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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 4/10/19

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Good Morning,
Today we have updated numerous offerings in Social Games, with a primary focus on Halo: CE and Big Team Battle modes, in order to improve our matchmaking experience. After looking over the numbers and reading community feedback, we’ve landed on the following changes for this week:
  • Social Games – 4v4 – Slayer
    • Halo CE: Reduced score limit from 75 to 50
  • Social Games – 8v8 – Slayer
    • Halo CE: Disabled radar in Slayer
    • H2A: Added Assault Rifle secondary weapon in Slayer
  • Social Games – 8v8 – Flag & Bomb
    • Halo CE: Disabled radar, disabled flag-at-home-to-score, and disabled touch return in Capture the Flag
  • Social Games – 8v8 – Zone Control
    • Halo CE: Disabled radar in King of the Hill
    • Halo CE: Disabled hill movement in King of the Hill on Blood Gulch
    • Halo 4: Increased score-to-win from 5 to 10 in Extraction
  • Social Games – 8v8 – Asset Denial
    • Halo 4: Increased score-to-win from 800 to 1200 in Regicide
As a reminder, ‘The Yappening’ is still in effect. You can claim your nameplates by completing Yapyap related challenges in MCC before April 24. Head over to The Yappening Blog to read full patch notes on all the changes in April’s update to MCC.

Looking Ahead – Authored by Dana Jerpbak
With this week’s update, we’ve brought several improvements to Big Team Battle based on feedback and data from several sources. Another change we’ve made is to reduce the score-to-win for 4v4 Slayer in Halo CE back from 75 to 50. This was an experimental change that we made based on qualitative and quantitative feedback. CE was previously an outlier in terms of match length, with matches ending much sooner compared to other titles. After observing data like this from the past week, we’ve identified that this change pushes the match length too far in the opposite direction with matches to 75 kills ending much later in average compared to other titles. Erring on the side of shorter matches is our preference, so we have reverted this change and restored the original score-to-win of 50 after assessing this data over the past week.

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that next week will bring the debut of an 8 player FFA game size in the Social Games Match Composer. Free-For-All is an important part of the experience for every Halo title, and the Match Composer will enable players to pick and choose their favorite FFA game type(s) from their favorite title(s) to search for. 8 Player FFA will be available for all titles in the collection and will be searchable by selecting individual game categories or by selecting the Rumble Pit game preset. With FFA support for all titles provided in social games, ranked Lone Wolves will be rotating out. We’ll be monitoring feedback to assess the potential for the introduction of a new ranked or hardcore FFA hopper in the future while the core FFA experience will remain in Match Composer.

Rumble Pit will launch with support for core modes in the Slayer, Zone Control, and Asset Denial categories as well as a suite of wacky modes in Action Sack. Action Sack will include modes like Slayer Duals and Fiesta in addition to Mini Slayer in Halo 4 and race on community-created forge racetracks in Halo 3. We’ll be following up a week later with the inclusion of SWAT and Snipers in Rumble Pit.

Speaking of Snipers, we’ve been receiving a lot of feedback regarding Halo 3 Snipers which we intend to address in the coming weeks. We plan on adding several additional maps which are better suited to the 4v4 game size while reducing the number of BTB maps available in the list. We will also be reducing the presence of Sniper Hill within the playlist, keeping it to only a handful of maps which play to the strengths of the mode. Lastly, we are closely monitoring feedback for and against the inclusion of radar in Snipers. Longer term, we will be looking at the possible addition of the Snipers category to the 8v8 game size in Match Composer. This would allow us to shift larger maps to that game size while keeping 4v4 even more focused on smaller arena maps.

Another common area of feedback we’ve been receiving is players matching into lopsided games in social. To remedy this, we are introducing some skill-based matchmaking parameters later this month to prioritize matches with players of comparable skill. Note that this will prefer matches of comparable skill but will not require them. Finding matches quickly is still prioritized.

Last but certainly not least, we are looking to make a few adjustments to map and game type weighting for Infection when it rotates back in with the end of the Yappening on April 24th.

Additional Info
Matchmaking updates for MCC occur on a weekly cadence, and we appreciate all of you being a part of this journey with us. Thank you for the continued input as we formulate our plans for the next wave of matchmaking improvements for MCC. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the April MP, Campaign, and Misc/Other feedback threads. We’ll see you in matchmaking!