I hope that 343 can add some new gameplay options into Reach like how they added them into Halo 2, I would love if we got some more options in Firefight such as, the ability to actually spawn Drones as one of the enemies in Firefight. Also I would like to see some new gameplay options, like maybe add skulls to Halo Reach custom games, also I would love for them to fix a issue I have had with reach since it was released. I want them to add a forced species and preferred species option to Halo Reach's custom games that would span all modes. The "Forced Species" option would allow you to force players to be either spartans for Elites, while the Preferred Species option would make you become which ever species you have preferred, when enabled, regardless the mode. I just got tired of so many games not allow you to play as your Elite, and the few that did, usually only allowed you to be one half the time. Forge was really the only mode that actually took your preference into consideration.