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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 7/17/19

OP Postums

Good Morning Friends,

The time has come for you to get those Halo 3 BRs ready to take down every enemy in sight! Today we are bringing the community requested Ranked Halo 3 Team Slayer playlist into matchmaking. With this playlist, we are also bringing online both partial and full team matching rules which is a hybrid of previously existing and community requested rule changes.

For this playlist only, we are experimenting with partial team matchmaking for parties of three and four. This means that a group of three will always match against another group of three (plus a solo) or a group of four. Groups of two will not match against groups of three or four. We will be closely monitoring playlist health to determine whether this change’s impact is sufficiently positive.

Below are a few examples of what will and won’t match.
4 + 4: Matches
4 + 3 + 1: Matches
2 + 2 + 2 + 2: Matches
2 + 4 + 2: Does Not Match
4 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1: Does Not Match

The full breakdown of maps and weighting for this playlist is below.
  • High Weighted – Blackout, Citadel, Construct, Guardian, Heretic, Narrows, and Pit Stop
  • Medium Weighted – Assembly, Boundless, Foundry, Ghost Town, High Ground, Isolation, and Sandbox (Pantheon, Reminiscent, and Tundra)
  • Low Weighted – Sandbox (Default, Vindictive, Wastelands) and Standoff.
So, forget grabbing the oddball, capturing the flag, or standing in the hill. It is time to put the objectives down and pick those BRs up to focus fire with your friends. Hop on in now to have some fun, and as always, we will see you online!