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New Development Update Blog Available

OP ske7ch

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Hey folks - Just letting you know that a new MCC development update blog is now available. In this latest installment I've got a few new status updates from the trenches along with answers to a number of frequently asked questions gathered from this forum.

Read the latest blog update HERE.

I'll check back in and share another update in the not too distant future as the team continues to make progress.

Thank you for your feedback, questions, and support!
In honour of the "clean-up" effort to get MCC in tip-top shape, I propose 'Project Beamish' as the code name going forward :P

Also, very encouraging to read Jeremy Cook's comments on visual updates to the game.
When I bought the MCC initially and it started to sink in what kind of shape it was in, I was so disappointed and heartbroken. 343 Industries has received its fair share of criticism over this, most of which is certainly justified. However this update makes me beyond happy. They could have let this game collection die a painful and embarrassing death. The fact that so much effort is going on to fix and improve this...well, that gives me great hope for Halo and our community's future. These are some of my favorite games of ALL TIME. They deserve this kind of care. I really applaud the team for their efforts and greatly appreciate it. I imagine it's not easy with such a strong, passionate community watching very carefully.
Thanks for this! It's a really great update, as was the one back in January. Is this about the pace we should expect these updates to come?
Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I have no doubt you guys will clean these gremlins out of MCC. And please nail these playlists for H2 and 3. So many are counting on this.
Thanks for the update!

The transparency with this is awesome!
Code Name suggestion: Project Reclamation

It sounds like you guys are working your butts off to make the MCC the best it can be and it's really nice to see these updates. Thank you very much for making them. I look forward to one of my favourite games getting the attention it deserves.
Exciting news!!! Didn’t expect anything like this so soon!
Code Name suggestion: Red vs Blue. The reason in my opinion there's going to be a lot of red vs blue games going on in the "flight" programs when it starts. What better name then to pay homage to all the Spartans deploying for bug and test duty. Thank you for the Halo Custom Edition features
coming to the MCC and for speaking about the cross game playlist issue today Ske7ch as well.
Went to the gym, flipped a few tanks and came home to see this...


It's nice seeing some of the wishlist features people came up with (I'm sure a lot of individuals in-studio personally want them too) being mentioned. It's expected that you all instudio see it (obviously, a post was made asking for requests - by you actually), but just seeing a visual confirmation by post from someone official (again, by you! :O) is nice, as we're not left wondering.


- Custom Game Browser
- UI / Menu refresh
- New XP / Ranking / Progression system
- File share / File Browser (gotta convince them to take notes from H3's, but just bigger... Or Reach's... But 3 visually was so satisfyingly simple)
- “Party Up” system

- Join Session in Progress

(ODST Firefight & Reach (if this ever comes to be, you guys are insane lol. So many games) was nice too, but if people are requesting than any fixes or core features, I personally would like to BXR them)

A friend of mine just recently (within the past couple of months) was saying he'd like to only install select games within the collection (I'm keeping them all, as each had (and most still have) their own place for me - majority more than other... We discussed the possibility of a plan of having the initial MCC install, then adding from there... Which is crazy (I guess how else would you do it though...?) as that's the plan in place (just cool from a consumer perspective who was looking into the future of the game without any official word of knowing).

TL;DR: All in all, good -Blam!- A lot of "I wonder if they'll..." was taken out of the equation, as most was confirmed as being planned or is of concern. I'm trying to maintain the "neutral" mentality, until things are available in-front of me, on my TV, but can't help but get extremely excited as a fan. Still neutral though. Just extremely-excited-neutral.

stckrboy wrote:
In honour of the "clean-up" effort to get MCC in tip-top shape, I propose 'Project Beamish' as the code name going forward :P

Also, very encouraging to read Jeremy Cook's comments on visual updates to the game.
Also how can you say no to this? It's pretty much already confirmed at this point. Right? Right. Please? Please.
Thank you for giving straight answers on the future plans! Very much appreciated!
a custom browser?awesome!!!!!!!! thank you 343 :)
Very exciting, but just want to add that a new ranking system doesnt need to be made, Halo 2's is really good. It's just that exp and rank should be added, and fairer skill-based matching. That would be amazing. Thank you all for the hardwork
I definitely support "Project: Beamish"!

I'm so excited for a custom game browser. I can't wait to just be able to hop on and play a variety of Halo games with other like minded players! Seriously, what more could a guy ask for! Thanks for taking away the voting system! I can't wait for the 3 other games included in MCC to get some attention!

I'm also cool with keeping the Halo 2 ranking system and just adding in a Halo 3 style progression system.

Thanks for the updates!!
A lot of good news in this update. But hopefully we'll actually start seeing something with substance in the game itself soon.
There is this single question...

Honestly...I wish, it would be released for PC, same with Halo 5, but then again I remember the quote from Phil Spencer. A copy-pasta from a Gamespot article (July 2017):
Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in a new interview that it would be technically possible to put Halo 5 on PC, but he decided against this so developer 343 Industries can focus on what's next.
So...what is it now? There is no official word (yet) if there will be a PC port for MCC. Halo 5: Forge on PC shows, that a good amount of stuff is already ported and it works really well. It even grabs your Spartan from Halo 5 with how it was customized in Halo 5.

I really would love to play Halo MCC and Halo 5 on PC (I can play it on my Xbox One, but I am more of a PC gamer) and whenever such tiny info pops up, I really hope, that Microsoft and 343 really go the way and release those games on PC. It was kind of a bummer that Microsoft, Bungie and Gearbox to released Halo 1 and 2 on PC and then outright stopped.

Then Microsoft suddenly came around and released Halo Wars 1 DE and Halo Wars 2 on PC and Xbox...even adding cross-play to Halo Wars 2 some time ago. It got me all excited. I was finally able to play some rounds of Terminus Firefight with some friends (and randoms), even if they played on the Xbox.
Will the new bug fixes affect speedrunning strategies?
this is a rad update, but i do want to ask about something specific. there are two separate discussions of voting in the update, and they discuss the removal of the voting system (along with game-specific playlists) to alleviate the "people only vote for halo 3" issue. but "removing the voting system" is left rather ambiguous both times, so i want to clarify: are we going to be able to at least vote for map/gametype combos within game-specific playlists?

this seems like the answer would be implied given the problem removing voting is actually targeting, but on the other hand, i worry that there's a desire to move to halo 5's no-veto, no-vote system, which is equally bad. the H3 throwback playlist is a strange prototype of how this might end up looking in a hypothetical MCC H3 playlist - instead of being able to veto something like flag on isolation, which might be the worst combo in the playlist short of ball on narrows, and at least have a fighting chance at playing something else, players either have to suffer through it or dashboard/quit. this is a pure regression from the days of H3 and Reach.

voting should do two things. first, it should give players at least the opportunity to control their fate. if a bad map and/or gametype gets voted for in MCC, i can at least chalk that up to the people in the lobby, and not purely the hopper serving up a poisoned meal. if it comes up in H5, the blame is purely on the game itself, which in turn sours me on the game. second, it should send messages to 343. there's no way y'all aren't collecting data on what gets voted for/passed over in playlists. that data becomes a valuable resource for improving the matchmaking experience. if people are consistently voting for X, or not voting for Y, maybe that's a signal that people like this gametype, dislike this map, etc. to return to the H3 throwback example, if people could veto, and the playlist was adjusted accordingly, isolation flag and narrows ball would (hopefully) have a high veto rate, and in turn be considered for removal from the playlist.

i will say, as an addendum to this whole discussion, given a veto system or a voting system, i'd argue for the veto system. the MCC voting system has a couple of problems (no "none of the above" option as in reach, and the inherent need to resolve ties, which i don't think there's really any satisfactory way to do). vetoing, by contrast, is relatively simple. players need only consider one option and give protest if desired. there's much less "preference tension" of people vote-fighting over maps or gametypes. matchmaking is a roll of many dice - the players you match, the map you're on, the gametype you play. vetoing at least lets a lobby agree to reroll the dice in the hopes of something better.
1-50 ranking system worked great back in the day.
But now most people in MCC know their thing...
Maybe you can a 1-20 ranking system or something like that so the player base does not split a lot... Maybe even 1-10....
Also, i know a lot of people like big team battle but I would suggest to keep playlist to small parties games. Double team for example.
Also if voting is being dropped, please keep all h2c playlist br starts... Radar on.
What about h2's proximity chat? Any chance we see that being a thing again??

Let's discuss this ☺️
JIP for customs and a browser sound great. I'm excited!
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