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Nameplates: issa no from me dawg

OP Feed Them Hate

Does anyone else absolutely despise the nameplates? Why can’t I see my own name? I sit 6 feet away from a 44” screen and I couldn’t read my own name if my life depended on it. Not to mention anyone else’s, and my vision is perfect. Why are the names text in white with no drop shadow or force field in black? Why are they so small to begin with? I rock a bronze one cause it’s the only time I can see the white text.
I never had a problem with it.
I never had a problem with it.
Likewise. I can read gamertags just fine no matter what nameplate the player has 🤷‍♂️
I can see them no problem without glasses and my vision is far from perfect.

Might be be something wrong with your display.
The white names on the platinum nameplates? Yeah, it can be pretty bad.