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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 11/27/19

OP Postums

Hello Friends,

Welcome back for another MCC Playlist update! This week as we celebrate the national Holiday Thanksgiving in America, we wanted everyone to be a part of the holiday. Various Turkey Day variants will be joining Halo 3 and taking over Action Sack’s H3 social FFA game types. This themed set of game types are available for anyone who wishes to participate in giving thanks this time of year. Details are below:

  • Black Friday, a melee-only variant
  • Turkey Fiesta, a Fiesta variant where players get slower if they get too many kills in a row
  • Turkey Carvers, a Swords variant
  • Wishbone Brawl, an Oddball variant where players get points for beatdowns with the ball
  • Tryptophan, an Infection variant

Gobble your way on in this week to get in on the action with the preset option “Turkey Time” over in the match composer. We want to give our thanks to you for playing and we look forward to seeing you online!