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I am genuinely getting ill because of the fact I'm put into east US servers and the lag is unreal. Did 343 forget to add European servers or something?
European servers do exist though less common.
Europe does have servers, however it is more common that EU players end up on US servers. It is planned to have a server region select feature to come in the coming future (maybe with season 4s update).
They have mentioned a way to pick your server that they want to implement soon.

Many games have this feature as standard but it would be a great addition to MCC.
There are certainly European servers, but the matchmaking system rarely selects one, given how the EU population is so low. I live in Greece and the only (somewhat recent) time period where I got into EU servers, was when the game was released for PC. In general, you can find some matches on EU servers whenever the population spikes.

Given how you'll be able to select your region though, expect wait times to reach ridiculous points, especially if you'll be only searching for an unpopular mode like Griefball or whatever. Sadly, Europeans are mostly interested in that damn FIFA franchise.
I'm very interested to see the wait times/population when you'll be able to force the game on EU servers.