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There are sixteen waves in a single set in Firefight.
There are sixteen weapons in a single game of escalation slayer.
To accompany Escalation slayer in social games, it'd be awesome if it was added to Firefight too. On the end of each wave, players would simply swap to the next weapon, finishing with a golf club bonus round. Players would have the boosted Arcadefight base traits to accommodate the vast amount of weapons they'd have to work with.

Additionally, it'd be nice if the "Firefight Fodder" challenge was changed from 50 kill minimum to a 1150 point minimum. This would encourage players to try more challenging Firefight gametypes in matchmaking, and give players who target larger enemies or unlucky players who only get assists an easier chance at the challenge. I never do Heroic Firefight despite enjoying it better than Arcade variants because I'm scared of not getting enough kills.

Lastly, and I don't know how possible this is, it'd be cool if games prior to Halo Reach received Escalation Slayer. I imagine it'd be incredible in Halo 3.
Is it possible to add AMD FSR tech into halo mcc to help with fps for lower end hardware?
I feel like there is a problem with Halo 4 and its Assault rifle. It feels like it doesn't do the same amount of damage it used to and doesn't have the same amount of range it used to as well. It also seems like some shots aren't getting registered. Like I can be shooting another AR user first and they somehow beat me. Even though I started shooting first. Its as if their shots register more than mine.
The battle hardened challenge is broken, completed regret , solo, legendary, with no zero skulls. Still at 0/2. Oh and an improved stability with co op campaign. My internet is fine. In co op , it ALWAYS lags.
With the recent announcement of the Steam Deck in mind, I think more content should have optional separate installs to help keep the total filesize lower:
  • Anniversary campaign visuals - They waste a ton of space on lower end systems that can't run them and for those that only want to play Classic.
  • Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer - It's 7.64GB by itself and could also benefit from separate visual + control options.
  • Terminal videos - 8.33GB total across CE, 2, and 4
  • Spartan Ops
  • Firefight
i would love to be able to save the game in the co op campaign because me and my friend have been playing a lot but when one of us has to leave, its really annoying that we have to lose all of our progress and having to start from zero, so please add a save option to the co op campaign
I've never been a matchmaking person, but I Love Forge (Reach Forge to be specific) and I have always Dreamed of having AI to spawn.
I'd love to have a pvp game that has other enemies to kill while trying to kill your main opponent, or having AI battle each other in the first place.

Thank you for Reading.

note im playing on pc.
I have some concerns regarding file share in MCC and the server shutdown for legacy halo.
The file share contents from legacy Halo 3, Halo 4 and Halo Reach were migrated to the games's MCC counterparts, but MCC file share has a file limit of 50.
What if someone has more than 50 maps/types/screenshots/clips summed up within their legacy file shares, or even within one legacy games file share alone? Are those extra contents just not visible until other stuff is deleted or did those contents got lost or what would happen to this stuff?

Also many of us played back in the 360 days and came to MCC with its PC launch, but to get file share contents migrated one has to log into MCC on a X1. Many of us dont have MCC on X1 or a X1 at all. It really bothers me that people have to buy a 40$ game a 2nd time (or even a console) just to get their UGC preserved.
Please do another file share migration that doesnt require a xbox login
Season 7 is pretty amazing tbh. I really like the new Elite armor, the new animated nameplates, and the new Energy Sword skins especially! :D
the one thing I will say I hate about the techsuit colors is that a tertiary or secondary tinted version doesn't exist.
I get it's being used to normalize forcing players to unlock a basic feature like they're planning with infinite's shaders, but I'd rather have the chromatic options simplified to work as the armors already do for the rest of the game, and have more actual armor unlocks instead.
Please. Currently in your game Halo CE Anniversary, Covenant's voice is in English in Korea.
This is still not fixed on the Xbox 360 CE Anniversary and the MCC version of CE Anniversary.
We see Covenant speak Korean in the OG XBOX version of HALO CE and PC Gearbox HALO CE,
but your MCC HALO CE is still spoken English.
This is for Campaign for MCC in general. At the completion of a mission when it shows score, time, multipliers, etc. There is a back button that just advances you to the next mission in the campaign/playlist you are using. It is a minor annoyance that you have to load the mission, skip the cutscene, press escape and leave the game once you finish the level. I figure it would be relatively easy to implement a "continue" button that would perform the function the "back" button does currently, and make the button take you back to the level/skull/difficulty screen.
Expanding the options for installing/uninstalling components in MCC:

Being able to install H2C MP, H2A MP, Reach firefight, and Halo 4 Spartan Ops separately from their normal installs would be appreciated by users who have much more limited storage space than usual. Examples being the Xbox Series S or, in the near future, the Steam Deck.
Split-screen on PC would be great, imo that's one of the most important parts out of the Legacy games (and console MCC) missing on PC as of S7.

It'd be nice just to have full parity between the PC and console version of MCC, considering Console MCC got PC features, would be great if it applied vice-versa, including HDR support, which is also missing on PC.
There's an issue with the anti-cheat being used. I keep getting kicked from games, and it gives a prompt saying its detecting some kind of error. In the mean time, I'm being banned because of this odd error. now its starting to happen in CGB. I joined a lobby and was kicked instantly, and I got that same prompt. now I'm banned from playing on the CGB. what is going on? why is this happening? its really getting discouraging to play my favorite game each time it happens.
verify your game files
how do you verify a vanilla game?
I don't own MCC through steam
MCC Feedback:
Quit Bans:
In non ranked modes, either revert to shorter times or straight up remove them. Between the griefing, lopsided matches, connectivity issues, and stale map rotations, PVP is completely unplayable to me now.

Choice of season point and XP gains are still too curated and there's no way to catch up if one falls behind on the grind.
  • Allow the weekly season point cap to roll over if we did not reach it in previous weeks. This allows players to catch up if they fall behind.
  • Allow any weekly challenge to grant a season point as long as the weekly cap isn't reached. Make gold challenges grant additional XP to distinguish them.
  • Remove matchmaking as a requirement for PVE challenges. Instead, those challenges specify using the built in variants normally used in match making.
  • As long as EAC is running, non ranked PVP challenges should be completable whether it's in match making or customs.
  • Seasonal challenges should be completable in any mode, be it Ranked, Social, or PVE. Weight our progression through the challenge based on which mode you want to encourage instead.
  • Add offline/custom XP gain. If worried about exploits, the simplest solution is to add an offline weekly XP cap that is comparable to 8 hours of matchmaking play.
  • Give us a separate offline/customs(if host enables it) only profile where all unlockables are available.
  • When really far behind on the SP curve (more than the weekly challenge deck can provide), but for players over rank 101, let them earn an SP every 100k XP till they're effectively caught up with that week's potential gains.
Despite it's flaws, the best part of the cr system from 360 Reach (near launch) is that it didn't care what you mode played, only that you played. The more you accomplished in a session, the more you got. I think the current season point cap is fine, but only when we're on top of the potential gains up to this point and aren't locked into playing modes we don't enjoy to hit the cap.

There's still too much FOMO. If an item has featured on it previously and it's associated challenge is not active, we should be able to purchase it.
  • Instead consider a rotating discount on its SP cost if it has already been featured and it's challenge isn't active.
I think the current costs on the exchange are fine as long as we have more flexibility in earning SP as mentioned above. Being strictly PVE at this point, I cannot justify filling out the actual seasons because there's not enough point gain to stay on top of the exchange.

Let us use our unlocks outside PVP modes. For CE, only display it in classic GFX if it's unfeasible otherwise.

Some of these are much more involved, but please provide support for this mode in more titles than just Reach and ODST, even if it is up to the modders to actually make the maps.
  • Please add forge support for firefight.
  • Disable friendly fire on vehicles (based on who is the driver) and team splatters when players are already immune to friendly fire. Griefing is very much a problem right now.
Please make the CGB testing bots available for use in customs and editable by the mod community. If these bots get the same recruit, marine, ODST, spartan levels that the Halo Infinite bots are getting, allow marine+ matches to count towards social PVP progress. Let us forge pathing for them if they struggle with custom maps.

Spartan Ops:
Separate our spartan ops loadout profile from our PVP loadout profile. They have completely different metas, so transitioning between the two modes is not fun.

While EAC is disabled, give us access to the Halo CE dev console. It should only be accessible to the host/party leader when lobbied up. When they use it, everyone gets a pop up window where they can see what command(s) is being typed, and must all hit "Allow" for the command(s) to execute. This could allow use of custom maps without replacing files while also providing some protection to end users.
I personally haven't gotten banned for quitting a game intentionally in MCC not once I don't think, that being said I suffer from a -Yoink- ISP, and so on occasion my internet will drop repeatedly. Now then; my experience in multiplayer has drastically gone down hill since the "Ban update". Reverse it, please for the love of forerunners. It does nothing to help the experience of multiplayer, and only encourages players who already aren't having fun, to make it so other players don't have fun too. I.E; feeding the enemy team kills, suiciding to bring down the team score making it impossible to win, and -Yoinking!- with teammates and bringing down their shields so the enemy can kill them easily. Bans for quitting social games should not exist. Period. And bans for going AFK should not have increasing penalties, they should have a set penalty of around 15 minutes after the 3rd or 4th offense and the afk boot timer should much longer than halo 5's. I literally went pee and came back booted from a halo 5 match, it's ridiculous. Stop blamming with -Yoink- nobody wants messed with.
I have a pretty extensive list of open ticket bugs some obviously being of way more importance than others but all still being big enough that myself and people iv talked to have all noticed. Here's just a few of the most important ones in my opinion, a lot of these are new bugs caused from the last two season updates as well.

H3: ODST - Some player ODST characters have incorrect hand colors in firefight again.

H3: ODST - When in ODST matchmaking firefight, player characters are missing most of their firefight voices and dialogue. This is very noticeable when playing a custom firefight match solo and then playing a match in matchmaking. Firefight voices are almost non existent when playing in matchmaking, very quiet. When playing matches solo this is not the case player characters talk a lot. According to the patch notes this bug is tied to only the host hearing all the voices but in my months of testing this bug iv never been "the host" in an online matchmaking game and since it runs on dedicated servers i think the problem is that nobody is "the host". This has been a bug since ODST firefight came to Mcc and one iv been testing to see it fixed every update with no luck, in season 6 they specifically stated this issue had been fixed but only some of the dialogue was restored and a lot of it was clearly missing so now as of season 7 this issue is back on the known issues list. This is a big one imo because firefight voices are a huge part of the experience and it's very noticeable and quiet with them gone.

H3: ODST - When playing ODST firefight matchmaking, enemy AI don't show up on the VISR map as they should. When playing in a solo custom firefight enemy's show up on the VISR map as they should when looking at it. As is the case with the issue I detailed above with the firefight voices, i believe this is also tied to the same bug where only "the host" can see it work properly. But again in ODST firefight matchmaking the game runs on dedicated servers so i don't think "the host" exists. Not that the host should be the only one seeing the game work properly anyways. This issue has also been in the game since ODST firefight dropped onto Mcc.

H1 - On the mission The Pillar of Autumn in classic graphics, the big glass panel that displays tactical information in front of captain keys has a bug now where the numbers on screen either cycle too fast now or something because they are very noticeable janky when watching them now. I've now noticed this also happens to other textures like forerunner door control panels, halo control room controls and possibly some of the covenant control panels as well, seems to be mostly holographic textures at least in reguards to the forerunner and covenant ones. This is a new bug with season 7 and interestingly enough this was not in the season 7 flight, so something happened with these textures between the time of the flight and season 7 release.

H1 - On the mission 343 Guilty spark in classic graphics, the player model (weapon, hands) is semi transparent. Not sure what exactly is going on here if it's maybe tied to the fog thats finally fixed and is on the map now or what but if you pay attention you can definitely see straight through your own weapons and hands when looking at certain things. This issue is new to season 7.

H1- There's been a huge performance drop in all of H1 since the season 7 update to the point where the game commonly stutters/hitches for a second, atleast on consoles and lower end PC's. I originally thought this issue was only effecting the MP because id notice it when picking up and firing a new weapon sometimes the game would momentarily freeze. But then i played campaign and realized that it also happens in that and even more so in campaign because almost everytime the game says checkpoint done it momentarily does the same hitch/freeze for just a second but long enough to notice it forsure. I tested and noticed this all on an X1X so i imagine this is worse on X1S and original X1, I've had many people tell me as much and report this bug. Imo this is a huge bug that should be addressed via hotfix instead of waiting until season 8 because this is definitely game breaking for people on Xbox one consoles especially in when playing online. This bug is new to season 7.

H1 - Vehicle sounds break very easily and or become quiet when switching the graphics waiting a couple seconds and then switching graphics again. This is very noticeable with the ghost which is the only vehicle that has a very different sound in anniversary vs classic. Exiting the vehicle, waiting a couple seconds and then getting back in usually fixes the issue but still anytime you swap graphics in a vehicle your most likely going to break the sounds. This bug has been around as long as i can remember.

H1 - Sniper scope displays enemy distance stats in the incorrect position inside of the scope instead of underneath the scope. This has been an issue since the original HCEA Xbox 360 release, funny enough this is one thing the gearbox port didn't break as even in the 2003 gearbox port the stats displayed correctly where they should when looking at an enemy through the sniper scope. Ever since HCEA xbox 360 and then now on MCC the sniper distance stats have moved around into wrong positions.

HR - Wearing the GRD helmet causes noticable clipping in the ending cutscene of the Long Night of Solace mission. This was new to the update that added the AKIS GRD helmet, season 6 i believe.

H4 - When playing on consoles atleast on X1X the console im experiencing this on, you cannot view your H4 spartan model in the customization screen, instead it just shows your Halo 3: ODST character model or a generic Halo 3: ODST rookie character when scrolling down too fast. Even when trying to select armor peices it just shows the Halo 3: ODST character model. A temporary fix for this is changing the H4 spartan model gender and then the spartan model will load as it should but the problem with this is the moment you leave the customization screen the same thing will happen. So basically anytime you want to customize or see your H4 spartan you have to first change gender then you can see your spartan model, this is very annoying snd confusing to a lot of players iv talked too a lot of players don't even touch H4 armor customization because of this. This has been in since the launch of H4 PC i belive, i also experience this when playing via the cloud which i live now runs on XSX hardware. The only time my H4 spartan loads correctly in the customization screen is when im playing on PC.

H1 & H2 - Rocket launcher barrels now have an extra rotation that plays after firing a rocket causing a noticable clip in the barrel rotation animation. Very noticable when firing rockets with bottomless clip and watching the barrels. This is new to season 7.

H2 - There's s whole bunch of stuff big and small that needs to be addressed in H2, imo i iust hope they give H2 the same treatment CE just got and bring H2 to parity with legacy.

This last bug while not the biggest it is the one i want to see addressed the most, iv been waiting since Hcc came out in 2014 to see this fixed and it still hasn't been.

H3 - On the mission Cortana, there is a secret/leftover second skull in the reactor room near the end of the mission. In legacy H3 this skull would stay placed up on s ledge where the player can get it, but in Mcc this skull spawns just a bit too high and rolls out of the map every single time.
A couple more more i wanted to adress as well

H3 - The map Waterfall still has some noticable performance drops in the center of the map around where the man cannons drop you atleast on consoles and probably low end PCs, i tested this on X1X.

H3 - The map Edge is missing the sentinel fleet that's supposed to be flying in the back of the map. This is on the known issues list.

H2 - The sun doesn't render in most maps and missions in classic graphics.

H2 - On the mission The Oracle and in anniv6 graphics, the green tank thing at the beginning of the mission breaks the holographic textures for the plasma pistol and plsama rifle when getting close to the tank with those weapons, it causes those weapons to just have untextured boxes where the holographic heat indicators should be in anniversary graphics. This used to happen with the energy sword as well but that got fixed in a patch s long time sgo but unfortunately the plasma pistol and plasma rifle still break on this tank in anniversary graphics.

There are more bugs but those ones plus all the ones i list in my first reply aretare biggest ones iv noticed
and experienced.

As i said before tho the the one i want to see addressed the absolute most is the secret/leftover second skull on the mission cortana in H3. Anytime me and my buddies play that level we try to get that skull and are sad we can't do it on Mcc like you could in legacy H3. The spawn just needs to ever so slightly lowered so it doesn't roll out of the map. 🤞🤞🤞
I posted in this thread earlier but I have another nitpick about the menu, specifically the customize menus. With all the great unlocks you can get it takes 84 minutes to scroll to the bottom of any given list it seems like, an option to increase scroll speed in these menus would be a god send trying to decide which Halo 4 armor I want.
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