In the latest update on the MCC we were told that they've heard our thoughts for a PC version, but there are no current plans on creating one as of yet. This is a good idea as it's better to get the game fixed first before a port would be feasible.

If ever (not saying there will be) an MCC port to PC I would like it to be like the Xbox play-Anywhere titles (Gears 4, Halo Wars 2) where my progress and achievements are the same and shared between platforms.
I've spent time getting my stats and achievements to where they are and to be able to carry on from there instead of starting over would be great.

What are your thoughts on this idea?
I love getting achievements. I wouldn't mind playing through again and doubling up. That's me though.

I just would not want to be on console and play against PC players.
It's been so long...
Anyway, we PC players got our last Halo game in 07. Since then, no full Halo games have released on PC.

Needless to say, I'm excited. I've wanted to play this game with my Dad for a while, and it sounds like it's finally happening
I like where your head is at on this. I would add that the Play-Anywhere should include Cross-Play.

My concern with PC to Console Cross-Play would be with how Keyboard plus Mouse (KB+M) users compete with those using an Xbox Controller (including when used on PC too). I do wonder if a limited allowance of KB+M verse Controller could prove to be a handy tool to determine and balance a proper Aim Assistance for Controller users as well as to attract a greater consumer market share by allowing those on PC to play with their preferred method (KB+M or Controller). However, Ranked play should be restricted to Xbox Controller play only which means the game would need to be able to recognize if a player is using a Controller or a KB+M. Gamers would have to be willing to show their skill proficiency with the title's accepted competitive control setup (the Xbox Controller) in order to play on equal terms within that specific environment. On the Social side where I believe KB+M could be allowed they should be more or less restricted from receiving any Aim Assistance. This would include Reticle Magnetism (aka sticky aim) as well as body and head Bullet Magnetism (aka bullet bend -- think of the movie Wanted). It would be interesting to see where KB+M player Match-Maker Rankings (MMRs) slot-into the game's skill curve on the social side since it could act as a tool to help adjust the level of the game's Sandbox Aim Assistance in order to find the best balance between the two set-ups. Perhaps, in Custom Games the host could be granted full control over the Aim Assistance and the percentage that either KB+M or Controller users get. Anyways, just my thoughts.

Speaking of Cross-Play, I hope Console editions of the original Halo 3, ODST, Reach, Combat Evolved Anniversary, and Halo 4 can also play with individuals who are playing from the Xbox MCC or PC MCC. The primary reason this is my most desired addition for the MCC is because it would centralize and pool the player base. I think cross-play is a critical aspect of a long-term outlook as it helps ensure the classic titles are positioned to maintain the best matchmaking experience for the player base as possible.
Why do you need MCC on PC when you can play the OG trilogy on PC with other people right now?
BxSouIjah wrote:
Why do you need MCC on PC when you can play the OG trilogy on PC with other people right now?
Only Halo: CE & Halo 2 - Vista, Halo Wars 1 & 2 and the two Spartan games are on PC, not Halo 3, 4 or ODST. Mant people would love the other Halo games to come to PC.

The Anniversary version of Halo: CE is better than the PC version running on the best hardware, same with Halo 2 Vista. I've owned both and have played them in the last month on my PC, the MCC versions are better and run more consistently and the gameplay feels better.
We'd also be getting Halo CE & 2 Anni9versaries on PC, which for Halo 2 I would be excited about as it doesn't run at a full 1080p and would like to enjoy it without the jaggies (aliasing).

I'm still not sure where I am on the idea of cross-play, but for stuff like Firefight and Campaign co-op, I'm 100% on board, just not multiplayer at the moment.
BxSouIjah wrote:
Why do you need MCC on PC when you can play the OG trilogy on PC with other people right now?
Oh yes, I love going back to Halo 3's incredible campaign on my PC.

Perhaps you should lay off of whatever it is you are smoking. H1 & H2 are the only ones available on PC.
Anyone remembers the special Windows Vista version of Halo2 which had Direct X 10 support ??
lololol what a marketing gag.
The MCC is currently the only reason I haven't sold my One yet and used the money on upgrading my PC. If the MCC would make its way onto PC in the future, I would like Microsoft to either work on the Windows Store and make it more stable or just release the MCC on Steam; I'd prefer the latter. Also, Steam accounts should be able to be linked to Halo Waypoint so our overall Halo gamerscore can reflect our *actual* Halo gamerscore and not just Xbox and Windows Phone Halo games. Steam currently has Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, Spartan Strike and Spartan Assault.
I'd rather have individual ports of the games on PC, like they did for halo wars 1 on steam...