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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 5/29/2019

OP Postums

Good Morning Friends,
We might have a few things going on today, but before we get to all the news related items - did someone say Braaaains? This week, we have an infectious new playlist update for MCC! We’ve made several adjustments to Halo 3’s infection offering based on a combination of player feedback and behavior data. We’ve also updated the pairings of Infection maps and variants that suit each best and increased the Braaaains game variant to be more common overall. We have also made some adjustments to Halo 4 map variants in Rumble Pit.
  • Added Braaaains to Narrows, Epitaph, and Haunted Manor (Foundry).
  • Removed Braaaains from Isolation and Rat’s Nest.
  • Removed Save One Bullet from Epitaph, Narrows, and Haunted Manor (Foundry).
  • Removed Creeping Death from Epitaph, Guardian, Snowbound, and Blackout.
  • Changed Legendary Slayer map variants in Halo 4 Rumble Pit to remove duplicate power weapons.
For feedback on these changes or any others you would like to see, please look at the Feedback location links below and let us know how we are doing!
Feedback Locations
If you have any specific feedback, please use the appropriate feedback thread listed below to share your opinions on the relevant topics:
Thank you for providing great feedback on what you want to see in game.