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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 6/26/2019

OP Postums

Good Morning Friends,

Today, June 26, we’re back at it with another playlist update that includes various setting updates across multiple playlist offerings in social matchmaking. This includes game time reductions, score-to-win tweaks, and some additional map updates. Full details are below.

  • HCE 2v2 & 4v4: time limit reduced from 15 to 12 minutes in Slayer, Oddball, CTF, and KotH.
  • HCE 4v4: score limit reduced from 5:00 to 3:00 in KotH.
  • H4 4v4 & 8p FFA: Ninja Assassins score limit has been reduced in Action Sack.
  • H3 8p FFA Race: reduced lap count from 10 to 5, removed Saturn (Foundry), and added 12-minute time limit.
  • H3 8p FFA: Beehive and Lava Pit have been moved from 12p FFA Action Sack with adjusted round limits.

Looking Ahead
Next week we will be back at it with another Playlist Update in MCC. With the content update we did earlier this month, we added various maps and modes to support future playlist updates. Last week we focused on H2A with the addition of three community-made maps. Next week will be a full refresh for H2A Infection and its refresh. We have several awesome community maps and modes that will be ready for you to survive on!

For additional information around these changes, questions, or to leave feedback, please let us know here in the MCC forums. As always, have fun and we will see you online!