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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC's Season 7.
  • Campaign Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Firefight Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC's Season 7. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket
  • New MCC control options for the controller on the Xbox & PC. Perhaps this could be best resolved by allowing for full mechanic remapping in-game. This one is still a big deal to me. To highlight some particular changes that I feel are critical: (1) Allow for a new magnification zoom level toggle that's separate from the basic zoom mechanic. (2) Give the basic zoom mechanic a settings option of being either hold-to-zoom or toggle. (3) Provide a universal setup option that most closely mimics the default setup in Halo 5 across all titles. In general, the rigid control options is easily one of the biggest personal reasons that I don't spend all that much time playing the MCC verse other FPS options. The Xbox Accessories App can only do so much to alleviate my frustrations with finding a control style that provides a sense of comfort nowadays.

    I say this as someone who had no issues with using the default control settings, or some available variant, during each title's primary life-cycle and for years afterwards too. But, that's just not the case for me anymore. Nowadays I spread out my gaming time playing a pretty wide variety of FPS titles. In the past, my primary time with an FPS title was focused almost entirely with these classic Halo titles. I also think increasing the accessibility of the controls as well as more closely matching the general standard offering that's seen throughout the industry would be beneficial to any potential newcomer who may be accustomed to the more typical FPS controls of the modern era. Some steps were taken in this direction in the past, but there's a lot more work that should be done here.
  • Replace TrueSkill v1 (TS1) with TrueSkill v2 (TS2); plus, adopt machine learning for more optimal matchmaking (aka TrueMatch). How implementing these features hasn’t been a priority goal for the team is baffling. Former 343 employee Josh Menke can explain exactly how it'd be a massive benefit and I'm sure others within the company can do so as well instead of me typing out all the reasonings. In any case, this is not to advocate for the visual Ranking system to be converted away from the 1-50 system or the adjustment formulas behind it. Instead, it’s to ensure that the matchmaker & team picker use the most accurate understandings of player skill to formulate balanced teams. To give those two systems more capability and flexibility between accounting for party size and input-device options. And to allow the matchmaker to constantly adjust its parameters to ideal settings based on the predicted population (per the time of day and region) in order to help speed up the matchmaking process while maintaining optimum match quality. I understand that TrueMatch may undermine the regional datacenter selection work that was implemented, but that work could still prove beneficial for the custom browser so it wasn’t a complete waste of resource time bringing it to the MCC.
  • Under bringing PC features to Console: Please adapt the modernization of the crouch mechanic to the Xbox platform which essentially allows the mechanic to function while actively moving at any speed. It's really just such a wonderful QoL improvement to the gameplay that’s already implemented into the game on the PC platform to improve the experience for Keyboard & Mouse players. Allow for the legacy crouch setting to still be a possible option for custom matches for the purists out there.
  • Consider combining the strongest Ranked environment playlists into a single match “Quickplay” composer for people to select multiple options of what they may be interested in playing. Then include two “featured” playlist slots that receive extra XP payouts. Rotate the less popular Ranked environment playlists in these two featured slots. Offset their rotations to be bi-monthly.
  • For the ranked environment I think restricting any modes within playlists for Reach, H4, & H2A such that they use a single loadout option [only] instead of potentially allowing for a few selectable loadout options would prove beneficial to the competitive spirit of the environment by upholding to the "even starts" mantra of the franchise. Selectable pre-established loadout options, even if just a few supposedly balanced ones, seems a much more appropriate fit for the social environment verses the ranked one. Halo Reach’s Invasion mode would be the exception to this general rule.
  • Consider implementing a very limited Join-in-Progress (JiP) feature into the social (Match Composer) environment to help mitigate some matches from quickly devolving into a waste of time due to an early match quitter, an accidental disconnect during the early moments in a match, and AFK players (who ought to be auto-booted soon after the match starts). This is not to advocate for an unlimited JiP system, but instead one that gets promptly turned off after a brief period of time. Matches still must start with an even number of players. No banking on the JiP system to fill out matches that willingly started with uneven rosters like the Halo 4 JiP system did. Halo 5 has done a pretty good job of balancing its JiP system within its social environment so consider looking to it for some inspiration, but make it better. This may also require some tweaking to the punishment system, but again I think looking to Halo 5's method could prove beneficial. Lastly, anyone being JiP’d into an active match should not be at risk of earning a loss on their personal record.
  • Perhaps, an odd request: Consider adding the vehicular "switch seats" mechanic into all these legacy games. It shouldn't effect the vast majority of environmental modes, so some of the purists (from an Arena perspective) shouldn’t be all that annoyed, but I think it'd be a great QoL addition to these games -- I can't understate how wonderful having it implemented would be. I also realize this might be a pretty massive undertaking (therefore unlikely to occur any time soon) because it'd require new animations to be created for these legacy titles. Again, allow for this to be turned-off within custom matches for the hardcore purists out there.
  • Yet, another possible odd request: Given my previous mention, I also wouldn’t mind seeing assassinations added to all of the franchise's titles. Again, I’m aware that this request isn't likely to be realized any time soon or perhaps at all. But, it’s just something I’ve come to truly appreciate from the franchise’s evolution that I wish could be experienced throughout its history of titles, so I politely ask for it nonetheless along with the personal option to not use them, just like in Halo 5, by turning their use off in a player's personal settings. Of course, Reach & Halo 4 already include assassinations, so most of the leg-work is primarily directed at CE, H2, H3, & perhaps H3:ODST.
  • Consider me one of those people who'd love to see cross-play implemented for Campaign & Spartan Ops as well as 4-player co-op being introduced to CE & H2. I know cross-play for Campaign & Spartan Ops is being investigated and I hope it proves possible for future implementation. I also understand that introducing 4-player co-op to CE & H2 would be a massive undertaking and may require the PC modding scene to basically play the critical role in delivering it for the PC platform, but if it's achieved I sure hope it will be ported over to the consoles too. That goes for pretty much any and all mods which I'm quite excited for.
There's a bug on the customization options. I can see all my characters except my H4 Spartan. I'm not able to see how it looks because the ODST Spartan appears instead. Am I the only person with that problem?

I'm playing on Xbox One S.
Halo 2 Anniversary Map DLC Season 8 or future Seasons Update : For a future Season Update, for Halo 2 Anniversary, I think It would be an awesome idea to remake all of the Halo 2 classic Maps for Halo 2 Anniversary, more or less a Map DLC for Halo 2 Anniversary. So far we only have Zenith, Bloodline, Awash, Remnant, Stone town, Lockdown, Shrine and Skyward. It would be nice to see more big team battle maps like District for Halo 2 Anniversary. In my personal opinion, I feel like all of the other halo games have gotten some kind of season update but for Halo 2 classic or Halo 2 Anniversary not as much content.

Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer Customization And Halo 2 Classic Multiplayer Customization: For customization, It would be awesome if we could use the Elites from the Campaign in the multiplayer. Some examples would be the High Councilor Elite Amour, Honor Guard Elite Amour, Heretic Leader Amour, Arbiter Elite Armor, those are just some examples, there are also the Minor and Major variants and other types of Elites that I did not mention.(Please feel free to fix me if the names of the different classes of Elites in Halo 2 mention where wrong)

Halo 2 Classic Season 8 or future Seasons Update: For Halo 2 Classic, the models and textures of the weapons, vehicles, and the player models could get an update similar to Halo CE and Halo 3. So far those updates makes the game look newer and more eye appealing. Anything from weapon and vehicle skins would be fine. Also a toggle switch would be much needed to keep the game as original as possible for those who wish to keep the game like that. Similar to the toggle switch for Halo 3.

Halo 2 Classic Multiplayer Hit Register: Please fix the hit register for Halo 2; a similar fix that was done to Halo 3 could work for Halo 2 Hit registration problems but it might be more than just a simple fix.

"Halo 2 Code is a mess"
I understand why people say that as development was rushed for Halo 2 Classic, but I feel like 343i has the talent to do something with Halo 2 Classic.

Halo 2 Anniversary Forge: Updating and adding more content to Halo 2 Anniversary forge would be great so the Halo Community could make good use of it.

Bonus Content For Halo 2 Classic: Halo 2 Vista launched back in 2007 along with a Map Editor (Forge Mode). Adding a Forge Mode to Halo 2 Classic would be good for the Halo community to make new maps and content for Halo 2 Classic. One good map to add to Halo 2 Classic is the same map that is shown in the trailer in the video described below. I name of the map is called Example and comes with Halo 2 Vista along with the Map Editor.

Here is a video of the Halo 2 Vista Trailer That Shows The Map Editor(Please Add this Map Editor To MCC, Don't let these Assets go to waste)
The Map Editor portion starts at 0:42-0:55 along with the Map "Example" that is shown using the Map Editor in Halo 2 Vista. Porting the Map "Example" over to MCC and adding it to matchmade games or host custom games would be great as well.

Halo 2 Vista Custom Maps that where made using the Map Editor
Some Halo 2 Vista Custom Maps could be added to the MCC that where made by the Map Editor as new content. One good map is Frostbite along with many other maps. All of the other Halo games seem to get new content so adding new content to Halo 2 Classic would be nice.

Halo 2 Cut Missions/Content
Adding some of Halo 2 Classic Cut Content would be great for the Modding Community and for MCC in general.

Good Job 343i
So far 343i is doing a good job bring more content to MCC and porting those games over to PC and get new and old players to come back and play the game once more. Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary are the only 2 games that mainly have not gotten as much content compared to the other Halo games in MCC. It would be nice to see content for those 2 games.

Halo 2 Anniversary Spectre
Another great idea is the Halo 2 Anniversary Spectre coming over to multiplayer, so far its only in campaign for H2A. I think its one of the missing vehicles in Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayers. The addition of this vehicle would be great for custom games and matchmade games or an Elite themed game type as well. Not sure if it would be easy to just port over the model to multiplayer, and also adding this would make it on par with Halo 2 Classic.

Final Note
Halo 2 Anniversary was meant to celebrate Halo 2 10th Anniversary with upgraded graphic/cinematics which was very well received. But I feel like other games in the collection has received more love and attention (not saying that Halo 2 Classic/Anniversary hasn't receive attention or love) which is all good news to hear and make that population of halo players happy and wanting to play the game more. But I feel like time is running out to see some kind of Season Update for those 2 games and Celebrate Halo 2 10th Anniversary the way it was suppose to be celebrated and received back when it launched with all of the Halo 2 Classic Maps Remastered for Halo 2 Anniversary.

If New Maps where to be Remastered, what new maps would you guys like to see?

Any feedback from the community is greatly appreciated!
This season has a lot of great stuff, I'm grateful you lowered the requirement in the Ranked challenge from 25 to 15 (though I wish it was based on participation rather than wins for a time limited cosmetic).

However, I feel like many of the cosmetics for the Elites aren't very well fleshed out.
The biggest issue is the techsuit possibilities:
When the Halo Online cosmetics for Spartans were implemented, there were options for different visuals of techsuits. And even then, the unchanged legacy techsuit is still visible any time through the campaign.
However, there is no substitute for Elites. The new techsuit is cool, but it's completely different to the organic look of the organic Halo 3 techsuit. And unlike the Spartans, there was a lot more detail and substance that was lost. There's even an unused techsuit option from Halo Online that could be implemented, the dry skin of the Halo 4 species, all it needs is a texture redo, something the MCC team is excellent at.

Additionally, unlike the Halo 3 Spartans, the tertiary colors were not implemented, while the secondary color covers most of the cosmetics. Please restore tertiary colors to the new Elite cosmetics, there are many secondary color locations that could be suitable for tertiary colors.

Lastly, and far less importantly, the quantity of Gen2 techsuits is really weird. It'd be nice if there were Gen1 variants to match each Gen2 variant. Or even better, variants that inherit the secondary or tertiary colors.

Regardless, I don't mean to discredit the major steps in this update, I'm so grateful for the new matchmaking tool for Firefight and the fixed CE graphics, whoever did the weapon and equipment layout on Edge did a beautiful job (though the killzones might be a bit too sensitive right now), the Extras library, there's a lot I love in this giant update, and it's something I greatly appreciate. This season is pretty obviously the one where you guys paid a TON of attention to community feedback and recommendations and it shows.
I hope that we get to see some split screen soon!
MCC Feedback
Game: Other
I've got two suggestions to add, One to the Extras tab and one to the steam version(and maybe the windows store version)
  • The first is to have some sort of gallery in there, of concept art, renders, etc. I just think it would be a nice touch to see all the stuff from these games
  • The second is to add soundtrack DLCs to the Steam version, for all the games, it would just be nice to have access to the music.
The only other suggestion I can think of at the moment is to just give some updates on features you're working on that we haven't heard from in a while
Such as
  • View Model Adjustment
  • Steam Account Linking
  • PC File share
  • Per game audio options
  • Additional Video Settings
  • HDR on PC
  • New forge items
  • etc.
The biggest area I've been disappointed in with MCC is the communication on certain topics, like above, but also just notifying players about new features, Like that CGB is out for Reach, or that CE has mod tools released, or even just that patch notes don't cover many of the bugs that have been patched.
You guys are doing good, other than that!

Edit Added some feedback for CGB
CGB still suffers from a few problems that it had during the test, so Im just copy-pasting my feedback from there
  • Give gamemodes an option to make it so if a round is in progress, joining players won't spawn that round
    this is so that if theres a gamemode like Duckhunt where players have one life per round, if someone dies they can't be replaced with a player that just joined so the rounds don't go on forever
    but keep it an option so that other gamemodes can do whatever with it, if they want a chaotic mess that goes on forever, players can freely join and quit
  • Add an option for having an intermission between rounds, just a quick 15-30 seconds so that the players can talk and whatever or change a setting or if a player wants to leave between matches
  • Friendlies who join mid-match show up as enemies, so that should be fixed
  • if a gamemode has players with a waypoint, then it doesn't show up for players who joined mid match
Audio Options for Halo MCC on Console

For years been trying to get an answer to hopefully see some actual Audio Options for Halo MCC on Xbox. PC has many options, we don't even have a standard master volume still.
this relates to 8v8 MM in MCC
i keep getting into full lobby's only to for the game to say "connection session" it loads in 2 full teams with no names but then says "leaving matchmaking" and im then kicked and the game restarts looking for players, i don't why its doing this and it means i can't play BtB which is the only mode i really enjoy, this only started after the season 7 update.
Postums wrote:
Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC's Season 7.
  • Campaign Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Firefight Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC's Season 7. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket
Season 7 is a fever dream so far, Postums! Great work! Although, there are still some loose ends and odd quirks that I feel, if addressed, would really help the MCC feel more complete. Here they are!

Needed Improvements To In-Game Achievements Menu
  1. Please... SEPARATE Halo 3: ODST achievements from Halo 3's achievements!
  2. Please... GIVE Halo 3: ODST its own dedicated "Achievements" and "Player Statistics" tabs!
  3. Please... INCORPORATE the Steam Achievement Medals in the actual game so players have something to look at!
  4. Please... FIX broken Halo 4 Par Time achievements!! Currently, all can be unlocked from rally points!!
  1. Possibly... ADD a Concept Art Gallery for console players to view the Achievement Artwork they unlock!
  2. Possibly... AWARD season points for unlocking various achievements!
  3. Possibly... ADD more missing legacy achievements!
  4. Possibly... ADD achievements for finding unacknowledged easter eggs (H:R GRD dolls, H:R Guilty Spark egg, H:R Penance barrel grunt egg, H2 Great Journey rex egg, H3 assassins skull, H4 limited edition box eggs, H4 double rainbow egg, etc.)
Missing Legacy Features That Should Be Added
  • Halo: Reach - Campaign Matchmaking
  • Halo: Reach - Default "Insane" Forge Gametype
  • Halo: Reach - Firefight Voice "Voice Preview" Button Option
  • Halo: CE - Anniversary Kinect Voice Commands
  • Halo: CE - Anniversary "Library" Game Asset Database
  • Halo 2 - Vista Map Editor
  • Halo 3: ODST - OG Firefight Character Descriptions
  • Halo 3: ODST - Dancing Marty Easter Egg
  • Halo 4 - Spartan Ops Matchmaking
  • Most Games - 4 Letter Service ID Letter Cap
  • All Games - Player Emblem on Customization View Model + Player Emblem Toggle
  • All Games - End Game Credits
Unpopular Bugs & Errors That Need To Be Resolved
  • In Campaign, The Pillar Of Autumn's Outer Decal Assets FLOAT Above The Pillar Of Autumn In The Opening Cutscene Of Halo: CE In Anniversary Graphics (Rather than being correctly flush against the ship!)
  • In Campaign, Many Halo 3: ODST "Mombasa Streets" Trash Pile Assets FLOAT Above Ground
  • In Campaign, Halo 4 "Reclaimer" Final Cutscene Has Broken Lighting
  • In Cross-Game Playlists, "Guilty Pleasure" Playlist Incorrectly Includes "Two Betrayals" H:CE Mission Instead of "The Library" H:CE Mission (Two Betrayals does NOT include Guilty Spark as an ally!)
  • In Cross-Game Playlists, "Welcome To The Jungle" Playlist Incorrectly Includes "Gravemind" H2 Mission Instead of "Delta Halo" H2 Mission (Gravemind is NOT a jungle mission!)
  • In Multiplayer, Halo 3 Automag Doesn't Have Equipment Throwing Animations
  • In Firefight Matchmaking, ALL Caucasian Firefight Characters In Halo 3: ODST Still Incorrectly Use Romeo's Hand Model
  • In Forge, Halo 4 Mantises Blown Up Against the Sky Barrier FLOAT Instead of Plummeting
  • In Settings, No FOV Slider Options Exist for Halo 2: Anniversary MP
  • In Settings, No Crosshair Adjustment Options Exist for Halo 2: Anniversary MP
  • In Nameplates, "Remember Reach" and "From The Beginning" Nameplate Titles Are Incorrectly Swapped
  • In Theater, Pausing Then Fast Forwarding Halo: Reach Clips Causes Audio To Disable
  • In Theater, Pausing Then Fast Forwarding Halo 3 Clips Causes Audio To Disable
  • In Theater, Pausing Then Fast Forwarding Halo 3: ODST Clips Causes Audio To Disable
  • In Customization, Halo: Reach View Model T-poses for a Single Frame
  • In Customization, Halo: CE View Model Stands Sideways for a Single Frame
  • In Customization, Halo 3 View Model T-poses for a Single Frame (NEW!)
  • In Customization, Halo: CE Ghost Schism Skin Has Incorrect Description
  • In Customization, Halo 3 BR Grey Scales Skin Uses British Pronunciation of Gray
  • In Customization, Halo 3 COS Armor Is Incorrectly Labeled "COS" Despite Being a Clear Variation of Halo 4 "Gungnir" Armor
The new pop-ups for the challenges are SUPER pretty, but the low contrast on the golden special challenge pop-ups make it hard to read. White on yellow isn't particularly great.
zValkyrian wrote:
There's a bug on the customization options. I can see all my characters except my H4 Spartan. I'm not able to see how it looks because the ODST Spartan appears instead. Am I the only person with that problem?

I'm playing on Xbox One S.
Make sure you have a body type set for Halo 4. Go into the Halo 4 customization and set one, then the preview should work
If New Maps where to be Remastered [for H2A], what new maps would you guys like to see?
Ideally all, but start with Waterworks, Containment, Terminal, Turf, Elongation, & Colossus.
You still failed to address the disastrous handling of some earlier timed exclusive content, specifically the Halo 3 Avalanche sniper and Halo 4 Blood DMR and Blast BR skins. Fantastic, you wanted to reward players for the skill and effort they put into accomplishing these challenges. However, you locked this stuff inside a narrow two-month window. The solution? Cycle the playlists back into a rotation and allow players the opportunity to earn these. Do not permanently deny access to players who missed them the first time. Do not hand these out as freebies (i.e., any amount of mindlessly ground season points).

There was never a reward for completing all 700 achievements. However, you can easily recover from this neglected opportunity by including exclusive content in Infinite and future MCC seasons.

Edit: In one of the Insider flights, you provided the option to reposition your weapon from the first-person view. This was a welcomed addition. Are you planning to reintroduce this feature in the future?

In contrast to this criticism, I love the new content you added to Season 7. Great selection of content spread across multiple games. This is easily my favorite MCC season.
After posting my Season 6 feedback, it's been really nice to see a bunch of things I and other community members wanted come through in season 7! Here are some other things I would like to see in upcoming seasons:

  • Halo: Reach
-Use Halo 3's Time/Scoring HUD element instead of Halo 4's as it fits more stylistically
-Elevators like in Sword Base and New Alexandria cause the player and AI to float when ascending unlike in legacy Reach
  • Halo: CE
-Have a real-time music toggle between anniversary and classic just like sound effects as they were added in the last update
-Have a toggle for the legacy HUD and the anniversary HUD, or tie them with the graphics the player is using

  • Halo: CE
-There are still issues surrounding many of the weapons' performances in this game i.e. Magnum, Shotgun, Plasma Rifle, etc. (Here is a good video that goes over these and the fixes just done:
  • Halo 3
-Make default custom game option Team Slayer or Slayer instead of 2v2 Hardcore TS

  • All
-Display player emblem on Ue4 Customization preview and not just in game
-Allow a toggle between HCE and HCEA (H2 and H2A also) for the menu music
-Allow different service tags for each game as H3 and ODST only allowed 3 characters when Reach and H4 allowed for 4
-Change the UI for Campaign mission selection/multiplayer map selection for each game to match the custom game browser UI for selecting maps
-The ability to matchmake campaigns with something like a match composer
-Customizable menu backgrounds as potential unlocks for achievements or something similar
  • Halo: Reach
-Spartan Height Increase in Ue4 Customization Menu to match all other player preview models
-New Visor Colors + Weapon Skins
-Red Visor Color ala Jorge and Jun from campaign
-Smooth wrist attachment like Carter's right wrist in campaign
-Left/Right Utility + Wrist
-Piece by piece Elite customization
-Some weapons like the DMR, Concussion Rifle, and Fuel Rod Cannon don't fire at the same rate they used to in legacy Reach
  • Halo: CE
-A secondary color option (or even tertiary) to show in team games or something similar to the other Halo games
-A toggle for the legacy and anniversary HUD in gameplay
  • Halo 2
-Any kind of customization update for either classic or anniversary. Visor colors, weapon skins, new armor if possible, more elite customization from H2 campaign
-Have the Heavy Price Paid/Punishment menu track play in all Halo 2 menus rather than just the Cross-Game Playlists menu
-This is the game out of all of them in the collection that is in need of attention when it comes to all around general bug fixes
  • Halo 3
-Default visor color to have more parity in Ue4 menu with the in-game look (Ue4 default visor looks like a very pale yellow/white while in game looks yellow/gold)
-Add the Movement music track back to the Halo 3 menus to mirror the legacy game
-Allow an option to have Halo 3 Mythic menu tracks play on Halo 3 menus
  • Halo 3: ODST
-Any way to use the plethora of H3 skins in firefight
-New skins for SSMG or Automag
-Ability to change armor and voice independently
  • Halo 4
-A proper Ue4 view for weapon skins rather than an image
-Techsuit customization (maybe gen1 or just gen2 untinted)
-More standard visor colors (it irks me that there's no golden middle ground like in previous games
-Add shortened Green and Blue and To Galaxy music tracks that was in legacy H4 to the H4 menus
-Spartan Ops matchmaking
-A scoring system for Spartan Ops
-Weapon skins for power weapons/non-loadout weapons
-Implement Champion's bundle forearms and shoulders into first person viewmodels as they get defaulted to Recruit arms and Warrior shoulders in first person (strangely they get defaulted to the Master Chief's armor in Spartan Ops)
Something about CE feels off. Getting killed behind walls. Also the FPS drop is crazy bad. Every minute or so the game just freezes up! 1x here.
I don't wanna repeat what others have said, but please add volume sliders for each halo game separately, when I play Halo CE I have to make the game 5x louder to hear anything, then I start up a Halo Reach Firefight and blow my ears off.

Also, please add back Firefight Doubles.
Please put it back firefight doubles. Thanks
All of the new content in Season 7 is great, but there are still a few issues with customizations and unlocks.
- Some timed-exclusive unlocks have not been reintroduced for those who missed them. Many people were unable to make progress towards these, specifically the ranked playlist unlocks, due to their jobs (front-line workers, military, etc.). It's unfair for those individuals to not have a chance at unlocking customizations just because they contribute more to society than some "gamer" fans that play 24/7. 343i has done a good job so far with the Halo Infinite battle pass system and, to a lesser extent, the MCC exchange, but the solution to this problem is even simpler - reintroduce those customizations in rotating periods under the same criteria so they can be unlocked again.
- It is impossible to tell which games you have new customization options for. Previously, there would be an indicator next to the game identifiers. Also, it is unclear for some challenges which games the unlockable items are applicable to. For example, which game is the "Pixel" BR skin available in after completing the "Pixel Perfect" challenge?
- Halo: Reach, H2C, and H2A have not been receiving enough attention. I understand these games aren't as popular, but we've still yet to see even skins for gear in these games.
Remove banning players for leaving in casual matches. Add Join in progress

Ban players in ranked simple
stckrboy wrote:
zValkyrian wrote:
There's a bug on the customization options. I can see all my characters except my H4 Spartan. I'm not able to see how it looks because the ODST Spartan appears instead. Am I the only person with that problem?

I'm playing on Xbox One S.
Make sure you have a body type set for Halo 4. Go into the Halo 4 customization and set one, then the preview should work
This is a bug that I've had for months now, yes choosing a body type "resets" it but as soon as you go back to the list of all your spartans the bug comes back.
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