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Thanks to our very own @pixelflaregfx, we have some incredible 4K MCC Season artwork that we thought you might like to add to your PC wallpaper collection! I totally did. That folder is all Halo all the time and I'm okay with this.

Enjoy! 💚

PS – Let us know in the comments which one's your favorite so far!

MCC Season 1

MCC Season 2

MCC Season 3

MCC Season 4

MCC Season 5

Season 6:
MCC Season 6

Season 7:
MCC S7 Elite

Season 8:
MCC Season 8

"But I wanted Season X without the branding!"

It's your lucky day. You can grab the above, but clean and brandless, right here!
season 1 & 3 looks amazing
Getting Pixelflare to do promo art is the best decision ever.

I honestly am not a huge Reach fan, but I am loving #1.
These are truly beautiful. Just increible.
Really beautifull art !
Season 6 is my new wallpapper, its amazing!!
Gameplay-wise, I think season 3 was my favorite, but as for these images, Season 2 is amazing!
love the Halo 1 wallpaper, that's my choice.

wishing halo 2 got a season so it could have a wallpaper too...
These are great. I appreciate offering the art without the branding!
Thank you so much for this gift
I don't know why but I love Fireteam Raven. I'd barely touched MCC in over a year but the moment a friend mentioned "The new season of MCC has some sorta Raven stuff" I got right back in.
Now you'll make one for the elites for session 7. I could defiantly imaging the new armor and colored swords.
Can yall post the memorial day twitter post art in 4k ?
Season 5 for me, that Pink/Purple combo is just awesome
Amazing work!
This is so awesome
season 6 pls

i love playable elites
I really like Halo Master Chief Collection Season Three wallpaper.
Seasons 2 and 3 really good. So signature Pixelflare, great that he has such an distinguishable style.
These are 🔥🔥🔥
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