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[Locked] MCC Update - Questions for the Team?

OP ske7ch

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JBurton wrote:
  • Ive posted this on Reddit before and I still believe we need to UNLOCK voting slots in MCC cross game playlists. For example currently in BTB, Halo 2 and 2A share the first slot, Halo 3 is guaranteed the second slot, and Halo CE and 4 share the third slot. In my opinion, all gametype/map combinations need to be weighted equally and have a fair chance in landing in each slot. Even if that means by random draw we get all CE or all Halo 3 or a mix of all games, I think that unlocking slots COMBINED with my first bullet point will make this a true collection of games and not just the Master Chief Collection: Halo 3 Edition.
I'd really love for this change to be applied, I feel like there's never really a proper vote because Halo 3 wins regardless of what map or mode it is. Truly random slots would be a massive improvement.
Is there any chance of permanently saving films, specifically campaign films, maybe a more dedicated theater mode for content creators? Theater mode is such an amazing tool and seeing it get downgraded from previous games stinks.

Will there be any connection improvements for campaign, such as dedicated servers?
ske7ch wrote:
hey folks - The MCC update is well underway and as part of our ongoing developments updates I want to open the floor to questions from the community! No guarantees that we'll be able to get them all answered but if you have a burning question, ask it below and I'll see about addressing some in future blog updates.

I have 10 questions.
  • Will we see any kind of Search Preferences implemented for matchmaking playlists? Incorporating this into MCC would solve the issue of H3 always getting voted. Players would only match other players who want to play the same Halo game as they do. You could also condense some playlists by doing this as well.
  • Is it possible to add Join in Progress for custom games like we had with previous Halo titles? The lack of this feature makes trying to get full lobbies a nightmare in the current MCC. You're forced to wait in the lobby for a very long time when you could be in a match warming up and waiting for more people to join.
  • Will we see a ranked Free For All playlist like Lone Wolves or Rumble Pit make a return?
  • Can we please change up the current map rotation in the playlists? As many users have already pointed out, this game has every single developer made map from CE - H4 yet it feels like you're always playing the same 10 to 15 maps. On top of that, there should not be SMG nor AR starts in ranked playlists.
  • Is it possible to fix the Black Screen Quit Loss glitch for Halo 2? Currently, if the host quits out in a match of H2, everyone's screen goes black and the game counts it as 3 losses even though you may be on the winning team. This makes voting for H2 in playlists such as Team Doubles and Team Hardcore a completely nonviable option.
  • I assume that ranks will be reset once the updates are finalized, but is it possible to add an Experience Progression based system for ranks like we saw in H3 and Reach? There is currently no incentive for anyone with a 50 to continue searching that playlist. This would assist in reducing the number of people of Smurf accounts.
  • Will it be possible to have dedicated servers or neutral hosting for custom games? It would be nice to organize FFA tournaments again.
  • Can the Emblem system be fixed? Currently in H2, emblems do not appear on your body nor do they appear correctly when you hold the "Select" button to bring up the scoreboard.
  • Can we implement Party Matching again please? A team of four should primarily be matching against other teams of four unless there are none searching. Similarly, teams of 3 and 2 should be matched together as well. This is would help solve the issue of players Dodging and would make the ranks more meaningful.
  • Will there be a way to turn off or change the menu music? It is so obnoxiously loud I usually take off my headset until my match starts because all you can hear when you boot up the game or start a search is the overly-played theme music.

    Lastly, I implore the Legacy Team to take a look at the videos in this playlist to gain a better understanding of what players are referring to when we say the game is broken or unplayable:
So far it looks like a good game plan, if even half of the issues get fixed I would say that would be a reasonable success. It sounds promising and I really hope it works out.

one thing that would be really cool is if maybe certain affinity could make a map pack for halo 2 anniversary. I mean ODST firefight would be nice, but at the same time a map pack is more reasonable addition to MCC at this point in time. One thing I notice no one mentioning is the possibility of adding forge maps into the map rotation, which worked really well in reach so why not add it to mcc. Still, hopefully the update/fix for MCC will breath some new life into this ambitious project.

I’d like to see halo reach too, but I think it should get a Xbox one edition with its own 4K 60fps update(since it’s still the only halo game not natively available on Xbox one).
Hi, heard by xperia youtuber that's this update could support windows 10 compatibility and mcc could join play anywhere program, is it true or no plan ? Thanks to keep supporting the game btw ;)

With the massive updates coming to matchmaking APIs, will we see any changes to public stats and records on Waypoint or via a public API? The ability to track game results (Custom Games) would do wonders for the Classic Halo grassroots tournament scene.
Guys would you please be so kind to look into the bugs in the campaigns? For example, there's a nasty bug in the Halo 2 campaign which prevents you from loading the level and playing the game at all. There are also bugs during the levels which causes the game to freeze. It's a really great game but I simply cannot play it if I wanted to ...
Will the missing Halo 4 DLC be added to MCC?
The things I mostly would like to know are:
  • I know that there was going to be an option to create custom mission playlists for campaign was a feature that ultimately had to be cut, are there plans to reintroduce it?
  • Is piece-by-piece armor customization on the table?
  • Could it be possible to remove or rework the achievement &/or level caps when using x0 skulls such as Bandanna or Scarab?
  • Is there any plans to deal with people who constantly vote Halo 3 as dodging when it is not the case?
  • Some issues regarding guy detection
  • Adding a time limit for Combat Evolved matches, I have plenty of fun, but I've seen people complaining about the issue
  • People have found some pieces in forge via glitches that allow them to control them that in any other case they wouldn't, such as the failing bridge on Stonetown, considering unlocking them for use?
This one's are not so much questions but rather things that would be nice to see that however I see very unlikely, another chunk of classic maps for H2:A, H4 skins, functionality of said skins in Spartan ops, adding firefight from ODST, adding campaign theater for Halo 4 & Spartan Ops.
Edit: Also perhaps adding Latin American Spanish (as well as other languages) dubbing for the H2: A announced
Edit # 2:
  • Are the emblem and avatar for playing Halo: Spartan Strike gonna be addressed?
  • Can the stances from Halo 4 be added?
If not:
  • Are there gonna be added more armors to the avatar list?
  • Can there be different types of emblems per game similar to how are there individual armors per game?
  • Can the playlists be rearranged so there for example "Team Slayer - Halo: CE", "Team Slayer - Halo 2", 3, 4 & Mixed and so on?
  • If ODST firefight was added could we get customization for the ODST too?
Have a good day, thank you for taking the time to read and address these questions and keep up the good work, you guys are awesome!
hey ske7ch, will the Chinese variant of MCC also get updated as it's never been patched since release and still has broken achievements as I've detailed in the below post.
Can I have my precious Mark V armor in Halo 4 back along with better customization?
Could we see mcc being ported to PC or other platforms in the future.
I don’t have a lot of forum experience but here it goes. I am one of those rare birds that think halo 4 was the best halo ever made(I am 29 so it’s not like I wasn’t around when the others came out). So how does that work between MCC and the backwards compatible halo 4? I feel like the only way to get the full halo 4 experience is on 360. Is it possible to bring back weapons before they were patched? Like say, oh I don’t know, the bolt shot? (Yes, THAT MLG gun)
I really hope the Halo 2 emblem system is fixed. It’s an absolute mess of knowing where your teammates are.
Will there ever be a PC version of TMCC?
Hi ske7ch,
I understand the team is more focused upon fixing the games online systems, graphics and bugs. I would like to mention that some work should be spent on creating an armour unlock and customisation system. I think the original version lacked the feel of XP grinding or getting that rare achievement to unlock that certain headgear from the likes of Halo 3 and Reach. By no means does this allow a loot box system to be thrown in. The damage that the game has already done, this would be utterly disrespectful towards the halo community.
Anyways good hear some good news keep up the work! :)
Thank you so much for the update, for clearly laying out the path to becoming involved in the public part of the testing process and the open communication with the fans!

Here are my questions:

  • Is it possible for the team to modify the multiplayer maps of past games?
Examples of things that could be improved are adding more spawn points to Halo 1 in general so people stop spawning alongside the wrong team at the start (hilarious as that is it's also a tad annoying) or altering the map geometry in Sandtrap to prevent the elephant glitch... Or adding more elephants.... Elephants on Avalanche! Elephants on Standoff! Elephants on Guardian!

  • Halo MCC has so much to offer but struggles to deliver the right content to those that want it. It's great to see that Custom Games Browsing is already being considered and that'll be a huge help but are there any matchmaking solutions in the works?
Weekend playlists? Hard filters to avoid/prefer specific Halo games in the mixed playlists? Join in progress?

  • Is it possible for Custom Games Browsing to extend to Campaign/Spartan Ops?
  • At this stage how much of the unified user interface is expected to change for the end user?
Will it be unrecognizable from what we now know or are these mainly behind the scenes changes with only a few noticeable additions/enhancements?
I’d love to be able to play non br game modes especially on halo 2. I know it’s the go to for a lot of people but I get tried of it really fast. I was most excited about mcc because I wanted to enjoy playing halo 2 multiplayer but thanks to the voting system I never get to play it because the only playlist that ever has a chance for non br’s for me felt like the slayer playlist. Yeah I know that the h2 playlist is a thing now but that’s mostly just nothing but Br’s. If I’m being honest mcc is the game that made me despise voting for maps because it basically turned into “is it halo 3? No? doesn't matter then.” For me mcc was supposed to be a celebration of halo 2 not 3. It all just left me feeling bitter.
It doesn’t help that I’m a achievement hunter when it comes to halo, so I spent quite some time grinding out mcc achievements and halo 3’s medals never registered for any of the achievements! This made multiplayer achievement progression unbearable due to the fact that if you dared to play in a multiplatform playlist it was basically an almost guaranteed halo 3 game.
I’d like to point out as well that I feel the the campaign for halo 3 has way to many bugs! For me the biggest deal breaker was the scarab sections. For me the scarab always glitched out as if it’s rig was breaking and the body was moving without its legs. On the ark I’ve had multiple experiences where it just walked through walls and eventually off the cliff into the sunset.
I’m sorry if this seemed like a rant. I was really trying to keep focus on my points. I’m super excited that you guys are taking another swing at this and would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this.
Is it possible to have dedicated servers for co-op campaign? It’s incredibly frustrating with the input lag that occurs when you’re not the host.

I do remember reading the reason why this occurs ages ago but I can’t remember the specifics to it.
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