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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 7/10/19

OP Postums

Good Morning Friends,

It’s HAMMER (and Sword) TIME!!! With it brings some new additions for Grifball, updated weighting when selecting the game category, and the removal of Stonetown from H2A’s 4v4 Slayer category. Also, check out the looking ahead section below on some future changes we are looking to make in ranked matchmaking. Continue reading for full details.
  • H2A – Grifball: Added Field Grifball on Lyrenne Castilla Field (runNOKYARDrun).
  • New Preset: Added Grifball game preset containing H2A, H3, and H4 to in Social Matchmaking.
  • Grifball: Retuned weight of Grifball across all titles to increase appearance when searching it in addition to other categories.
  • H2A – Slayer: The map Stonetown has been retired from this category in 4v4.
Whether you want to slice up the field in the swords-only Field Grifball or bring the hammer down clearing the way to score, you can check out these updates using the Grifball preset in Social Matchmaking today.

Looking Ahead
One of our goals with MCC matchmaking is to offer players as much choice as possible in how they access different Halo experiences. The Match Composer is the pinnacle of this, allowing players unparalleled customization over what they play in matchmaking. Each category within the Match Composer is a narrower, more specialized offering which players can combine as they see fit. We’ve extended this philosophy to our ranked playlists, leaning deeper into more specific offerings while the breadth of experiences is offered granularly through Social Games.

One playlist which has yet to receive this treatment is Halo 3 Arena. This list was originally intended to offer a broad range of Halo 3 4v4 maps and modes from a time before the Match Composer. Our goal moving forward is to offer a more specific set of modes which are more deserving of the skill rank associated with them. In the future, this may manifest as a narrower offering of handpicked arena maps and modes. However, in the short term, we are happy to announce that we will be experimenting with a Halo 3 Ranked Team Slayer playlist.

H3 Team Slayer will offer BR Slayer across Halo 3’s best 4v4 maps, with favorites like Guardian, Heretic, and Pit Stop featured more prominently than maps like Ghost Town and Assembly. This playlist will enforce full team matching (a team of four always matches a team of four) but we do not currently plan to enforce partial team matching to avoid lengthy search times. We’ll be closely monitoring how this playlist performs to determine whether its long-term future is a refined Arena experience, or strictly a Slayer one. As always, your feedback and your trends as players will inform this decision.

H3 Team Slayer is the successor to Team Arena, but it is a new playlist and will come with a new rank. We understand that players only having visibility into their current highest rank rather than their highest lifetime rank is not ideal for cases like this one and hope to explore solutions to this in the future. For now (or a week from now, anyway), we hope you enjoy the new H3 Team Slayer playlist and we look forward to seeing you in matchmaking.

Enjoy, and we will see you online!