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Since the servers from Xbox 360 are sunsetting in a few months, can they just add some nameplates for the people that archived max rank so in that order would be:
Nameplate for max rank Reach
Nameplate max rank Halo 3
Nameplate max rank Halo 4
also one for being 152 in H5
Very nice idea. I can imagine how cool the Reach one would look. It'd be a way to have our Inheritor rank symbol back in some form (I'd assume it would have it on there).
Hey it would be very good, also for a future season to add an infinite one but with movement or one where the boss is fighting against the covenant.
I would love to see this, even though I would gain nothing.
Blue team
H3 eltet team
Spirit of fire
Pillar of autumn
In amber clad
Forward on to dawn
Key ship
High charity
Actually a cool idea
A “Remember Reach” nameplate. Correct me if this is already a thing.