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[Locked] Nameplate Feedback Request

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I really like the nameplates that don’t even show on the locked list (ex:fire/ice unicorn nameplates, fireteam raven, etc). I want to have more of those nameplates that are unique and hard to get. Basically secret nameplates.
Carter4395 wrote:
Seventh column emblem nameplate for halo 3. I miss my emblem and want it back.
I think the 7th column emblem is a Bungie thing. We won’t see it return to Halo unless it’s from Bungie.
It’s bungies emblem yes but doesn’t mean I don’t miss it
I think the biggest thing that turns me away from going for specific nameplates is that once you unlock them it no longer shows the requirement you had to achieve to earn it. I love working towards something cosmetic when it requires a challenge, feat of skill, grind etc. But sometimes forgetting what I had to do to earn my reward is a bummer
How about an animated Rampancy nameplate for H4? Some thing that’s blue but flashes red every once in awhile with a static effect?
A backpack type look like with dead Spartans or some sort of back pain to show that you carry your team lol

id like something unique and funny like that since most of my games I tend to carry and still lose.
I would also like to see nameplates with more color similar to the halo reach ones added in December. It would also be awesome to see some 3D nameplates that move/ change colors (similar to CoD).
Yah know I loved the Valentine's name plate I think you guys should keep up with holiday nameplates I dig those
Alot of ideas for name plates one being easter egg finds
More faction themed nameplates ,species specific and characters nameplates too.
Id like to see name plates for enemy kills a think a hunter name plate would be awesome they are favorite fight. And ive killed alot.
Any animated nameplates would be great too.
Nameplates like the Legendary 3 hours run for Halo Reach would be neat and also Event Nameplates. But I wish they would still show you how you got the nameplate, sometimes I unlock some and dont know what I did to get the nameplate.
- update the existing nameplates to make them more unique , easpacially for "hard" archivments like playing trough on legendary right now they are not that impresive ( most of them are some random emblem of somethig like a plasmagrenade ( lol ) in 4 different colors bronze silver gold platin and platin can look very similar to silver )
- the new Reach nameplates were a step in the right direction
- add effects for example some shinining or glow
- add animated plates ... i mean call of duty ( heresy i know i am neither a fan of them :D ) had that stuff for a long time
- dont jam them into the reward system as a filler .... nobody would like to unlock 30 different plates out of wich PROBABLY only the last few are the most popular ( as those will be sought after because they are harder to get )
- conencting to the previous point . the harder to get a plate the more it should flex to other players , that way people want that plate and start working to it aka setting themself a goal ( example Halo 3 recon armor man was i happy to get it and before i would when i saw a recon guy instantly get respect and think "man this guy for sure aint no pushover .. until of course he is a pushover :D "
- create proper conditions to be able to flex with them what i mean is proper display pregame and postgame so evryone sees what evryone else has
If possible hand over Fireteam Apollo even though I know it's impossible.

The game has totally evolved since its release, why not give everyone Golden, UNSC, 1th and Fronk? Being given that HCS that replaces Pro is given to everyone, it’s possible.

Halo Reach has no Nameplate for LASO.

The default Slayer in blue is not tidy and is not with its suites.

Preferences, group those related to events together rather than being scattered a can everywhere.
I would like some of the other halo games to have new nameplates
I love all the nameplates made for reach for their artwork.I want all of the nameplates in mcc to be like this
Should make some more easter egg nameplates.
Give it something, unique. Like a moving emblem. Make something that every Halo fans (Including Bungie fans) would enjoy. Think creative and don’t rush. Rushing will always make the material look bad, no matter what!
A rework of all nameplate...
Because some of them are identical, but only the color change

A lot of nameplate like Halo 5

Some animated nameplate will be cool

Maybe a tool in Halo Infinite, then we can create our own nameplate and emblem in multiplayer
Re do the old nameplates the ones you complete a per score or par time missions in the campaign.
Blue- common
Bronze- Uncommon
Sliver- Rare
Gold- Ultra Rare
Platinum- Legendary

But make them into proper rarities and the easy and the harder for the nameplate it is not like in halo 5 REQ system rarities colours but something different and exciting to come back and searching in matchmaking, like oh did that guy get that super duper amazing Legendary nameplate from like in halo reach nameplates for a example.

Or some like rank nameplates not the 45 to 50 ones,
the social rank nameplates but like animated or just with the colours of the social rank but mixed with say, you start off with rookie going to into the sliver do a hint of sliver then you are in the sliver ranks to do a hint of gold and etc that will be amazing!

Just my thoughts on this :)
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