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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 10/9/2019

OP snickerdoodle

Goooooooooooooood morning Halo Waypoint! I bring you tidings of additional weekly information in the absence of one mister Postums.

Welcome to the latest weekly playlist update for MCC! This week we are adding in two fan-favorite forged maps to Halo 2 Anniversary’s Rumble Pit. Details below:
  • Added Checkmate (Nebular) by Sgt x Slaphead to Slayer and Action Sack (Fiesta and Duals).
  • Added Stigma (Awash) by Squally DaBeanz to Slayer, Snipers, and Action Sack (Fiesta and Duals).
Hop on into social matchmaking to check these added maps out.
Also don’t forget that we’ve brought back the Flood nameplate challenge for completing matches in the 12 player FFA Infection game size in Social Games. Through October 31st you will have the chance to earn this awesome nameplate for completing 10 games of Infection in Social Matchmaking. As always, we will see you online!

And speaking of nameplates – please remember that they are granted manually and will not appear instantly. That means we have to squeeze in some time to run some numbers and then push magic buttons before they show up. But if you complete your 10 matches of Infection ("complete" is very important - dropping out or quitting or lagging out won't count) in the proper time frame, rest assured you'll be on the list when we pull it. Not sure if you qualify? Play extra matches to be sure!