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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 02/20/2019

OP Postums

Good Morning MCC Players,

Today, Feb 20, we are bringing 45 Classic Halo 3 Forge maps to you. Several of these will be available in various Social Matchmaking modes while the remaining ones will be accessible on the file share of “The343Favorites” should you want to play them in custom games. This update also brings players an increase to kills to win in the slayer game type for Multi-Team based on community feedback, so it mirrors legacy.

Social Games
  • 2v2v2v2 – Slayer: Increased score to win
  • 1v1 – Slayer: “Carbon” supporting the game type Head to Head.
  • 4v4 – Action Sack: “Paralysis”, “The Great Wall”, and “Socratic Method” supporting the game type Conquest.
  • 4v4 – Action Sack: “BLAST OFF!!!” supporting the game type Flying’ High.
  • 8v8 – Slayer & Flag and Bomb: “Multicog” supporting the game types BTB Slayer and BTB Capture the Flag.
  • 12 Player (FFA) – Action Sack: “Lava Pit” supporting the game type Sacrifice.
  • 12 Player (FFA) – Action Sack: “Pond Jumping” supporting the game type Frogger.
  • 12 Player (FFA) – Action Sack: “Bee Hive” supporting the game type Bees.

Additional Resources
For more information on the state of MCC, past updates, known issues, player feedback, and more - please check out the following resources:

Share your feedback with the team via the MCC forums here on Halo Waypoint:

Hello Again,

Below is a full list of the maps that are located on the file share of “The343Favorites” and who the authors of these maps are.

Maps and Author(s)
  • Multicog authored by Noxiw
  • Socratic Method authored by Predicide
  • PARALYSIS v1.0 authored by VICIOUS VICE & LIGHTSOUT225
  • The Great Wall authored by MultiLockOn & CowboyPickle
  • Random Crypt authored by VICIOUS VICE
  • Distortion ø authored by Buddhacrane
  • HALO[(-_-)] authored by xRaWr SqUIrrELz
  • Pond Jumping authored by LUCHBOX riot
  • Lava Pit authored by Predator5791
  • Pallet Parade authored by Cosmic Rick
  • THE TRAIN authored by KL3GGIT
  • BLAST OFF!!! authored by Ell3ment
  • Purple Bunker authored by Bl00D F1R3
  • Glaciate authored by AceOfSpades
  • Cherry Kiss authored by Rogue Shaddo
  • Back Burner authored by Rogue Shaddo
  • the Last Day v3 authored by Debayter & RivalMass
  • Drilling Bay authored by Debayter
  • Campgrounds v2 authored by Vincent Torre
  • Kentucky Tango authored by Cosmic Rick.
  • Dream On authored by AceOfSpades0707, JEEF12364 & Solo XIII
  • Galaxy Milk authored by Noxiw & Bwendon
  • Rock Solid authored by Ell3ment & Gunnergrunt
  • the Mausoleum authored by Debayter
  • BlackHeart authored by Last Chaos 7
  • Frostbite authored by Last Chaos 7
  • Saturn authored by thelastlaugh27 & WhiskeyWarm
  • Aerocrest 1.1 authored by Vyctoriouz & Rorak Kuroda
  • The Mantle authored by MetaWaddleDee
  • Carbon authored by LIGHTSOUT225
  • Bee Hive authored by Zachary9990
  • RidgeSide authored by Ell3ment & Gunnergrunt
  • Last Bird Out authored by rifte gifle.
  • Protocol authored by rifte gifle
  • Pinball Machine authored by MetaWaddleDee
  • Forger's Cell authored by Buddhacrane
Game Types
We also have a handful of game types that were hand crafted for some of these maps.

  • Conquest V3
  • Bees
  • Sacrifice
  • Fly high
  • Peasant Hunt
  • Judgment
  • Frogger
  • Asset V2
  • Pinball
  • Purple Monsters