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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC's Season 6.
  • Campaign Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Firefight Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC's Season 6. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket
Please add in all of the missing achievements from the 360 and games for windows live games.

Halo CE:A - (xbox 360)
Halo 2 - (GFWL)
Halo 3 - (xbox 360)
Halo 3 ODST - (xbox 360)
Halo Reach - (xbox 360)
Halo 4 - (xbox 360)

Out of all of these titles, not all of the achievements made the jump to the MCC. It would be good to give us more incentive to play the game more often, especially for those like myself who have done everything and just literally jump on to do the challenges and seasons.
Postums wrote:
Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC's Season 6.
  • Campaign Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Firefight Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC's Season 6. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket
Halo: 2A

I'm still seeing severe frame-rate drops that make the campaign unplayable. Please, before you release more cosmetics etc., fix this issue.
  • Campaign Feedback
- Add split screen co-op to PC
- Add co-op matchmaking

  • Multiplayer Feedback
- All games: Allow us to modify the crosshair size and color or at least make it smaller, a universal crosshair is a more consistent visual feedback for many people and color for people who are color-blind.
- Halo 3: Add a deeper black color scheme for armor customization
- Halo 2A: Add new season focused on Halo 2A with new armor pieces and weapon skins.
- Halo 3 and 2A: Revamp Elite customization, show elites some love.
- Allow join in progress for social playlists.
- Give the option to kick players with a voting system but only to players who are solo queuing so it doesn't get abused.

  • Misc/Other Feedback
- There's a typo in the "Voice Chat Input Device" setting description
1/3: MCC QoL touches and Cosmetics,
Postums requested I keep my recommendations concise, so my feedback has less detail and prioritizes Quality-of-Life touches over any game modifications.
First, Season 6 is incredible. I am absolutely loving the new first person arm models and double key bindings. The QoL touches stand out above everything else and I'm so happy they're included. Really looking forward to other similar touches in future updates. The new menu sounds are really good too. Some of the Seasonal Challenges’ terminology is hard to understand though.
  • MCC - General Quality of Life
Avatars in Halo Waypoint
Sync Avatar unlocks with profile picture options in Halo Waypoint.

Revamp Achievements:
Add visuals to the achievements menu for easier accessibility and navigability, while providing players with XP, Season Points, and additional achievement-based unlocks (IE: “No Picnic” granting a unique chest permutation for Reach). This provides new players opportunities to get additional Season Points to catch up with the overwhelming amount of Season unlocks and putting them to the same standard as challenges, but without the time limit.

Campaign Scoring Improvements
- Grant XP to Campaign missions (based on non-negative scores) and custom games, albeit, less than challenges or online play so it’s not exploited.
- Score points are dropped to 1 point instead of 0, no longer punishing the player so significantly for taking their time.

Menu/UI Improvemments:
- Career Completion past 100% turns gold, allowing players to know actual completion:
- Button prompts are now colored to aid in visual communication (also applies to in-game prompts, particularly in ODST, as it’s difficult to see button prompts on the same colored background):
- XP Screen displays your Avatar, lobby, and any friends who have leveled up. Alternatively, instead of your Avatar, it shows your Spartan (as an opportunity to restore cut 17 Stance unlocks from Halo 4):
- Bring captions across all games to the same standard as Halo: CE Anniversary (readable font, all dialogue)
- Allow a 3x3 grid of maps variants to view more maps:

Enable Flashlights/Nightvision through Gametype Options
This would serve as an option under “appearance” with the options “disabled”, “enabled”, or “always on”.

Extra Controller Options - Vehicles
The vehicle sensitivity drops for controllers, leaving PC users at an advantage and leaving the Steam controller unable to function in vehicles. It’d be nice if this was a toggled option. Alternatively, grant vehicles individual thumbstick controls (as the Legacy thumbstick control is more feasible in vehicles with the Steam Controller than the Default thumbstick setting)

Extra Controller Options - the Duke
The Duke" Halo CE control scheme is not accurate to the actual Duke controller, as the bumpers' functionality needs to be swapped. Additionally, the control scheme is limited to CE and Halo 2, and should be expanded to all other games:
- Left Bumper: Armor Abilities, Equipment, and VISR
- Right Bumper: Swap Grenades, Sprint
- D-Pad: Swap Grenades, Flashlight

Extra Controller Options - Per-button Grenade Swapping
An option for each direction on the D-pad to be a specific grenade type. In Halo 3 and Reach’s case, whichever button that would prior serve for grenade swap would gain flashlight and nightvision.

Extras Library
A main menu option to grant cutscenes, terminals, cut content, legacy credits, and Halo CE: Anniversary’s Model Library

Forced Elite/Spartan Teams Gametype Options
An option for each gametype that forces a specific species with its own special traits.

Legacy Map Variants:
Halo CE maps have differences between the Xbox and PC, while Halo 2 has maps that change on the gametype, all can serve as map variants.

Lite Installs:
To cut down on the huge file size, each game should feature optional elements:
Halo CE: Uninstall Anniversary graphics, cutscene animations, and sounds, all individually
Halo 2: Replace pre-rendered cutscenes with Halo 2 animations using the HD models, Uninstall Halo 2 Anniversary, Anniversary graphics, and sounds, all individually
Halo 4: Removing Spartan Ops cutscenes

Enhanced Steam Support
- Season points can serve as a Steam inventory item for Steam trading
- Users can install mods via Steam Workshop
- Mods can be submitted to be considered as official content (helpful after Halo Infinite is released and MCC development is slowed down)

Cross over each game's Skull when possible/Add them as multiplayer options:
Many of the game specific skulls can function across games.

Per-player Skull Options in Campaign
Skulls should have per-player customization in campaign lobbies, giving non-leader players more control and allowing experienced players to give themselves greater challenges while playing with new players.

Forge Enhancements
- All remakes feature Forge variants of their original maps (IE: Cold Storage features Chill Out's layout with extra grenades and the flamethrower, Last Resort features Zanzibar's heavy vehicle selection and smaller interior, etc.)
- Allow players to download all official forge variants used in matchmaking in a single package (minus any redundant maps)
- 16 player maps are reduced in size in Forge Variants for more 8 player maps in matchmaking (IE: cutting Avalanche in Half, closing access to the driveways in Rats Nest, etc.)
- Fine-tune current cycled maps to accommodate as many gametypes and Forge updated content as possible to add them to more Playlists
- Remove redundant map variants from files (IE: there are six MLG Countdown variants in the matchmaking files), preserve them elsewhere online
- Add Long Night of Solace as Forge Map in Halo: Reach
- Add space-like property zones to Halo: Reach
- Restore cut Forge content from Halo 3's Beta (Shade Walker vehicle, rolling timed bomb, forgeable turrets and shield doors in Snowbound, Epitaph gravity lifts and platforms, Last Resort bridge and windows, High Ground gates, Valhalla gravity lift and trees)
- Add Sandbox props to Sandtrap
- Restore cut Halo 2: Anniversary content (Gold Rocket Hog and Wraith w/ Turret):
- Decrease Halo 2: Anniversary’s lighting contrast, as Forge maps are incredibly difficult to see because their shadows are too drastic
- Add nerfed Pelican variant to Halo 4 for Social Matchmaking BTB gametypes
- Port the excluded Purple, Green, and Orange Forge Filters from Reach to Halo 3, 2A, and 4. (And other Forge Filters to modify weather, time-of-day, and skyboxes would be welcome, if possible).
- Remove or increase map variant maximum (as there are more built-in Forge maps in matchmaking than are actually allowed to be saved)
- Allow players to disable boundaries in Forge to construct outside of boundaries (Last Resort’s ocean, Cold Storage’s flood area, Snowbound’s vast snow, etc.).
Postums wrote:
Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC's Season 6.
  • Campaign Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Firefight Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
As for Season 6 Content is great, nice to see more new content coming to MCC overall, even if its for Halo 3 again which will most likely make Halo 3 players happy. I also see that a lot of things got fixed for Halo CE and other areas of the game. Nice to see bugs are being fixed across MCC overall which is great.

Halo 2 Anniversary/Classic: It would also be great to see new content for other Halo games like Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary or a Dedicated Season for Halo 2 Classic/Anniversary. Things like Spartan/Elite Custimazations, Update Halo 2 Annivesrary forge by adding the Spectre from Campaign and also adding it to Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer, Update texures for Halo 2 Classic Weapons and Vehicles which would be something similar to the texture updates that was done for Halo CE Weapons and Vehicles, and New Remastered Maps for Halo 2 Anniversary.
Here are some of my Ideas for a Halo 2 Themed Season along with New Remastered Maps Ideas ---

Halo 2 Anniversary Map DLC Season 7 or future Seasons Update : For a future Season Update, for Halo 2 Anniversary, I think It would be an awesome idea to remake all of the Halo 2 classic Maps for Halo 2 Anniversary, more or less a Map DLC for Halo 2 Anniversary. So far we only have Zenith, Bloodline, Awash, Remnant, Stone town, Lockdown, Shrine and Skyward. It would be nice to see more big team battle maps like District for Halo 2 Anniversary. In my personal opinion, I feel like all of the other halo games have gotten some kind of season update but for Halo 2 classic or Halo 2 Anniversary not as much content.

Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer Customization And Halo 2 Classic Multiplayer Customization: For customization, It would be awesome if we could use the Elites from the Campaign in the multiplayer. Some examples would be the High Councilor Elite Amour, Honor Guard Elite Amour, Heretic Leader Amour, Arbiter Elite Armor, those are just some examples, there are also the Minor and Major variants and other types of Elites that I did not mention.(Please feel free to fix me if the names of the different classes of Elites in Halo 2 mention where wrong)

Halo 2 Classic Season 7 or future Seasons Update: For Halo 2 Classic, the models and textures of the weapons, vehicles, and the player models could get an update similar to Halo CE and Halo 3. So far those updates makes the game look newer and more eye appealing. Anything from weapon and vehicle skins would be fine. Also a toggle switch would be much needed to keep the game as original as possible for those who wish to keep the game like that. Similar to the toggle switch for Halo 3.

Halo 2 Classic Multiplayer Hit Register: Please fix the hit register for Halo 2; a similar fix that was done to Halo 3 could work for Halo 2 Hit registration problems but it might be more than just a simple fix.

"Halo 2 Code is a mess": I understand why people say that as development was rushed for Halo 2 Classic, but I feel like 343i has the talent to do something with Halo 2 Classic.

Halo 2 Anniversary Forge: Updating and adding more content to Halo 2 Anniversary forge would be great so the Halo Community could make good use of it.

Bonus Content For Halo 2 Classic: Halo 2 Vista launched back in 2007 along with a Map Editor (Forge Mode). Adding a Forge Mode to Halo 2 Classic would be good for the Halo community to make new maps and content for Halo 2 Classic. One good map to add to Halo 2 Classic is the same map that is shown in the trailer in the video described below. I name of the map is called Example and comes with Halo 2 Vista along with the Map Editor.

Here is a video of the Halo 2 Vista Trailer That Shows The Map Editor(Please Add this Map Editor To MCC, Don't let these Assets go to waste): ---
The Map Editor portion starts at 0:42-0:55 along with the Map "Example" that is shown using the Map Editor in Halo 2 Vista. Porting the Map "Example" over to MCC and adding it to matchmade games or host custom games would be great as well.

Halo 2 Vista Custom Maps that where made using the Map Editor: Some Halo 2 Vista Custom Maps could be added to the MCC that where made by the Map Editor as new content. One good map is Frostbite along with many other maps. All of the other Halo games seem to get new content so adding new content to Halo 2 Classic would be nice.

Halo 2 Cut Missions/Content: Adding some of Halo 2 Classic Cut Content would be great for the Modding Community and for MCC in general.

Good Job 343i: So far 343i is doing a good job bring more content to MCC and porting those games over to PC and get new and old players to come back and play the game once more. Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary are the only 2 games that mainly have not gotten as much content compared to the other Halo games in MCC. It would be nice to see content for those 2 games.

Halo 2 Anniversary Spectre: Another great idea is the Halo 2 Anniversary Spectre coming over to multiplayer, so far its only in campaign for H2A. I think its one of the missing vehicles in Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayers. The addition of this vehicle would be great for custom games and matchmade games or an Elite themed game type as well. Not sure if it would be easy to just port over the model to multiplayer, and also adding this would make it on par with Halo 2 Classic.

Final Note: Halo 2 Anniversary was meant to celebrate Halo 2 10th Anniversary with upgraded graphic/cinematics which was very well received. But I feel like other games in the collection has received more love and attention (not saying that Halo 2 Classic/Anniversary hasn't receive attention or love) which is all good news to hear and make that population of halo players happy and wanting to play the game more. But I feel like time is running out to see some kind of Season Update for those 2 games and Celebrate Halo 2 10th Anniversary the way it was suppose to be celebrated and received back when it launched with all of the Halo 2 Classic Maps Remastered for Halo 2 Anniversary.
2/3: MCC Customization and Matchmaking,
  • MCC - Enhanced Customization

Nameplates have a general design of a pattern, followed by a symbol. It’d be nice if nameplates could be customized, allowing players to have half of one nameplate with the half of another:

Weapons Maintain their Skins
Like in Halo 4, if a player picks up a weapon or enters a vehicle that already had a skin from another player, the skin should not change.

Unlockable Backgrounds:
Allow all backgrounds from past Halo games and past MCC updates to be unlocked via Season Points, with the option to customize each or randomize them on launch.

Add Player Emblems to Models Excluding them
Halo CE, 2, and 2A, all lack player emblems that can be added.

More Female Customization Options
Grant the female model from Halo 4 to Halo 2A, grant women voice clips to Halo CE and Halo 2 (a female techsuit for Halo 3 is also a posibility).

Infection Cosmetics:
Infected players would have the following:
- Halo 3: A flood infected techsuit
- Halo Reach: The shattered visor from the intro cutscene
- Halo 4: Their custom left shoulders (as they don’t clip with any flood cosmetics)

  • MCC - Matchmaking
Multiple Size Selections in Matchmaking:
This allows size specific gametypes like Infection and Big Team Battles to be generally accessible.

Give Firefight the Social Games Matchmaking Menu:
This would include
- Firefight Limited,
- Firefight Doubles,
- Generator Defense,
- Action Sack,
- Firefight Versus,
And, when possible, the weekly playlist.
Spartan Ops would be added to matchmaking, where gametypes would grant specific player traits and skull options

Lobby and Team Improvements
- Allow anyone to change team mid-game whenever a game is unbalanced
- Remove Lobby Maximum in matchmaking, but randomize team assignments whenever Lobby exceeds team size (IE: if I have a lobby of 5 people and join a 4v4 team, randomize who of my lobby goes to which team) to maintain game balance.
- Alternatively, only exceed Lobby Maximum if it makes a full game (IE: If I have four people in my lobby, I should be able to play 2v2 matchmaking).
3/3: Additions for Every Halo Title
  • Halo: CE
Fix shader_transparent_generic and other issues:
A lot of integrity of the original Xbox version was lost due to Gearbox's port and should be restored. Much of it includes technical graphical improvements to both CE and CE Anniversary (Cortana Lights, Deployable Cover, and Anniversary lacks Elite Shield effects).

Restore Halo Anniversary's lost Kinect Functions:
The original Halo Anniversary offered an ability to scan objects. Doing so would add that model to the Extras Library with a brief description of that object. Its input on gamepads could parallel Halo Reach's night vision and Halo 3's flashlight.

  • Halo 2
Add Official Support for Classic Halo 2 Community Gametypes:
The classic Halo 2 online experience hasn’t been preserved, and would grant incredible Action Sack (or infection) options.

Gold Aggressor Sentinel beam Fix
The Halo 2 Gold Aggressor Sentinel Beam is identical to the standard beam in the anniversary graphics, and cannot be differentiated between the standard. Additionally, it’d make for a nice multiplayer weapon option.

Add Halo 2 Content to Halo 2 Anniversary
This would include
- Original maps (either as forge options or remade options)
- The Spectre (whose framework already exists in the canned Halo 4 revenant)
- Campaign cosmetics (Elite armor options, and classic ODST armor options)
- The same team color combinations as Halo 2, using the team color as primary color, while the secondary color is based on the player’s color choice.

  • Halo 3
Expand Equipment in Gametype Options
This would include individually setting or randomizing
- Frags,
- Plasma grenades,
- Spiker grenades,
- Firebombs,
- Special Equipment

ODST Skull:
This would expand on player choice and ways to play Halo 3 (especially if per-player skulls are granted).

  • Halo 3: ODST
Expanding ODST Cosmetics:
The player would be able to customize
- Gear,
- Helmet,
- Right Shoulder,
- Character,
- Visor Color,
- Weapon Skin,
Weapon skins and visor colors would be unlocked from Halo 3 Season content, Characters would be unlocked from Season 3 helmetless variants, the rest would be unlocked via helmeted variants. Additionally, a transparent visor color would be unlocked.
To compensate for those who completed the Endure challenge, they would receive an ODST busted Recon helmet for Dare (reusing the model from the campaign).

More Firefight Gametypes
This would include
- Firefight Versus (1 elite on blue team with Halo 3 elite cosmetics against 3 ODSTs)
- Flood Firefight (either only Flood, or alternating on waves)
- Engineer Firefight (parallel to generator defense, the players fight as long as the Engineer is alive)

Further Firefight Vehicle and Weapon Options
Add Halo 3’s missing weapons and vehicles. Vehicles would include a random option, being randomized per weapon drop.

  • Halo: Reach
Cut Firefight Content:
A "schism" behavior type, drones, and guta, were all cut from Reach firefight, but all function as intended.

Additional Enemy Variants
Halo Reach features Heretic Elites sporting UNSC weapons, but no other covenant who do the same. Zealot Elite squadrons are additionally excluded from Firefight.

BOB Firefight Encounters:
Every Elite would have a 1 in 1365 chance of having its shiny BOB color (golden Rangers and Ultras, white other variants). Killing it grants an exclusive nameplate, a Season Point to all players in the game, and the Seek and Destroy medal.

Lone Wolf in Firefight
Lone Wolf would need added safe zones, and a vehicle option to aid its open design.

Customize Vehicles in Firefight
Halo: Reach firefight maps have more vehicles than ODST, but lacks customizable vehicle settings.

Forced Armor Effects per Gametypes
Like color changes, under “Appearance”, each Armor Effect could be manually activated, turned off, or left unchanged. Gametype changes would include
- Pestilence in Infection for zombies
- Legacy on VIP
- Off in Ranked games

Invasion Added and Enhanced in 12 Player Matchmaking
12 player games would be renamed from "12 FFA" to "12 TEAMS". Invasion support would add forged variants for Ridgeline, Breakneck, Tempest, Highlands, and community maps. High Noon and Condemned can also support that player count, but only at the very maximum. The casual setting would allow player choice for colors, unlike Competitive Invasion requiring red and blue colors.

Anniversary Gametype Enhancements
- Instead of buffing the magnum, add the CE magnum as a new weapon with those properties,
- Allow an option for players to pick up 4 total grenades, rather than be limited to 4 as starting options, but being unable to pick any up beyond 2.

Implementation of Halo Online
Halo Online includes a remake of Avalanche and possibly Lockout depending how its development went. Since Halo 3 already has these maps, they’d better fit in Halo: Reach (which has the closest matching engine next to Halo 3). Additionally, the color patterns on the Halo Online weapon variants (excluding geometry differences) are fairly subtle, and would better fit Halo: Reach as weapon skins than Halo 3 (excluding).

  • Halo 4
Playable Elites
With animations backported from Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 4 Elite cosmetics would be added with increased color saturation for easier recognition.

Dual Wielding
Reusing backported content, it could be added as either a Tactical Package or gametype option.

Techsuit Color Customization
With Master Chief using a black techsuit in the campaign, player customization would grant a third modifiable color option.

Tactical Packages/Support Upgrades as Nonscoring Skull Options
They would additionally slightly decrease a player’s score.

Spartan Menu Ops Enhancements
- Spartan Ops Episodes videos would be prologue missions for ease of access
- Scoring options from Campaigns and Trait options from Firefight would be offered for customization
- Playlists would be offered, allowing players to keep track of their progress.
Ordinance in Spartan Ops
This would give scoring bonuses and specific Support Upgrades and Tactical Packages additional functionality, while balancing the short despawn time of power weapons.

Allies for Solo Users in Spartan Ops
Because Spartan Ops were designed as a cooperative experience, for each player excluded, a Spartan NPC would be added with randomized cosmetics, gender, and loadout. Their behavior would be to follow a player, and have a color matching that specific player. Their deaths are permanent.
  • New MCC control options for the controller on the Xbox & PC. Perhaps this could be best resolved by allowing for full mechanic remapping in-game. This one is still a big deal to me. To highlight some particular changes that I feel are critical: (1) Allow for a new magnification zoom level toggle that's separate from the basic zoom mechanic. (2) Give the basic zoom mechanic a settings option of being either hold-to-zoom or toggle. (3) Provide a universal setup option that most closely mimics the default setup in Halo 5 across all titles. In general, the rigid control options is easily one of the biggest personal reasons that I don't spend all that much time playing the MCC verse other FPS options. The Xbox Accessories App can only do so much to alleviate my frustrations with finding a control style that provides a sense of comfort nowadays.

    I say this as someone who had no issues with using the default control settings, or some available variant, during each title's primary life-cycle and for years afterwards too. But, that's just not the case for me anymore. Nowadays I spread out my gaming time playing a pretty wide variety of FPS titles. In the past, my primary time with an FPS title was focused almost entirely with these classic Halo titles. I also think increasing the accessibility of the controls as well as more closely matching the general standard offering that's seen throughout the industry would be beneficial to any potential newcomer who may be accustomed to the more typical FPS controls of the modern era. Some steps were taken in this direction in the past, but there's a lot more work that should be done here.
  • Replace TrueSkill v1 (TS1) with TrueSkill v2 (TS2); plus, adopt machine learning for more optimal matchmaking (aka TrueMatch). How implementing these features hasn’t been a priority goal for the team is baffling. Former 343 employee Josh Menke can tell you exactly how it'd be a massive benefit instead of me typing out all the reasonings. In any case, this is not to advocate for the visual Ranking system to be converted away from the 1-50 system or the adjustment formulas behind it. Instead, it’s to ensure that the matchmaker & team picker use the most accurate understandings of player skill to formulate balanced teams. To give those two systems more capability and flexibility between accounting for party size and input-device options. And to allow the matchmaker to constantly adjust its parameters to ideal settings based on the predicted population (per the time of day and region) in order to help speed up the matchmaking process while maintaining optimum match quality. I understand that TrueMatch may undermine the regional datacenter selection work that was implemented, but that work could still prove beneficial for the custom browser so it wasn’t a complete waste of resource time bringing it to the MCC.
  • Under bringing PC features to Console: Please adapt the modernization of the crouch mechanic to the Xbox platform which essentially allows the mechanic to function while actively moving at any speed. It's really just such a wonderful QoL improvement to the gameplay that’s already implemented into the game on the PC platform to improve the experience for Keyboard & Mouse players. Allow for the legacy crouch setting to still be a possible option for custom matches for the purists out there.
  • Consider implementing a very limited Join-in-Progress (JiP) feature into the social (Match Composer) environment to help mitigate some matches from quickly devolving into a waste of time due to an early match quitter, an accidental disconnect during the early moments in a match, and AFK players (who ought to be auto-booted soon after the match starts). This is not to advocate for an unlimited JiP system, but instead one that gets promptly turned off after a brief period of time. Matches still must start with an even number of players. No banking on the JiP system to fill out matches that willingly started with uneven rosters like the Halo 4 JiP system did. Halo 5 has done a pretty good job of balancing its JiP system within its social environment so consider looking to it for some inspiration, but make it better. This may also require some tweaking to the punishment system, but again I think looking to Halo 5's method could prove beneficial. Lastly, anyone being JiP’d into an active match should not be at risk of earning a loss on their personal record.
  • Perhaps, an odd request: Consider adding the vehicular "switch seats" mechanic into all these legacy games. It shouldn't effect the vast majority of environmental modes, so some of the purists (from an Arena perspective) shouldn’t be all that annoyed, but I think it'd be a great QoL addition to these games -- I can't understate how wonderful having it implemented would be. I also realize this might be a pretty massive undertaking (therefore unlikely to occur any time soon) because it'd require new animations to be created for these legacy titles. Again, allow for this to be turned-off within custom matches for the hardcore purists out there.
  • Yet, another possible odd request: Given my previous mention, I also wouldn’t mind seeing assassinations added to all of the franchise's titles. Again, I’m aware that this request isn't likely to be realized any time soon or perhaps at all. But, it’s just something I’ve come to truly appreciate from the franchise’s evolution that I wish could be experienced throughout its history of titles, so I politely ask for it nonetheless along with the personal option to not use them, just like in Halo 5, by turning their use off in a player's personal settings. Of course, Reach & Halo 4 already include assassinations, so most leg-work is primarily directed at CE, H2, H3, & perhaps H3:ODST.
  • Consider me one of those people who'd love to see cross-play implemented for Campaign & Spartan Ops as well as 4-player co-op being introduced to CE & H2. I know cross-play for Campaign & Spartan Ops is being investigated and I hope it proves possible for future implementation. I also understand that introducing 4-player co-op to CE & H2 would be a massive undertaking and may require the PC modding scene to basically play the critical role in delivering it for the PC platform, but if it's achieved I sure hope it will be ported over to the consoles too. That goes for pretty much any and all mods which I'm quite excited for.
  • Consider combining the strongest Ranked environment playlists into a single match “Quickplay” composer for people to select multiple options of what they may be interested in playing. Then include two “featured” playlist slots that receive extra XP payouts. Rotate the less popular Ranked environment playlists in these two featured slots. Offset their rotations to be bi-monthly.
  • Lastly, I just wanted to add that for the ranked environment I think restricting any modes within playlists for Reach, H4, & H2A such that they use a single loadout option [only] instead of potentially allowing for a few selectable loadout options would prove beneficial to the competitive spirit of the environment by upholding to the "even starts" mantra of the franchise. Selectable pre-established loadout options, even if just a few supposedly balanced ones, seems a much more appropriate fit for the social environment verses the ranked one. Halo Reach’s Invasion mode would be the exception to this general rule.
Will be posting the same issues every single feedback thread until they get fixed. Please prove us all wrong show us that you guys aren't lying when you say:

Lenchy wrote:
Does anyone read these?
Yes, I do actively each month. Sometimes several times per month, but I do through the entirety of these things. I've been reading the internet since 5am today (Twitter, Reddit, and here) and it's currently 12:20 in the afternoon.

*** MCC HALO GAME: All - Matchmaking - No report feature *** It's 2021. There's no report button in-game. Here are the steps to currently fill-in a report for a single player:
  1. Google "Halo waypoint support ticket"
  2. Press
  3. Press the "Halo Support" button (doesn't mention this is the way to report a player)
  4. Press the second link, "How to Submit a Halo Support Ticket"
  5. Press Submit a ticket under the image
  6. Link redirects you to the step 2 link, since the sign-in isn't the same as the forums
  7. Sign-in using the small top-right button (hopefully you know that you have to sign-in here because if not, it doesn't say anywhere on the website and you'll loop through steps 3 to 6)
  8. Fill-in 8 required fields instead of only the 4 relevant ones
  9. Upload a screenshot (I hope you took one, because the player won't get banned otherwise). ***Having 0 kills on the scoreboard isn't enough to get an AFK ban, I've seen the same players AFK multiple times after reporting multiple times using screenshots like these
  10. Realize you just spend 10 minutes reporting a single player instead of playing the game
Now imagine if you got 1 team killer and 1 AFK. You can probably speedrun the 2 reports in 15 minutes. You have to do this process every match.

*** MCC HALO GAME: All - Matchmaking: no penalty for griefers/quitters/toxic players ***You are penalized more harshly than quitters and AFK players by simply trying to play the game. Let's just check out the math:
  • First leaver penalty is 1 minute.
  • Second leaver penalty is 3 minutes.
  • Third leaver penalty is 5 minutes.
  • There is no penalty for going AFK.
  • The 4v4 time limit is 10-12 minutes.
  • The leaver penalty resets daily.
    • The leaver has a 9 minute (1+3+5) wait if he quits 3 games, then is free to go quit a 4th game (don't know the penalty past that, leaving 3 games is a lot)
    • The average 2v4/3v4 is the whole timer, unless you're actively trying to die to the enemy team
    • 11 minutes per player * 7 players being griefed = 77 minutes wasted per game
    • 77 minutes wasted per game * 4 games griefed by the quitter = 308 minutes per day wasted by legitimate players
It's always the same players. You know instantly if you're gonna win or lose in the loading screen when you recognize the names. And the proportion of griefers to regular players keeps climbing because regular players just go play another game. The leaver penalty is a joke.

*** MCC HALO GAME: All - Matchmaking: teams are randomly balanced instead of using the rank number ***
The matchmaking system in competitive doesn't use the player's ranks to balance teams. Instead, teams are picked randomly. See following examples.
  • - 18/15/13/1 vs 25/25/25/23
  • - 18/9/3/3 vs 19/17/17/13
  • - 20/15/3/1 vs 23/23/23/18
As you can see, the ranks aren't used when balancing the teams. This is 5th grade math, and the function is a google search away by pressing the first stackoverflow link. This is an issue that has existed since launch and has not been addressed. As you can see, all lower levels are stacked in one team versus the higher levels. This should not happen in competitive. It renders the whole point of ranking people useless if the ranks aren't gonna be used.
*** MCC HALO GAME: H3 - Matchmaking: remove Heretic from 4v4 gametypes ***Heretic is in competitive Team Slayer (4v4) this is a map that holds at most 4 players total, not 8. The amount of spawns is too low and doesn't bother checking if there's a plasma grenade on top of it. Or checking if there's a teammate getting shot on it. Or checking if the enemy is also spawning at the adjacent spawn. This map should be removed entirely from Team Slayer as it doesn't lend itself to competitive play. There is nothing competitive (or fun, for the matter) in spawning on a plasma grenade and instantly dying. This issue was flagged in the first H3 flights and has not been addressed.

*** MCC HALO GAME: H3 - Removed Sandbox custom maps from matchmaking ***The Sandbox maps have huge clipping issues. Grenades either pass through cracks and disappear or deal damage through solid walls. Also, same problem as above: the spawns are broken for indoor maps, you can spawn in line of sights and on top of grenades. The worse offender is the Tundra map (I think, the one with the Sniper Rifle in the middle).
Here's some ideas for mcc
I know some of these have been talked about recently, but I thought I'd leave them in.
1. Forgeable Weather effects like rain, snow, flood spores, ect.
2. Forge option to change maps skybox
3. Forgeable walls that only let certain teams walk through them.
4. Walls that can be seen through one way, but not the other.
5. Power ups that make you shrink and grow
6. Forgable ladders, slippery Ice, conveyer belts,
7. more forgable breakable structure pieces, objects and structure pieces that can catch fire/spread fire/burn up (maybe have a object option toggle for this)
8. More Forgable objects that float in water and can hold a players weight.
9. option to disable barriers and kill barriers in forge.
10. maps, equipment, and gun variants from Halo Online be added to Halo 3. I assume MS owns the rights to HO so I wouldnt see the trouble in doing this.
11. Silenced guns In H3 not showing up on radars when fired would be great for customs
12. gametype option for proximity chat (legacy Halo2 had it)
13. option to have more than 16 players in a game
14. 1st person spectating in H3 (would help spot cheaters)
15. Forgeable walls that can be shot through
16. Option for The vip in vip gametype to use special bipeds/characters (think like the vip being sgt johnson)
17. Flashlights in multiplayer (for spooky custom games)
18. button to turn on/off headlights on vehicles that have headlights (for spooky custom games)
19. option for alpha infected to have special biped/character (alpha infected could have the body of a tank flood form)
20. spot light thats operated like a turret but can't shoot (think of a dark spooky map where one of the humans have to spot the infected with a spot light so the other humans know where to shoot)
21. shared forge pallet for every map
22. Better party system
23. Halo 2 clans for all games
24. option for custom games with one life if player dies their removed from chat/ voice chat
25. add gametypes to H3 such as race, head hunt, gun game, ect
26. non detachable turrrets
27. Reach lone wolf map in mp
28. Allow game hosts to kick players in game
29. toggle to allow vote to kick in custom games
30. allow controller users to mute people through text chat
31. push to talk button on controllers
32. allow team to hear you when voice channel is set to all
33. population counter
34. vote for gametype/map or option to veto map/gametype picked
35. firefight maps usable in mp and forge
36. option for host to change players teams in game
37. option for host to revive player in game (in game modes with limited lives)
38. option for host to mute a player for certain amount of rounds
39. option to play as your odst in custom games
40. custom game option that let's host select whether players use a spartan, elite, or odst per team
41. using controller being able to crouch while walking
42. custom key binding with option to double bind
43. vehicle teleporters in h3 forge
44. The ability to rejoin a matchmaking game you got disconnected from
45. Option to only have certain weapon/vehicle skins active (i only care for the hd skins and a few vehicle skins)
46. Option for host to disable skins or force skins. (Could make customs a little more special)
47. Add campaign objects to forge pallets
So... about those adjustable view models that were promised this patch but are now conspicuously absent.
Lenchy wrote:
MCC HALO GAME: H3 - Removed Sandbox custom maps from matchmaking The Sandbox maps have huge clipping issues. Grenades either pass through cracks and disappear or deal damage through solid walls. Also, same problem as above: the spawns are broken for indoor maps, you can spawn in line of sights and on top of grenades. The worse offender is the Tundra map (I think, the one with the Sniper Rifle in the middle).
I can't agree with this one. For competitive matchmaking, maybe, but not for social matchmaking. Map variety is a bigger issue than map balance in casual play (otherwise, users wouldn't be begging for the restoration of the veto option). If anything, the opposite would be better, where the competitive matchmaking maps are added to social matchmaking, so that players can have a low-stakes casual environment to learn the map layout and gameplay. And even then - a lot of the competitive Sandbox maps were designed with game balance in mind.

I think these maps should be looked at, with the new tools they would benefit from fine-tuning and could be given official support for multiple gametypes, but they shouldn't be removed.
GFCat wrote:
So... about those adjustable view models that were promised this patch but are now conspicuously absent.
They mentioned around two weeks ago that they weren't going to be in the update. Link
GFCat wrote:
So... about those adjustable view models that were promised this patch but are now conspicuously absent.
They mentioned around two weeks ago that they weren't going to be in the update. Link
Game: Halo 3
Area of Feedback: Customization Options
Feedback: There should be an option to change the color of the LEDs on your armor. It would be a nice addition, especially with the new Halo Online armor that have LEDs on them, like Lancer. In team modes, the color of the LEDs would be your team color and for non-team modes, the LEDs would be a color of your choice. I'm also not a big fan of Elites getting nothing again. I know that more people play as Spartans, but that doesn't mean Elites shouldn't get anything.

Other than these two things, this Season is amazing. My favorite one so far because of FOV Sliders/Centered Crosshairs for Xbox One consoles. Keep up the great work 343!
Halo 2:A

Severe framerate drops in the campaign that make it nearly unplayable. This is especially notable on the mission Delta Halo, where the game will be running at a locked 60 FPS until it drops to below 5 FPS for a few seconds. This happens often, and from my understanding, this isn't just an issue with my machine; other people are having similar issues. Halo 2:A in general has very bad issues in co-op campaign, and the number of times the game crashed while I was playing co-op, or one player was dropped, is too many to count.
Is it just me? But when i get onto the mcc it comes up saying season 0 and i cant play anything :(
I thought we were supposed to be getting back the OG Halo 3 techsuit this season?
Hello, please add in-game subtitles to all of the games in the collection. It's really hard to understand the story/where to go in many circumstances for deaf/hard of hearing players. It would also be beneficial to many hearing-abled players who prefer subtitles, to allow them to hear dialogue during firefights.
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