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Are there two feeds in MCC analog and digital ? I have an Xbox one X but I think my account is analog. And my games are all bought on a game pass
why is there AR starts on objective gametypes on mid/long range maps? so instead of being able to hold/capture objectives you mowed down, or spawn killed by vehicles and power weapons. i know this has been a thing for quite some time. but it was a rare annoyance, now im getting back to back games of just garbage. before anyone says about "oh just pick up a better weapon, or get a vehicle". its not that easy when the enemy team is forcing you in spawn, and you cant do anything about. because the weapons you spawn with are garbage at best. this is mainly a halo: reach, halo 2, and halo 3 problem. sorry for the bad grammar, and rant. but something needed to be said.
[Feedback] The Despawn rates are bad (too small/short).
In many, if not all of the ports, objects, debris, weapons and bodies all despawn far quicker than in the originals did on Xbox 360. Some objects that normally never despawned (such as elite drop pods, and some decorative objects), actually despawn in a quick and noticeable manner. I don't believe this should have been done. In the original Halo 3, the despawn times were well balanced (I would prefer for most things to not despawn until the player enters a whole new area, but...). Halo reach had the quickest despawn rates until Halo 4 came around (absurdly short despawn periods).

For example, on Floodgate in Halo 3, I just cleared the area where you battled the scarab in the last level (place where the first group of Elite drop pods land). I advanced to just before the concrete ramp (leads into the industrial interior) when all debris, weapons and even the drop pods despawned...

I have noticed the short despawn of all the objects in the Halo MCC before, but I had not noticed some objects like drop pods despawning. This should be looked into. The area around the player shouldn't be completely cleared of all objects/weapons/corpses. It really takes you out of experience (its like a skirmish never happened there). Those weapons from the enemies you killed a few minutes ago? Yeah, chances are they despawned already.


Please fix this.
Any updates on ease of ranking up? I would love to have an attainable goal that keeps me excited about the game. Max rank is unrealistic at this point.
Comunidad tengo una duda del MCC como se consiguen las armaduras?
Misc./Other Feedback
MCC Halo Game: All Titles
Feedback: MCC should have full custom button mapping for controllers
Additional Info/Elaboration:

So, I know that Halo has always been a control-scheme game, but with all of the games coming to PC, and with consoles getting mouse and keyboard (m&k) support, Halo can now be played with input devices that have the freedom to customize the controls however those players want (provided they use m&k), so then why don't console or controller players have that same option? Why don't Halo games have full custom button mapping for controllers? Why are we restricted to having only control schemes while m&k players have full customizability to map any control to any key?

There's several shooters I've played that have this same issue: they have control schemes, but no custom button mapping, but why is this? Regardless of the reason why (provided it's not a tech limitation), I would very much like all the MCC games, if possible, to receive full custom button/control mapping for controllers, partially because I am prefer the "helljumper" control scheme in Halo 5, to which there is no perfect analog in any of the MCC games so far as can tell. Additionally, I think it's only fair that if m&k players can map any input to any key, then controller players should also have the exact same ability. The control schemes should be a baseline or foundation to start with, and from there players can then adjust any of the button-mapping settings to be what they want, whether that means completely changing existing control schemes, or only changing one button. For me, this would mean changing the button for sprint in Reach's 'bumper jumper', and changing buttons for aiming, melee, and grenade in every other Halo's 'bumper jumper' control scheme.
  • MCC Game: Multiplayer
  • Feedback:
- Multi-selectable teamsize
- Population count based on selected playlists/games/sizes
Shooting Comments
For a long time in ODST shootout, it takes a long time to start the game, and when it starts, 2 players are eliminated.
Various / other comments
The store that was implemented yes, in the Latin American community it is debated whether it is better to leave it or respect the effort of the objects obtained previously to put totally new objects in the store that are repeated every so often established time
Misc./Other Feedback
MCC Halo Game: All Titles
Feedback: If possible, should Season Point (SP) per rank up be extended beyond rank 100 in a future update, players who ranked up beyond rank 100 before this update should receive the SP they missed out on between rank 100 and whatever rank they are when SP per rank up returns (assuming it does)

Additional Info/Elaboration:

After seeing Postums mention that getting SP on rank up was a highly requested item that he was passing on at the end of last season, I realized that, while this is great to see, we probably won't see any changes to SP on rank up until Season 7 at the earliest. This means that all the ranking up that occurs, and has occurred, for all players since reaching rank 100, will occur without awarding SP until a future update changes this, potentially. Because of this, many players, myself included, are missing out on a sizable amount of SP, with no way to get it back. Combine this with the addition of the SP-intensive "Exchange" and there's the potential for many players to miss out or fall behind in the Seasonal tracks/Exchange items because of this lost SP.

Now, for players who play MCC a lot, or for those who routinely have large SP stockpiles, this may not be as much of a deal, but for newer players or players who cannot play as often, every SP counts, and the SP lost from the issue I am describing could make a big difference for many players in my opinion (again, especially considering how expensive the Exchange's items are in terms of SP - weapon/vehicle skins are usually 3-4 times more expensive than in the Seasonal track and the "Rhine Armor Bundle" is a little over 3 times more expensive than 6 armor pieces would be in the Seasonal track normally - in my opinion, this is a bit steep of a price hike just to get items immediately with so few ways to earn SP right now).

So, given that we can all determine our current MCC rank (just check your profile on MCC), and we can also all determine how far we are from rank 100 (Tour 4, Sergeant First Class is "Rank 100") with these images (see links at bottom**), I think that, if possible, all players who have ranked up, and are still ranking up, beyond rank 100 now should receive all the SP they missed out on in the time before any future update which restores SP on rank up. For example, I am currently at Tour 5 Level 24 - Major, which is 44 levels above rank 100, meaning that I've missed out on 44 SP that I earned (that's a lot of missing SP). The worst part is that this number will continue to grow until an update releases which brings SP on rank up to all ranks, so I could be up to 50+ missing SP that I earned by the time an update releases which adds SP on rank up for all ranks, and this is just me, the SP amount can be vastly lesser or greater than my 44 SP depending on the player.

In conclusion, I am asking, if it's possible, for 343i to please gift us the missing SP we've all earned beyond rank 100 if an update should come in the future which adds SP on all rank ups (hopefully Season 7); we can easily prove what rank we currently are and how many SP we've missed out on with the images I've linked. Not only do I believe that it is the right thing to do because we all earned this missing SP, but I believe it would go a long way to addressing players' concerns over the Exchange and its overly-expensive items and the unnecessary FOMO created by it and the Seasonal Challenges within the MCC.

Hello, with the latest update I go to 5 frame-rates, how do i solve?
MCC Game: Halo 2 Campaign
Feedback: Recently halo CEA's campaign was patched so that the sound effects will change depending on which graphics mode you're in like it does in halo 2's campaign, as opposed to choosing classic or remastered sound effects at the main menu. The menu option has now been altered for CEA to only change the music between classic and remastered. I absolutely LOVE this change...but it means now when I play H2A's campaign i really miss this feature, as in most cases, like with CEA, I prefer the original music to the remastered track, but I absolutely adore the new sound effects.

I would love to see that lobby option added to H2A's campaign, to be able to set the music to be only classic if we prefer it that way, while still allowing the sound effects to switch back and forth.

Ranked playlists seem to have much better matchmaking this season, but social playlists still need SOMETHING to help balance teams. EVERY social game I've played this season has either been my team wiping the floor against the other team, or the opposite. It's either extremely boring, or extremely frustrating. When I play the 360 versions of these games, the social playlists do not have these problems. Even years ago at the height of their popularity they didn't have these problems.
Please prioritize making the MCC version of Halo 1 achieve parity with the original Xbox version of Halo 1/legacy version of Halo 1 by fixing legitimate issues/bugs that are plaguing the game. Please make the MCC version of Halo 1 the definitive version of Halo 1 by prioritizing fixing all of the disparities and inconsistencies between the MCC version of Halo 1 and the original Xbox version of Halo 1/legacy version of Halo 1.
Game: Global/All
Feedback: The North Central US server is no longer showing up in my server list. I believe it has been about a week, ever since cgb was introduced.
I have made a post, searched the web, and looked at the latest global issues post. Nothing to be said about North Central US. Is it gone for everyone? What's goin on?
Hi Team,
Since the update of season 6, i just can't play the multiplayer component. for every game joined, i have been kicked out with the errors i have lost connection to Live or something like you have been kicked out. Please have this rectified.
^^ This.

I’d like you guys to add Invasion from Halo: Reach to the Social Playlists available. I love the gametype, but sometimes I don’t want to “sweat” every single game of it that I play in ranked. It seems like you guys added so many of the other playlist possibilities to the social games, so I think this one would be another great addition. Thanks.
Estoy buscando integrantes para la compañía TemplariArmati No importa lével la compañía es nueva y poco a poco queremos crecer únete a nosotros 👍🏼
Please give H2 the title update it deserves.
  • Elite armour
  • Spartan armour
  • Skins for weapons and vehicles
  • Forge for H2C (H2 vista had a map editor)
  • Give more legacy maps the Anniversary treatment and/or create new ones/add community forged maps
  • Theatre support for MP and campaign
  • Localisations for H2A MP (as of now the announcer is english only while menus/descriptions are localized)
  • Bug fixing (eg the missing plants on cairo station, this bug was already present in h2 vista)
  • MCC Game: Spartan Ops
  • Feedback:
- Spartan Ops episodes are in english only and dont have subtitles (they were localized and had subtitles in legacy h4)
- Add an option to watch each episode before playing them from the mission selection menu additional to the current access point for them
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