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[Locked] MCC Update - March 6 [Updated 3/8]

OP ske7ch

Howdy MCC Players!
This week the team has a modest update on tap that touches the game's main menu screen and delivers a few requested adjustments for Social Games and Competitive Games.


Following all the feedback gathered from the community regarding social and competitive playlist offerings, this update focuses on matchmaking. Focusing on the social playlists, we are bringing Halo: Combat Evolved Action Sack, adding a few maps for Halo 2 Classic Team Snipers, and some cleanup for Halo 2 Anniversary across a few modes. On the competitive side, we are retiring both the H2A and H2C Team Arenas while bringing both H2C and H2A Team Hardcore online. Outside of matchmaking, the main menu is returning to what it was prior to October’s Flood themed menu. Continue reading for a full breakdown of each change.

Menu Reset

The end of February also draws a close on the Black History month celebration and, as a result, we are retiring the Warthog winter background; pressing reset as we move forward into March. The past few months have been fun from changing up the look and feel of the menus, adding community maps, and introducing some much asked for features. We have had fun working with the community to bring new life to the loading screens and we are looking forward to the next update.

3/6* Matchmaking Updates

Today’s update to matchmaking focuses on Social Games. There are several game types being added to Action Sack for Halo: CE including:
  • Team Muskets: A Team Slayer variant consisting of no shields and shotguns (Similar to ShWATguns from later titles, just with more health)
  • Team Reign: An Oddball variant where a player on each team is ‘it’ and must be protected at all costs
  • Rocketball. Who doesn’t love blowing up a friend? (Yes this is what it sounds like – Oddball with Rockets)
As a result of community feedback, we’ve also updated the following for Social Games:
  • 4v4 HCE Action Sack: Chiron TL-34, Chill Out, and Rat Race support Team Muskets
  • 4v4 HCE Action Sack: Battle Creek, Chill Out, and Wizard support Team Rocketball
  • 4v4 HCE Action Sack: Moved Reverse Tag on Damnation from Asset Denial to Action Sack
  • 4v4 HCE Action Sack: Chill Out, Longest, and Rat Race support Team Reign
  • 4v4 H2C Snipers: Added Lockout, Midship, Beaver Creek, and Sanctuary and re-tuned weighting
  • 2v2v2v2 Action Sack: Score to win in Fiesta increased from 25 to 50
  • 8v8 H2A Flag and Bomb: Reduced number of rounds from 6 to 4 for One Flag CTF and One Bomb Assault
  • 8v8 H2A Zone Control: Added attack/defend Territories to Remnant and Stonetown
  • 8v8 H2A all: Disabled Sudden Death and better aligned game settings across modes
We have also made some changes to our Competitive Games offerings. We are retiring H2C Team Arena in favor of H2C Team Hardcore to focus our ranked playlists on the most hardcore settings while the arena experience can be found in Social Games. If you think you have what you have it takes, hop in and try your shot at the professional gaming settings that were used during the era of Halo 2 Classic.

Additional changes for Competitive Games:
  • H2C Team Arena is replaced with H2C Team Hardcore.
  • All H2C Arena contents can still be played in Match Composer
  • Betrayal and Suicide penalties have been disabled in Hardcore
  • H2A Team Arena is replaced with H2A Team Hardcore.
  • These are the original HCS maps and settings
Boot up your playlist of choice to try out these changes and have some fun. As always, thank you for playing and we will see you online!
Good Morning,

A hotfix went out today which addressed an improper game type being used for capture the flag on the maps Midship and Warlock in Halo 2 Classic Team Hardcore. This issue was due to a game type similarly named being used instead of the accurate one where flag at home is required. We have resolved this through our update this morning and hope everyone enjoys a weekend of games! Don't forget to check out the updates we made earlier this week