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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 03/13/2019

OP Postums

Good Morning MCC Players,

Today, March 13, we are bringing even more maps and modes to the party in several social playlist offerings. Additionally we have retuned the weighting of game types in both social and competitive matchmaking based on community feedback.

Social Games
  • HCE 4v4 Zone Control: Added Battle Creek, Hang Em High, and Wizard King of the Hill.
  • HCE 4v4 Asset Denial: Added Wizard and Longest Oddball.
  • H2A 4v4 Flag & Bomb: Added Sanctuary Ricochet.
  • H3 4v4 Slayer: Removed AR starts from Last Resort and Standoff, added BR starts to Construct, Foundry, Snowbound, Standoff, Cold Storage, and Assembly, and reduced AR starts weight across all maps.

Competitive Games
  • H2C & H2A Team Hardcore: Increased Objective weight relative to Slayer for each map.

Additional Resources
For more information on the state of MCC, past updates, known issues, player feedback, and more - please check out the following resources:

Share your feedback with the team via the MCC forums here on Halo Waypoint: