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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update - 9/18/2019

OP Postums

Hey Friends,

This week we are making some adjustments to playlists by retiring a couple of ranked playlists and moving the forged maps content over into their respective social matchmaking options. The playlists being rotated out are both H2A Fast Slayer and H2A Team Hardcore playlists. But don’t worry, all of the new forge maps introduced in Fast Slayer have been added to 4v4 Social Games and gotten some additional game type support! Details are below.

  • Competitive Games: Rotated out H2A Fast Slayer and H2A Team Hardcore playlists.
  • Social Games – 4v4 – H2A: Added Erupt (Skyward) Slayer and Multi Flag CTF.
  • Social Games – 4v4 – H2A: Added Muskrat (Skyward) Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, and Neutral Bomb Assault.
  • Social Games – 4v4 – H2A: Added Oracle (Skyward) Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, SWAT, and Fiesta.
  • Social Games – 4v4 – H2A: Added Stigma (Awash) Slayer and Oddball.

Looking Ahead
Next week, we will be celebrating the 12-year anniversary of Halo 3! With this, we will be rotating in one of the most requested playlists, Halo 3 Ranked Team doubles. Your previously obtained rank for this playlist will also be present, so no need to re-grind all the way up to that 50.

The team is always discussing ways to improve the matchmaking experience within MCC. If you have suggestions or changes you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to swing on over to the monthly Multiplayer feedback thread and let us know what you would like to see! As always, we will see you online!