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[Locked] MCC Update - Questions for the Team?

OP ske7ch

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Will there be any direct communication from dev to player? In my past experience I've found players really appreciate that and it speeds up the process exponentially.
I noticed there are plans of going with dedicated servers for the multiplayer. Would this include potential dedicated servers for campaign/custom games like in halo 5? If not, what is the plan to reduce the co-op campaign's occasional input delay and framerate issues when playing over live?

Is join in progress something being considered for social playlists?
This is very exciting! I, for one, am holding off on returning to the campaigns until any Xbox One X features are implemented. That's honestly more important to me than the Multiplayer. Any chance we'll see more info soon on the timeline? Some of us would be very happy with subtle changes first as the larger ones are worked out. Happy to be a part of the preview.
Fender19 wrote:
Please don't post multiple times in a row. You can edit your previous post to add to it.

I have beaten the par score on quite a few missions but the achievements for those have never popped. Will this issue be addressed? Will I have to beat the par scores again after the update or will the achievements automatically come through?
#1 Question that should be asked....

Will these playlist be separated some how so I can play BTB without it being H3 95% of the time? Will FFA be added back? I vaguely remember that players were supposed to be able to build their own campaign playlist using their favorite missions from the campaigns, will that become a reality?
Is Halo 1 multiplayer going to have the classic sounds and be consistent with the OG Xbox? I know there's much more important things to address but I figured I'd ask.
I think people have covered the more technical issues with the collection, but a minor thing that I'm still surprised is missing is full customization of your Spartan and Emblem in each game. I was downright shocked that I couldn't mix and match my Halo 3 Spartan's shoulders and helmet, and was so bummed when my emblem didn't even show up in-game.

I hope this is something you'll revisit.
It’s awesome to see MCC getting the attention and fixing that it deserves. That being said, I would like to remind 343 to not disregard the little things.
There are expansive lists that display glaring glitches and problems with custom games and forge throughout the titles, and that is an imperative part of the MCC experience.

I’ve also found, having gone back to Halo 3 and 4 back compat, MCC is dull and redundant in comparison! By that I mean simply the game type and map variety within the playlists. Not only does the lack of cross game playlists enable more diverse play in the 360 titles, but Halo 4’s Action sack, for instance, is just so much more fun on 360. Meta Raid is actually chosen and seen often, and game modes like Mini Spartan Slayer are present, however this is not so with MCC. Maybe there’s some modding intricacies that I am missing, but the point is this: make MCC more fun, whether that’s through playlists, customs, or whatever. Just give us more variation and whackiness. (:
Following the notion that Halo 4 contains more content than MCC, this is still true to the missing DLC from MCC, which includes my favorite helmets in Halo 4, Mark IV and ODST, as well as the Ricochet game mode. If these don't make it in, it'll be a huge shame, as well as just generally more expansive armor customization to begin with.

But seriously though, MCC Customs are important!

But really, really seriously, though, MCC's custom map, screenshot, and game type limit MUST be increased! I beg of you. 50 is simply not even close to enough.
Will joining the Xbox insider program will guarantee that I will test the preview builds?
Will you be adding more achievements? I, for one, hope so!
Can we get rit if cross game playlists?

Halo 2 emblems are fundamentally necessary when you are trying to help your friends. Not having them disencourage team comuniccommun. Are we getting emblems???

Any chance we force people to do in game chat and not private party??. At least when going through Halo 2 classic... Proximity chat was an amazing feature!!!

Can we have a clan feature like we used to have back in 2004? To this day, no other halo has been able to achieve this.

Can we have a classic friend list? Or a dedicated mcc friend list? To be honest the "new" xbox friend system is a downgrade from the one we had in h2 back in 04.
Will we see the entire menu interface rebuilt? I really like the color scheme and a good amount of the layout, but other areas are really not well designed. Performance is clunky and the amount of button presses to get in and out of some menus needs drastic adjusting. If I were on the development team, I'd consider the possibility of rebuilding all, or parts, of the user interface.

Will you re-adjust the sound of entering a match lobby as it lowers by half or more? You added that when people complained that it was too loud. I think you overdid it.

Does Firefight need to be added? Sounds like a good idea on paper, but it could further throttle the code base and separate engine performance, even as it uses Xbox' RAM.

Syncing to enter matchmaking lobbies. Is that a bug or something to do with dedicated servers?

Best of luck to the development team working on this!! Its a hard project I bet, but having this title revamped over three years later to work as intended would be a fantastic confidence booster as the others work away at Halo 6. Oh, and that subtle mention yet again that you are indeed developing it is great! Excuse my optimism, but to me this could signal a redemption for the entire studio, on the way to giving us a fantastic Halo 6 and other stuff.

Thank you all so much for doing this!

I'm just wondering if you are planning to add LAN/system link support?

Will we have a community file share like in all other halos?

If so it would make forge and custom games much more attractive.

Also would like to see the ability to mix and match armor types as well as the addition of more different kinds of armor.
Is bringing back full armor and emblem customization with Halo 2, 3 and 4 something being looked into?

Will netcode in co-op across the campaigns be improved?

Will NPC's in Halo 2 anniversary be fixed (IE, not following you and not able to Duel Wield)?

Also, not really a fix, but I would like to see the original end credits for each game re-implimented.

EDIT: Will Join in Progress be re-implemented for Custom Games?
How are invites going to be handled for the pilot(beta) programs? I noticed in the update today this was mentioned that regulars of the community would be getting invites for the pilot program. What defines regulars and how are invites going to be handled? Via Waypoint or will it be a message from Xbox over XBL? In any case I'm more then willing to participate in this beta to help everyone out. I've 100 percented the MCC achievement wise and put over 1800 hours into this game and average 20 hours a week in the MCC to this day.Be it the campaign, MM or custom games and I know of pretty much all the issues remaining with the MCC. Anyways thank you for making me buy a Xbox One X come March.
Please make the Halo 2 classic playlist BR starts <3
Are we going to see improvements to visuals outside of one x enhancements? I'm not asking for h3 anniversary (though it would be rad), but instead updates to CEA?
Can you give a rough estimate of how many of the MCC bugs in the posted link will be worked on if any? Is the team that's working on MCC aware of that site?

Also, the other announcement was pretty cool. Might have to get back into MCC with guaranteed dedicated servers.
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