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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 2/5/2020

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Good Morning Friends,

Welcome back to another playlist update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Spartans! We have some chilly matchmaking changes that are helping us kickoff the two-week long Winter Contingency event that is active from February 5-18! This event includes a new featured playlist built around the all-new game type, Freeze Tag. Hop online to complete 5 matches in the Winter Contingency featured playlist to earn the Focus Rifle nameplate, or complete 15 matches to earn both it and the Winter Contingency nameplate.

Please note that with all these events, completing the requirements will NOT automatically unlock the nameplate reward. These nameplates are manually granted by the team which will occur on a rolling weekly basis. To learn more about this event and others that are coming in February, please take a look at MCC Events & Featured Categories section in the MCC’s Development Update blog for January 2020.

Freeze Tag Game Type Rules
Freeze Tag is a round-based elimination style game type where players must freeze all members of the enemy team to win. Players can thaw their frozen teammates by huddling together with them. Frozen players can slowly move to take cover and will automatically thaw eventually but are thawed much faster by teammates. Once thawed, players have a brief period of invulnerability and increased speed to allow them to find cover and regroup with their team.

As an added forcing function, a neutral flag can be pushed into the enemy base to win the round. In Freeze Tag, the flag spawns on a 90 second delay but in Freeze Flag, which is available on a few larger maps, the flag is present from the beginning. If a round goes to time, whichever team has the fewest frozen players wins. Freeze Tag and Freeze Flag are available across a variety of Reach maps of all shapes and sizes.

Below are the changes made to Matchmaking today, February 5, 2020:

Social Matchmaking
Halo: Reach
  • Rotated in Winter Contingency.
  • Rotated out Halo: CE: Anniversary.
All Titles
  • Grifball is no longer a permanent category and will return as a rotational offering.
To leave feedback or discuss this event and new Freeze Tag game type, please be sure to head over to the game forums for Halo: The Master Chief Collection and talk about them in our dedicated feedback threads (PC & Xbox). Stay frosty out there, and as always, we will see you online!