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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update: 9/26/18

OP Postums

Good Afternoon MCC Players,

As we continue to listen to feedback and tune various playlists we want to get upcoming changes in front of everyone, so you can be aware of what we are working on for the next update. Today we will be doing a behind the scenes update to adjust weightings to gametypes, add in Team Snipers, and add in the all new H3 Team Hardcore Doubles playlist. Below is a complete breakdown of what changes are being made.

Team Snipers
This week we are changing out our rotational hopper Team Snipers to replace the Halo 2 Classic Team SWAT. This cross-game playlist consists of sniper modes for all Halo titles in the Master Chief Collection. To participate in this one you will need to have all Halo multiplayer content installed.

Halo 3 Team Hardcore Doubles
Ahead of the HCS DreamHack “Halo 3 2v2 Showdown” tournament we are adding in the official Halo 3 Team Hardcore Doubles playlist. This playlist contains the current planned settings that will be used for the event but is subject to change.

Mode and Weighting Changes
Based on collective feedback from players active across all Team Arena hoppers, the Team Sniper variants have been removed at this time. This change impacts the following playlists.
  • HCE Team Arena
  • H2C Team Arena
  • H2A Team Arena
  • H3 Team Arena
  • H4 Team Arena

Future Changes
Over the past few months as we have worked towards building offerings that players have been vocal about wanting to play we have openly discussed that if there are unpopular playlists we may end up removing them or replace them with playlists the community has requested. Looking at the data, here is the current stack ranking of playlists by what you are playing most.
  1. Social Slayer
  2. H3 Team Arena
  3. Big Team Battle
  4. H3 Big Team Battle
  5. Team Action Sack
  6. H3 Team Doubles
  7. H2A Team Arena
  8. H4 Team Arena
  9. H2C Team Arena
  10. H3 Team Hardcore
  11. H2C Swat
  12. HCE Team Arena
  13. H3 Lone Wolves
  14. HCE Team Doubles
  15. H2C Team Hardcore
We will continue to monitor the playlists and look at ways to improve the user experience moving forward by making necessary changes. We look forward to additional feedback players have and will continue to adjust these as needed based on community feedback. See you all online!