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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 1/15/20

OP Postums

Good Morning Friends,

Welcome back to another playlist update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This week we have been able to put together a more robust playlist update to help address several areas of feedback from the community. Below, there is also a “Looking Ahead” section that discusses further improvements to matchmaking offerings that are currently planned in an upcoming update. Before we get there, today’s playlist update include the following:

    • [4v4 Slayer] Increased the weighting of AR starts compared to DMR starts.
    • Weighting has changed from 3:1 DMR:AR to 1:3 DMR:AR starts.
  • Added the all new DMR start Halo: Reach Ranked Team Slayer playlist with partial team matching (squads of 3 and up only match each other).
  • Highest weighted maps are Powerhouse, Zealot, and Asylum (Forge World).
  • Mid weighted maps are Countdown, Reflection, Unanchored, Battle Canyon, and Forge World variants Kingdom, Synapse, Imago, Select, and Unconquered.
  • Lowest weighted maps are Boardwalk, Sword Base, Condemned, Penance, and Ellul (Forge World).
Looking Ahead
While the scarcity of AR starts in 4v4 was a topic which saw frequent criticism from players, we understand that there are other areas players expect to see our matchmaking offerings improve and evolve as well. For now, just to recap, social 4v4 Slayer is a great destination to get your AR start fix. Social FFA's core categories also include AR starts across the board. If DMR starts are your preference, you'll want to check out the new ranked Halo: Reach Team Slayer playlist and the social 4v4 objective categories.

Another common piece of feedback we see is players wanting Big Team Battle to shift to AR starts. We have some significant reservations about a change like this due to several factors including on-map weapon pickup availability, vehicle balance, starting ammo counts, and more. However, we also acknowledge that DMR starts can feel unforgiving and lead to some stagnation, especially on some of the more open maps in the game. We'll come back to this topic in just a bit.

Our next big step in improving and evolving the matchmaking experience is with an upcoming feature called featured game categories. In the near future, this feature will be rolled out with a game update. This feature will allow us to rotate in specific game categories in the social Match Composer alongside the existing categories. These featured categories will typically be limited to a specific game size and rotate on a weekly cadence. This will offer a new destination to come check out some great content each week. These featured offerings will be used in two main ways.

The first use for featured categories is to surface and highlight new content. Some of this content will exist entirely apart from the existing game categories while other content will fold into one of the standard categories after its featured rotation. Just a few examples of featured categories you can look forward to in the near term are CE Anniversary game types, Power Slayer, and Shotty Snipers. This same format will be used to host new events as well.

The second use for featured categories is to experiment with new settings which may or may not then fold into the core categories. These experimental offerings will be much more case-by-case, but the first one we're planning is AR start BTB game types. This content will exist side-by-side with the standard categories so players will be able to compare and contrast your experiences and tell us what your preferences are.

We're excited about this feature and the refreshing, evolving, and ever-improving experiences it can provide players in matchmaking. As always, keep sharing your feedback with us and we'll keep listening. For now, we hope you enjoy today's adjustments and additions. As always, we will see you online!