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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 10/2/19

OP Postums

Hey Friends,

October is back and with it we have some spooky plans for you Spartans! We’re bringing back the Flood nameplate challenge for completing matches in the 12 player FFA Infection game size in Social Games. From October 1st through October 31st you will have the chance to earn this awesome nameplate for completing 10 games of Infection in Social Matchmaking.

To facilitate this, we’re rolling out a few adjustments to Infection with these week’s update. Details are below.
  • H2A: Temporarily removed Hivemind (Awash) due to some issues with map geometry.
  • H4: Added standard Flood on Skyline and Daybreak.
  • All Infection: Made some minor tweaks to map and game variant weighting.
Each week on Friday, we will look at everyone that’s completed at least 10 matches of Infection during the month of October (and didn’t quit out of them). Those who meet that criteria will be granted the nameplates accordingly. So, if you want to wear these cuddly little guys with pride, be sure to get into 10 Infection games during the month of October while the getting is good! Try not to get spooked by this infectious event, and we’ll see you online!