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[Locked] MCC Playlist Update: 9/5/2018

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Good Morning MCC Players,

Today we are updating our matchmaking offering to all 14 of the playlists that have previously discussed in posts leading up to the update. These additions to the playlist lineup includes playlists selected by the community including cross game Big Team Battle, Team Action Sack, H3 Lone Wolves, HCE Team Arena, and H3 Team Doubles. Remember, this is the playlist lineup that the community itself helped shape via feedback and surveys.

In addition to adding a few new playlists, we have made significant weighting adjustments to existing playlists based on player feedback and from our MCC Playlist Quick Poll conducted over the past long weekend. All of the details can be found directly below.

Playlists Offering
Big Team Battle (Unranked)
H3 Big Team Battle (Unranked)
Social Slayer (Unranked)
Team Action Sack (Unranked)
H3 Lone Wolves (Unranked)
H4 Team Arena (Unranked)
H3 Team Arena (Ranked)
H2A Team Arena (Ranked)
H2C Team Arena (Ranked)
HCE Team Arena (Unranked)
H3 Team Doubles (Ranked)
H3 Team Hardcore (Ranked)
H2C Team Hardcore (Ranked)
HCE Team Doubles (Ranked)

As previously noted, please keep in mind that the team will be monitoring playlist activity closely and if a playlist(s) fail to sustain a positive matchmaking experience for players, that playlist(s) could end up being moved to "rotational" status rather than a full-time offering. The best thing you can do is vote with your play time! And as always, keep the feedback coming!

Playlist Map and Mode Weighting Changes
H3 Big Team Battle Weighting Adjustments
  • Removed all Team Sniper game variants
  • Increased weighting on all Valhalla and Standoff game types.
H2A Team Arena Weighting Adjustments
  • Reduced weighting for all Stonetown game types
H2C Team Arena (Ranked)
  • Reduced all Team Sniper game variants
  • Reduced weighting on all Tombstone, Elongation, Desolation, and Foundation game types
  • Removed Burial Mounds
HCE Team Doubles (Ranked)
  • Removed Wizard
  • Reduced weighting on Rat Race
MCC Quick Poll Results
Last weekend we reached out to players to receive feedback specifically for the Halo 3 Team Arena playlist. Based on the feedback provided from that survey, we have made some significant weighting adjustments to the Halo 3 Team Arena Playlist. This includes reducing how often Objective gametypes are played and increasing the amount that Team Slayer BRs appears as a gametype. As well, there were clear choices of what maps and modes within them that players wanted to play. Our weightings have been adjusted to reflect the votes players have made on what ya'll want to play in this playlist! Here is some data and results from the playlist.

Key Takeaways for Maps and Modes
  • BR Team Slayer appears to be the favorite mode across maps.
  • King of the Hill is the second most preferred game mode and preferred maps include Construct, Guardian, and The Pit.
  • CTF is most preferred on Heretic, Narrows and The Pit and comes in at third most preferred game mode
  • Oddball is fourth and mostly enjoyed on Guardian and Blackout, and slightly liked on Heretic.
  • Team Snipers is fifth and liked most on Narrows, Snowbound, Blackout, and Construct
  • Assault was universally the least selected game mode across maps..
Most Liked Maps Across Modes
  • The Pit, Narrows, Guardian, and Heretic
Least Liked Map Across Modes
  • Isolation, Assembly, Ghost Town, Snowbound
Survey Results

H3 Team Arena (Ranked)
  • Reduced weighting on all Blackout game types
  • Reduced weighting on all Last Resort and Standoff game types
  • Removed 1 Flag on Blackout
  • Increased weighting on Blackout Team BRs
  • Increased weighting on Construct King of the Hill
  • Increased weighting on Foundry Team BRs
  • Increased weighting on Guardian Team BRs & Guardian Team Oddball
  • Increased weighting on Heretic Team BRs & Heretic CTF
  • Increased weighting on Narrows Team BRs & Narrows CTF
  • Increased weighting on Pit Team BRs & Pit CTF
Upcoming Rotational Playlist Vote
This first vote wasn't even close! The highest voted by a wide margin was Halo 2 Classic SWAT. Behind it was Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary Team Doubles. The team doubles had nearly identical votes, but Swat was a clear winner for the next rotational. We will continue using surveys and voting so that players help choose what rotational playlists are wanted.
Will this fix the matchmaking in South America?
When is ranked FFA coming?? We’ve been asking for awhile and we’d like it to include multiple halos.

also are there any plans to implement stricter quit penalties, or an xp progression system to incentivize people to stay in game? Quitting has been a big problem

Your survey didn't ask the right kind of question for the upcoming rotational playlist.

We were given I think 5 choices and told to rank them. In my case, it was one choice I might sometimes play and 4 choices I would never play even once.

But, with the way the question was set up with having us rank them, it meant that the results you got from me put some of the "never going to play" choices above others and skewed the results. I hope you adjust the way you ask these questions in the future to get better results from the player base.

Also, please make Halo CE 4v4 ranked just like how H2C has both arena and doubles ranked.
It's hard to vote with my play time when the playlist offering is trying to cater to everyone but instead just causes people to quit and afk when they are forced into playing games or modes they have no interest in playing. When I play World of Warcraft how hard would anyone expect me to try if I queued up for a dungeon and got dropped into a pvp battleground instead? It just doesn't make sense to force people to play what they have no interest in playing. If you have a low population playlist and merge it with a high population playlist you do absolutely nothing but piss off both parties. Your game has a mere fraction of the population it could have if you wouldn't merge all four halo games into social slayer or merge objective type games with slayer. Would you merge a mom and pop burger joint with a fancy Italian restaurant to gain a wider audience? Oh damn that's a bad analogy because if you merged the two you'd still be able to pick what you wanted to eat off of a menu. This would be like 343 opening up a restaurant and making you choose a cluster of menu items and getting one completely at random. Do you think people would continue going to that restaurant to eat?

I just want to play Halo 2 slayer... That's it. I'd take classic or Anniversary. I'd take ranked or unranked. BR or no BR. I'd take doubles, 4vs4 or 8vs8. I don't care. Just Halo 2 Slayer. Every single game. It's so ridiculously simple but for some reason it's such a complicated concept to 343. I would keep xbox live forever, I would keep playing master chief collection forever. I played Halo 2 on xbox live from the day it launched until the day it was removed from live. It's the reason I bought this game but I've had capture the flag, assault, oddball and king of the hill rammed down my throat along with Halo 3 over and over and over. I'm just so sick of it. Just scrolling up and looking at the group of playlists is hilarious. Is it really just me that finds it so painfully obvious how terrible these playlists are? Slayer has been a staple playlist since the inception of Halo. Slayer and objective gametypes are completely different beasts. You cannot merge the two and have the majority of people happy. But look! There is a slayer playlist! You have no room to complain! I'm just glad 343 has figured out that every Halo fan is more than happy to tolerate all four iterations (five if you count anniversary) of the game to play slayer. None of this even considers the fact that you have a huge population that you aren't even aware of that don't enjoy starting with a BR. Fighting for power weapons IS Halo and when you start with a very solid weapon it makes it much less important. These players don't play your game anymore because your "statistics" show BR being favored. So when you weight BR starts heavier than regular starts, you have lost some of your population so your statistics get further skewed and you further weigh certain gametypes and variants causing others to quit until it looks like no one enjoys anything except BR starts on Halo 3.
Did you all even think about the maps and gametypes for Halo CE Team Arena? They are essentially the same maps and gametypes from the old Halo CE 2v2 playlist. Why can't we play any of the larger maps? If we want to keep playing chill out, longest, and damnation, we can do that in the Halo CE Doubles playlist.
Brayanz17 wrote:
Will this fix the matchmaking in South America?
The team has made some changes to latency / ping restrictions that should help players who are having a hard time finding matches in less active regions. This change is currently being reviewed by the test team and we hope to release it ASAP. (it's only a server configuration change, no client download is required)
Did you all even think about the maps and gametypes for Halo CE Team Arena? They are essentially the same maps and gametypes from the old Halo CE 2v2 playlist. Why can't we play any of the larger maps? If we want to keep playing chill out, longest, and damnation, we can do that in the Halo CE Doubles playlist.
Yes we did. However, we are always listening for additional feedback from players to adjust the offering.

A key distinction between the Team Doubles and Team Arena offerings for HCE is that Doubles is Slayer only while Arena includes many objective gametypes.