchmaking in a permanent fashion.
  • MAP, MODE, and TEAM SIZE: 4v4 Any on Gauntlet
  • FEEDBACK: Not only is this map well-designed, but it also runs very smoothly compared to the other ones. I love the way Assault and CTF matches flow on this map, and its simplistic design makes it fit right in. I have not encountered any gameplay or performance issues on this map yet, so it would be a welcome addition to 4v4 as far as I'm concerned.
  • MAP, MODE, and TEAM SIZE: 4v4 Any on Serpent
  • FEEDBACK: I did not like this map at all, personally. Not only did it feel clunky, but the sightlines were a bit ridiculous—way too open. Playing Team King on this was not an experience I would like to repeat.
  • MAP, MODE, and TEAM SIZE: 4v4 Any on Carnival
  • FEEDBACK: This map was alright. It felt like a reimagined Midship/Heretic, but with a few twists. A bit open, but not bad. There were some performance issues.
  • MAP, MODE, and TEAM SIZE: 4v4 Any on Traumatica
  • FEEDBACK: This map had a very clean design, but it felt a little too easy to spawn trap the enemy team. It also had some horrible performance issues on my Xbox One S, so I suggest revisiting the spawning and performance aspects of the map if at all possible.
  • MAP, MODE, and TEAM SIZE: 4v4 Any on Athlon
  • FEEDBACK: This map feels a bit too cluttered—at least for 4v4—and there does not seem to be a steady flow. This might work better for FFA.
  • MAP, MODE, and TEAM SIZE: 4v4 Any on Genesis
  • FEEDBACK: The map is interesting, but the performance issues make it difficult to enjoy. Not one of my favorites, but alright overall.
Ultimately, my biggest issue with these new maps is the performance.
Thank you so much 343 i. for adding an official dedicated forge community playlist to matchmaking. Now the MCC can live forever!
I haven't really liked the maps so far. Granted I have only played three of them but they have been a bit small and way to cluttered for me. I am not a fan of maps that have cover virtually every where.
I'm delighted with the forge community playlist in matchmaking, better late than never. There is a problem though when I play in these community created maps: the game often starts to lag (I lose something like 10-15 fps), plus there is a "flicker" effect of structures as I walk.
Some of the maps have minor frame rate issues on Original Xbox One's. Not sure if anything can be done about that though.
Hi I'm MegalodonPro10 a halo insider who participated in the community forge test and here what I got the say, carnival and basilisk is a fun and chaotic map and I love it, it has decent spawns sometimes u might spawn in the middle of a fight but I could get passed that the other map athlon it kind of frustrating of how tight it is but it does give you close quarter combat which some are a fan and I'm not really in halo that much but it still some plain fun, mirage is the worst because the enemy team just jumps you and you get shot from everywhere and it very small too small for 4v4 in my opinion but don't make the maps super large and no vehicles because that would just be boring for everyone, this was not much but hopefully it would fix a few problems for future forge maps or maps in general.
Mirage and Carnival are 5/10. The rest are 1/10
I mostly enjoyed all of them, but I could do without Basilisk. The sniper towers seem way too easy to just sit on for a whole game, and people spawning directly beneath the people sitting in said sniper towers happens very frequently.

The other maps have a few nitpicky things here and there, but Gauntlet was just a good time all the way around. Definitely stuck out as a favorite for how great the map flow felt.
I'm super happy that a community forge playlist got put together and I've enjoyed playing on the new maps. I hope that we get more playlists like this in the future for the other games, especially H2A since that game has so few maps. Thank you to Forge Hub and the forge community for making these maps.

Map: Athlon
Feedback: My biggest issue with this map is how cluttered the map feels moving around. There doesn't seem to be much of any sense of direction, the spawning is random and chaotic most of the time, and the lack of weapons beyond the sniper rifle make this the most repetitive map on the list. This map also was the easiest to wolf pack on without much to help fight a group of players sitting together. I feel like Athlon would work better as a FFA map.

Map: Mainstage
Feedback: I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this map, since it looked too small at first. The snipers don't feel too overpowered on the map, there are a lot of flank routes around the main room, and the spawning wasn't too random. Slayer and KOTH was fun, but the map might be too small for CTF. My only real issue with the map came with the spawn points in the room behind the sniper rifle. There were quite a few times where someone would spawn there and be trapped or killed without a chance to defend themselves.

Map: Mirage
Feedback: Mirage was by far my least favorite of the maps. The spawning here is terrible, regardless of the mode. Almost every game I played here I would spawn in the same room as enemies and immediately kill them from behind or get killed (especially if they already had a sword) at least twice a game. There are several spots at the middle of the map that have spawn zones that leave you exposed to the sniper or trapped if anyone notices you spawned there. The sniper is incredibly overpowered on the balcony, with an open shot on several of the major spawn points that gives the other team no chance to fight back if the sniper is a decent shot. This map also had more lighting and performance problems than any of the other maps.

Map: Traumatica
Feedback: Other than it's kinda easy to spawn trap a team here in Multi-Flag, this map doesn't seem to have too many problems and is one of the cleanest maps visually.

Map: Basilisk
Feedback: There is a way on top of the rooftops above the sniper rifle spawns that can see almost all of the spawn zones that probably should be blocked or removed. Without that, the map plays well in CTF and slayer, but the spawning in KOTH is a little random, especially when the hill at the center of the map is active.

Map: Carnival
Feedback: One of my favorites in the playlist, especially for CTF. The spawning seems to work well, the weapon set is really balanced, and there don't seem to be any performance problems.

Map: Gauntlet
Feedback: I have some concern with the center bridge being too easy to control, but otherwise I've only had good experiences here, especially in slayer and crazy king. The flow around the outer edges also work really well for CTF and help keep matches here unpredictable and fun.

Map: Genesis
Feedback: My favorite map in the playlist. I love the weapon set, every mode seems to run well on the map, and there don't seem to be any problems with the spawning. I really hope this one ends up sticking around.

Map: Serpent
Feedback: The layout of this map felt very awkward. There is almost no cover moving from building to building, the hills are super easy to lockdown, and there aren't many ways to flank around players controlling the main area above the lift.
I adore these maps. I wish forge maps got to matchmaking more often
I wish we could download these maps as a bundle or something
Aeroset wrote:
I wish we could download these maps as a bundle or something
You can download them in the game via file sharing under the gamertag "ForgeHub Live".
Okay I haven´t gotten a game on all maps yet (not seen Genesis) but I have to vent about one of the maps


Any 4v4

Feedback: First off, all of these Forgers are super talented and way more creative in Forge than I could ever hope to be! But Basilisk doesn´t seem to work. In my opinion the sight lines somehow feel to long on such a small map. Feels like you are visible to at least 2 or 3 players at any given time.
Thankfully the snipers only spawn with one clip, but if they know that you can get up on top of the snipe tower you are gonna have a bad time. If the opposing team have a decent sniper you are gonna be one shot, if not dead, within a few seconds of spawn and then finished of with a nade and vice versa if your team has a decent sniper. I also think there are to many pick up nades on this map.Tends to be a little spammy in the objective games I´ve played
If people want this map to be added to the MM rotation I would block of top of snipe tower and remove the frag nades from snipe tower aswell. But this one is easily the weakest of the maps that I have gotten a game on yet and I hate to admit it but I did quit out of one of the games I got on Basilisk the other night after a few minutes of getting spawn killed.
Serpent on 4v4 KOTH plays reall poorly imo. Sight lines are too far and it's way too easy to fall to your death when not watching your feet in a crossmap gunfight
It would be great to have following maps in more playlists. Thanks

Basilisk by DeeDorr
Mirage by EvadeR
Athlon by ArturBloodshot
Traumatica by Danger Tanner
Mainstage by Sam Malone xbl
The maps are very small and some feel like you are trapped if you don't have the right weapons.
It would be nice if there was a topic where you could submit maps. (I have untested maps that i've made many years ago that aren't in matchmaking).
Man. I missed playing this playlist. I hope it comes back soon! New maps would get me to play Halo more often.
Could you guys make all of these maps available when you go into customs games? There are still other map variants that do not show up as an available choice in customs games. All maps that are available on matchmaking should be available to play in customs matches without having to either play them (and hope they show up in recent maps played to download) or find someone with them. Would help the customs community tremendously to incorporate all MM maps into customs map options.
This might not be relevant to feedback, but it's a semi-related question. Is there a time period to submit maps, or if I get ahold of a mod, could I potentially get a map into matchmaking whenever?
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