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[Locked] Nameplate Feedback Request

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Hey Friends,

The team is working on future update plans and we’d love to get community feedback on MCC lobby NAMEPLATES!

What do you like in a nameplate? Which types are your favorite? What kind of nameplates would you like to potentially see added to MCC? We’re specifically looking for feedback around Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 themed nameplates (as those are the next titles up for MCC on PC) but ultimately we’d love to hear any thoughts you’d like to share. Of course we can’t promise what, if anything, might materialize in MCC down the road, but we’d love to continue our ongoing partnership and get your thoughts to help inform our direction.

Please note that we’re not looking for actual artwork here – please don’t create mock-ups or submit any designs. Instead, please use the thread below to share your feedback and we’ll relay it to the team!

Thank you for your support!

How about a nameplate that shows if you’ve achieved a rank of at least 45-50
Nameplate with a 45
Nameplate for getting a 50 in a playlist etc
Plus show highest rank ever achieved on profile too
All of the LASO nameplates sorely need a new redesign and Reach doesn’t have a LASO nameplate which is odd considering every other title including ODST has one. Something bad -Yoink- could easily be mocked up for all the different LASO runs.
I love the artwork that was used for the Reach nameplates.
Something that shows off the particular moment for the achievement which unlocked the nameplate - story wise or otherwise.

Having the unlock requirements still visible after unlocking would also be a huge help (and for the avatars too!)
Maybe if possible name plates showing which weapon you have used the most
  • Fist of Rukt (Tartarus' Gravity Hammer)
  • Blade of the Prophets (The Arbiter and/or his Energy Sword)
  • Demon (Sinister Portrayal of the Master Chief)
  • Covenant Bomb
  • Uprising Forerunner Structure
  • Johnson's Cigar
  • Gravemind
  • 2401 Penitent Tangent
  • Terminal Artwork
  • BXR
  • Requiem (Planet)
  • Requiem Gravity Well (Halo 4 Poster Art)
  • Cryptum
  • Jul 'Mdama
  • Promethean Skull
  • Terminal Artwork
  • Rampant Cortana
  • UNSC Infinity
  • Railgun
  • Mantis
How about an 'evolution of Chief' banner, with simple vectors of the H1, H2, H3, and H4 helmets in a row?
Replace all of the old ones. That are just bronze, gold, platinum, ect. They were lazily made and don’t reflect the effort put into getting most of them.
I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to see more nameplates for Easter eggs. Beyond that, I think the Legend achievement deserves a nameplate of its own, maybe with four beaten-up Chief helmets for each of the mainline Halo games.
My Favorite would have to be the 1th nameplate, it's just so silly and it gives the launch of MCC a bit a more rose tinted lens to me. My only real wish for nameplates is some touchups on the older ones, I love the new ones but seeing some of the older, simpler ones get a facelift to line up with the Reach ones would be great
There should definitely be a nameplate for Halo Achievement Hunters it has been a passion of mine and many to go for every achievement!
These are a couple examples I have for the requirements.

Requirements 1: Have every achievement in MCC.
Requirement 2: Have every Halo achievement for every mainline Halo game from (360 and One)

In my opinion this would not only give people something to do but help create an active community that will build friendships, memorable moments and bring life to the other games to keep people busy.
That's what it's about being an achievement hunter to me anyway. (: <3
How about a nameplate that shows if you’ve achieved a rank of at least 45-50
Nameplate with a 45
Nameplate for getting a 50 in a playlist etc
Plus show highest rank ever achieved on profile too
Agreed this is a good idea. I'm a nameplate hoarder so more the merrier. Could also make a nameplate for each season achieving highest tier. I also think a community made nameplate submission and everyone can vote on one too is neat.

** Would love to see this return in Halo infinite and carry over by the way :^).
I’d like to see a significant difference between the silver and platinum nameplates. Currently, they appear too similar.
There’s typically a piece of work every Halo Spotlight that’s considered the “best” or even just the one that is featured. I’m sure (with the artists permission) making a nameplate using assets inside the art piece would be really cool. In terms of unlock requirements, if you provide a Sign in box with every halo spotlight article you can give it to everyone who signs in within a certain timeline. (Maybe from one halo spotlight to the next). This will help drive spotlight engagement and also encourage others to submit their work to it.
I think there should be a chance for PC insiders to get the MCC Insider Pro/Plus nameplate, as we've not had a chance to do so yet, and it's really bothering my inner completionist. Please keep this in mind for future flights!
Nameplate for completing MCC 100% would be cool.

Postums Would any potential nameplates be subjected to the same criteria as gameplay medals?

Such as:
  1. A Medal needs to be an explicit action that a player can perform; rather than something that can “just happen.”
  2. Players should have a clear idea of what it is that they did to earn the Medal.
  3. A medal needs to promote good behavior and should never reinforce a negative action.
I would love to see skill-based nameplates. As mentioned above, there should be nameplates that reward players for reaching a certain skill level such as 40, 45 and of course level 50. I would also like to see some animated nameplates, I think that would be cool. Finally I would love to see some nameplates that correspond to the progression system.
BeneficBen wrote:
Nameplate for completing MCC 100% would be cool.
Actually just posted about that little bit ago (:
Think it would help the ranked playlists a lot if people would have more reasons to play it. Most of them don't really care about having a number next to their name but what if we would have nameplates for reaching a certain rank in any of the competitive playlists. For example : Rank 10 - New nameplate which shows you reach that rank in Team Slayer for example; Rank 50 - A very rare nameplate, that beats all the other ones in the way it looks. Just a simple thought, the situation in ranked is horrible especially if you are playing during EU hours.

Add Avatars as well, even though you can't see it in lobby. Give people more reasons to play competitive, because most of them are playing social and for what? A social rank that won't reward you after hitting Tier 100.
The LASO plates need a rework. and Halo Reach doesn't have a LASO plate.
Also Plates that show stats would be cool! like how many kills or rank in a playlist.
Or just more neat plates like Reach had. Ones with variety and show off enemies or areas from said game.
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