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[Locked] Nameplate Feedback Request

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I'd like to see some Halo 2: Anniversary themed nameplates. The Reach nameplates that featured a character from Noble Team were awesome, and I'd like to see the same for Halo 2. Some of these character themed nameplates could be:

  • Master Chief
  • Avery Johnson
  • Miranda Keyes
  • Arbiter (Thel 'Vadam)
  • Tartarus
  • Shipmaster (Rtas 'Vadum)
I’m not very creative, so mostly just want to echo the other comments about wanting a sort of skill-based nameplate (like for reaching a certain rank). Could even start offering those at fairly low ranks and each nameplate gets cooler as you reach higher ranks (like have a pretty basic one you get for reaching a rank of 10, one that’s a little cooler for getting to 25, 35, etc and a really epic one for getting a 50.) Would even be cool to have them kinda tied to each title so the one for getting a 50 in H3 Doubles is different than the one for getting a 50 in H2 Hardcore for example. Might give people more motivation to play more playlists rather than sticking to one to two.

Aside from that, I like the more colorful nameplates. I don’t know what it’s called, but there was a purple one with a skull for playing Reach firefight, as soon as I saw someone using that nameplate on stream, I immediately hopped into firefight (a mode I don’t typically play) just to get that nameplate because I thought it was sick. So more that really catch your eye, I guess.
Is it possible that we could get a system where we can use links from sites like Imgur for custom nameplate images? Also, requesting this one but I would love to see and have an Anvil Station nameplate in MCC!
I would like more spaceship and spacecraft oriented nameplates.
I'd love some community based ones.
  • Halo.Bungie.Org
  • Halopedia
  • Reddit Halo
  • Forgehub
  • So on so on
This has been something I seen a lotta game devs embrace in their games and would be ace for MCC and future titles to do.

And perhaps some pro-team ones also like in Halo 5. That was nice then and would be nice now.
I just wanna be able to see why I unlocked them please!
Halo 2:
Master Chief vs The Arbiter. Kind of like what Halo 5 did on their cover.

The Great Journey. Could be a scene with the Prophets and their followers.

The Brutes taking over. Something showing the Brutes as the new Prophet guardians.

Kill the heretic. A Sesa 'Refumee nameplate.

Giving back their bomb. Shows Chief in space with the Covenant bomb.

A new challenger appears. A nameplate featuring Gravemind.


Halo 3:
Sgt Johnson's last stand. A tribute for him would be cool.

Foes become bros. Master Chief and Arbiter team up.

Don't blow up my ring. A 343 Guilty Spark nameplate.

Reunited, and it feels so good. Master Chief rescuing Cortana.

Go out with a bang. Something showing the Warthog run or the ring blowing up.


Halo 4:
Return of the Forerunners. A Didact featured nameplate.

Unlikely protectors. A nameplate showing the cutscene with the Knight showing its blue human skull.

Watch out! A nameplate showing Watchers and Crawlers.

Cortana's struggle. Something showing Cortana's rampancy starting to take over.

Pulsing with gratitude. Chief beating the Didact.

Chief and Cortana. Something showing Chief and Cortana together like the ending scene. Could be a Valentine nameplate.

Check out my new ride. A Mammoth featured nameplate.

Give me that chip! A Del Rio nameplate.

A new friend. A Lasky nameplate.

I thought you'd be taller. A Palmer nameplate.

You actually did it. A nameplate for completing Spartan Ops.
I would love to see a Halo Outpost Discovery nameplate to go with the collection. It was considered as a community gathering and it would be nice to have something to remember it by. (Besides all the awesome swag that is)
I think stat tracking nameplates would be cool.
More of the 3-hour speedrunning achievements, the Reach one is pretty cool!
Some nameplate ideas for Halo 2:
- Heretic Faction Theme
- Heretic Banshee Theme
- Day at the Beach Theme
- Grunt Birthday Theme
- Noob Combo Theme
- Assault Bomb Theme
- Flying Brick Theme ("For a brick, he flew pretty good!")
- Earth Will Never be the Same Theme
- "Betcha can't stick it" Theme
- Chief Riding the Covenant Bomb
- Mister Chief (First conceived when teasing Halo 2 in a Weekly Update)
- Spectre
- Shadow
- Enforcer
- Scarab Gun (Easter Egg)
- Giant Soccer Ball (Easter Egg)
- Ling Ling (Easter Egg)
- Golden Warthog
- Metropolis Bridge
I think all nameplates need to be updated. I'm extremely proud of my LASO Master nameplate. but it looks ugly and dull compared to even the easiest-to-earn Reach nameplates.
I would like to see more real-world celebratory nameplates.
  • Mardi Gras.
  • Saint Patrick's Day.
  • Mothers Day/Fathers Day.
  • Independence Day.
Just to name a few.

Also, it would be nice to have a Sea of Thieves style nameplate for those of us who have the Spartan set on Sea of Thieves.
A touched up version of the rank 44-50 nameplates that were taken out before the game launched.
Seventh column emblem nameplate for halo 3. I miss my emblem and want it back.
1) Update past nameplates to newer standards.
A point of any customization option should be individuality, which you don't get if they're all copy-pasted with small changes. This is maybe fine for stock standard ones like clearing levels and par achievements, but at the very least rare and difficult tasks like LASO and 3-hour Legendary should get something nice to look at.

2) More explicit Halo themes.
Take the recent Valentines one: There are plenty of official Halo themed Valentine images, but we got a generic heart. Weapons, characters, enemies, iconic architecture. "Planet" and "Skirmisher" are some nice examples. Exploit the setting. Concept art would also be cool.

3) State how it was unlocked.
This is just U.I stuff and convenience.
- Animated nameplates would be awesome!
- Numbered nameplates in Halo 5 were great for groups and parties
- Cool looking designs. Doesn't have to be Halo related or even something. Cool looking colors and shapes.
The Winter Contingency just looks awesome. Doesn't scream HALO at me but just looks really cool. Kind of like that new Grassroots nameplate.
- Logos of different factions and markings within Halo
Like Arbiters "Mark of Shame", UNCS logo, Halo Wars 2 Banished logo etc.
- Yap Yap nameplate!

I could go on but those are a few that come to mind
It'a commenable that you are listening to the community. I don't have a suggestion for a specific nameplate (apart from some updated laso nameplates, and perhaps one for ODST and Reach), but I think you should add a description for each nameplate. When you scroll through them it just says "Change your nameplate as it appears to other players", but It would be useful if there were a description. A few of them are easy to guess, but I don't have any idea what I did to unlock most of them.
I really wish there would have been a chance at earning the MCC Insider nameplate this past flight. Finally got in for the CE one and to never get the chance kind of hurts with how even getting into a flight isn't guaranteed anyway. Would feel even worse if the chance come backs for H2 and I don't get an invite to that flight.
More custom designed nameplates like Reach has would be great as those were the best looking in the game, maybe have some for completing LASO for all the Halo games, and some that unlock when you get an achievement, like for example back smack 5 people in a game without dying and you'd get a stealth ninja like nameplate. Just more designs instead of color bars with a logo on it would give people incentive to unlock them.
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