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[Locked] MCC September Patch Discussion

OP ske7ch

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Kurbbie wrote:
So is europe still region locked because i still couldnt find any players (H2 playlists) even though people from the us who are around my rank found games easily. Hopefully europeans are able to connect to the us servers soon.
Please dont. I dont want to be stuck on a terrible server is you pull host.
There's no player host on MCC, the matches are hosted on dedicated servers and stop being an egotistical -Yoink-, it's bad for Halo when international players bail out due to 343s incompetence. The matchmaking system was fine before they started fiddling.
l31ACK wrote:
Can you please add ranked team snipers. Please. At least test it out and see the population. Please so many people want it.
And take snipers out of arena playlist.
The region lock problem hasn't been solved. It's actually gotten worse for me in the one playlist that I did find matches: Social Slayer. Reserving judgement for one more day.
If people haven't quit out of the game, they might have been able to keep playing without the patch. That essentially splits the population into pre and post patch players.

I'd say wait until mid weekend before making any judgements. Everyone should have the patch by then.
Just ran thru spartan ops 9-1 still crashing did it 2 times and did a hard reset
eLantern wrote:
The team would ideally like to offer even greater player customization options for control settings. The team has some prototypes already in our internal builds and they're exploring options for adding a finer level of calibration and customization. Such a feature would give players the ability to have more control over sensitivity and aim acceleration in a future update. As we learn more we will continue to update on this topic.
Great googly-moogly! Please, let this focus for greater customization options lead to the ability to establish a new Universal Control setup that's more akin to Halo 5: Guardians' default setting. I really would love the ability to have the control set-up below:

Left Trigger (LT) - Zoom (defaulted to a new non-toggle option for classic titles)/Use Secondary Weapon (H2, H2A & H3)/Vehicular E-Brake or Power Slide/Vehicular Boost

Righter Trigger (RT) - Use Primary Weapon/Vehicle Horn

Right Bumper (RB) - Melee/Banshee Flip Technique/Vehicular Airbrake or Superglide Technique/H3's Hornet Ascend

Left Bumper (LB) - Throw Grenade/H3's Hornet Descend

Left Thumbstick Click (LS) - Toggle Zoom Level (CE, H2, H2A & H3 - when no secondary weapon)/Reload Secondary Weapon (H3)/Sprint (H4)

Right Thumbstick Click (RS) - Crouch (defaulted to non-toggle)

Y Button - Change Weapon/Duel Wield (H2, H2A & H3)/Swap Secondary Weapon (H2, H2A & H3)

X Button - Actions/Swap Primary Weapon/Reload (for H3 this references the Primary Weapon Reload)

B Button - Use Flashlight (CE - multiplayer & campaign/H2 - campaign only)/Use Arbiter's Active Camo (H2 - campaign only)/Use Equipment (H3)/Use VISR (ODST)/Use Armor Ability (H4)

A Button – Jump

Left & Right D-Pad - Switch Grenades (cycle left and right)
Up D-Pad - Multiplayer Teamchat (CE, H2, & H3)/H3's (Campaign Only) Flashlight/Campaign Waypoints (ODST)/Toggle Zoom Level (H4)

Down D-Pad - Toggle Zoom Level (CE, H2, H2A, H3, & H4)

Button combo of some type to enact the "Lower Weapon" action for Machinima purposes.
I actually really like your control style idea, except I would swap the right and left thumbstick click functionality. Crouch being on the movement stick and zoom being on the aim stick makes a lot of sense to me. But great idea nonetheless!

Right now I use "Universal Reclaimer" and it gets me by.
"Your ping times are too high to play in the configured dedicated server regions."
I can't even enter matchmaking. I've been playing MCC all week without this problem. I can play other games online just fine.

This is beyond frustrating.

Just looked through my nameplates and noticed I had a guardian nameplate. What did I get it from?
Doom265 wrote:
Just looked through my nameplates and noticed I had a guardian nameplate. What did I get it from?
Beating Halo 5 campaign.
Doom265 wrote:
Just looked through my nameplates and noticed I had a guardian nameplate. What did I get it from?
Beating Halo 5 campaign.
Oh cool, is it new? Never saw it in the patch notes.
Not gonna lie I'm ALL-in for BR starts... but Territories feels nowhere near as good now in H2A. One of the only times where AR starts honestly felt great.
The Trello board needs to be updated.
Yes it does. I will be tonight.
Hemulii1 wrote:
I am searching H3 hardcore and can't find anything. I am watching Snipedown's stream and he has no trouble finding games. I am also same rank as him. Looks like the "region lock" is still there. I have 112 ms ping to East US 2 server.
At a 112 ping to East US you should have zero issues matching. I think you are having a population issue of being able to find a match.
Did they remove the H3 medal symbols? I just completed my first game after I updated and it appears that the H3 medal symbols have been removed.
Please add an option to turn off aim assist in the campaigns.
So if you were able to mess with the code for Halo CE, why not allow for more variety in gametypes besides pistol starts? Starting with the AR and finding weapons on map to use would drastically change up the gameplay especially if there was a no pistols on map setting.

Also, when can I play the 1v1 cross game playlist?
Where did my MVP and other unique emblems go?
Just curious, is it possible to alter the code of Halo CE and Halo 2 to allow 3-4 player campaign co op over Xbox Live?
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Hola me gustaría que añadieran una pestaña que enseñara las partidas personalizadas y unirse asi como en halo 5, estaria muy bien ya que ahora si todos crearian sus partidas con forge y presentarlo al mundo.
I miss my MVP nameplate... 😢
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