Only the first controller that signs in has control in the menus, even the other controller that is plugged in cannot even press the start button to change their armor, their clan tag and etc. it's acting like it isn't even turned on lol. The second controller can press A to join and do all the stuff in the game. My Second controller is a wired controller and I haven't used our wireless controller yet. I have closed out of the game and started it again with no luck. Any tips on how to fix this? Thank you :)
Probably better in the support forum.

Are you trying to use the second controller as a guest, or with an actual second profile?
Thank you so much for responding, I re-posted this n the support forum. I am going to leave this one up for another 10 minutes or so to let you get the notification and then delete this thread. I am using the 2nd controller with an second profile. My MCC isn't all the way updated yet, it's 85 percent, I wouldn't think that would make profiles not be able to do menu stuff but you never know.