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[Locked] Nameplate Feedback Request

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I spend almost all my time in Forge. I use the Platinum Forge nameplate. It would actually be quite lovely if there were a newer, shinier, more robust Forge related nameplate.
Edit: ‘I only read the first sentence of your op Postums and my Halo nerd took over. After linking all the artwork, I went back and read you’re full post. Sorry for linking art work lol.’

My favourite name plate would be the halo ring name plate, I wish I could just unlock that one and no other.

But it what would be cool is to unlock nameplates featuring some of the achievement art as they’re pretty spectacular.
Completed ODST solo legendary
Complete Halo 2 solo legendary
Complete Halo 3 solo legendary
Finished the Master Chief playlist
Found the hidden Scarab gun in Halo 2

Other cool designs for random/secret/easter egg achievements;
And this

i could go on listing them all as they’re so friggin awesome, So here’s a list of them all.

And looking into the future, having animated names plates in Halo Infinite would be great.
A redesign for some of the old nameplates would be good, especially the laso ones.
Maybe a nameplate with similar requirements to the old vidmasters, challenges that you'll need to complete in each game.
Certainly a nameplate for having every achievement in MCC would be great but don’t add that yet if more achievements come.

LASO Nameplates could certainly get an update as well as one for Halo Reach.

Id also suggest Silver and Platinum Nameplates look almost identical and Platinum Nameplates need a bigger difference in color.

Example look at Halo 3 ‘s LASO Nameplate in Silver and the LASO Master nameplate in Platinum the color is almost identical. You can only differentiate between silver and platinum if someone else in your party has the other color.
i think updated nameplates for completing games on legendary. and would also would like to see one for completing reach on legendary
Carter4395 wrote:
Seventh column emblem nameplate for halo 3. I miss my emblem and want it back.
I think the 7th column emblem is a Bungie thing. We won’t see it return to Halo unless it’s from Bungie.
How about the energy sword nameplate?I love this style very much.
Replace all of the old ones. That are just bronze, gold, platinum, ect. They were lazily made and don’t reflect the effort put into getting most of them.
Like who's gonna show off that they beat a campaign on normal?
A lot of the nameplates added with Reach were obviously on the right track; I really liked some of them.
Nameplates that go with certain achievements that don't include mission completion would be nice (These may already exist but I forgot).

I'd also love some more stylized/ cartoony + flashy nameplates similar to how some of the calling cards look in the Black Ops games. Having a community-made nameplate competition would be a lot of fun too, MCC really could use some of that and there are so many talented fans that would make some crazy stuff.
UNSC INFINITY NAMEPLATE!!! for beating Spartan Ops
Designed for each person's game duration
All the nameplates that came out in 2014 for Retail should be replaced with a new nameplate in my opinion. Also you should consider new nameplates for CEA as well, not just H2-4. Also there were a few nameplates after the Xbox One release of the MCC back in 2014 would love to see a return of to maybe get them with different requirements? Some of those cannot be earned again.
Hope you could remaster the old ones, such as legendary completed and LASO completed nameplates. The new ones are so much more nice-looking!
I would really like to see the following themed ones (or more on each theme):
Mister Chief: maybe with the light saber Frank first drew him with
Red vs Blue: You ever wonder why we´re here?, or, I think it looks more like a puma
Arby´n´Chief: MAI ROFLCOPTER IT GOAS SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI, or, we r guyz who gon t33ch u a lesson, or, No u

Anything with those themes would be a real welcome addition in my opinion :)
I don't believe these gametypes have gotten a nameplate:

- Headhunter
- Stockpile
- Action Sack (Swirl Icon)

- Territories

- Fiesta (Dice Icon)

- Extraction
- Dominion
- Regicide
An idea I had to renovate the currently bland par Time/Score nameplates would be to replace the existing icon with 2 different scenic images from that level, 1 for par time & the other for par score.
Specifically I think that each person who is apart of the MCC insider flights should receive a special nameplate depending on which flight it is. For instance the Combat Evolved Flight could have been personalized, or the Reach flight. Would be cool to see.
No timegated stuff, it sucks.
I really loved what you guys did with the Reach nameplates! They're very stylish and much more visually interesting than the base-game nameplates. I would love if you guys updated some of the CE-4+ODST related nameplates to be in a similar style to the Reach ones.

For example, have them be based on characters or settings from the various games. The Halo ring from CE, Arbiter from Halo 2, Mombasa Streets, the Didact, etc.
How about a nameplate that shows if you’ve achieved a rank of at least 45-50
Nameplate with a 45
Nameplate for getting a 50 in a playlist etc
Plus show highest rank ever achieved on profile too
would DEFINITELY give ranked a lot more incentive.
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