After logging 20 hours on Reach so far, these are the problems I've encountered, along with personal preferences I think should be implemented.

  • Why can't we choose between TU and normal game modes? Maybe I'm just missing something but being stuck playing the TU game modes make me want to crash myself into a Scarab.
  • This probably boils down to bad luck but I'm getting match made with algae for teammates. They sit around waiting for XP and not playing the game.
  • Map rotations. I have played on the same 3 maps for Invasion and BTB. What happened to all the other maps? It's only anniversary maps. I think I've played Breakpoint more times than I can count.
  • DMR can't be a load-out weapon. With "reduced" bloom and bleedthrough on it's able to outgun every other weapon in the game from any range. It needs to be a pick up weapon not a loadout weapon.
  • Bleedthrough needs to go. Personally I think it changes how the game plays in a BIG way. Everyone camps with the DMR sniping people across the map with no real gunfights or action happening. I have no idea where I'm being shot from it's almost like I'm playing Modern Warfare.
  • Make a separate playlist for TU and old school. TU can have their bloom and bleedthrough and old school can not have that.
  • Add a report option for teammates. People who spin in circles idle waiting for the games to end for XP sucks and there's no way to stop it. Adding a report option specifically for that will help flush those people out.
  • Add more maps please. BTB and Invasion have like 5 combined maps and it gets sooooo boring. Grinding for XP feels like an absolute drag when you'e stuck playing the same maps over and over and over. Adding more maps to every game mode will allow for a breathe of fresh air for players stuck on the same couple maps.
  • The DMR with bleedthrough is a god. It's able to outgun every gun from any range. With it being a loadout weapon it allows for people, mostly in BTB and Invasion, to camp in the back of the map sniping people in 4 shots. Take it off the loadout and add the assault rifle. It'll allow for more fun and high octane gun battles since people will need to be closer to one another and fight it out, instead of mapping people with the DMR.
  • Bleedthrough either needs to be removed or TU needs to be a separate playlist. I personally hate it as it lowers the time to kill, giving the person being shot at less of a chance to fight back. I love Halo because you can win a gun fight even when you get shot first. Bleedthrough takes that away. So making a separate TU playlist will allow for people who hate it and like it to both have fun.
Please leave your thoughts down below, and like the post of you agree so 343i can see this.
I'm sure 343i did a ton of brainstorming regarding the best way to handle TU Reach vs. OG Reach, and I'm pretty sure what you see is the final solution. As it is, there are already 3 different Reach settings between hardcore, standard modes, and invasion.

Also, Invasion always had a small number of maps.