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I have been trying to play with friends on Halo MCC for about a week now and every time i try to invite my friend they cannot join. Then when they finally join in we get kicked when we are searching for a game. Today a friend and I have been trying to play halo 2 story mode for about ten minutes and when the game loads up we get kicked before the game even loads. Is there a way to fix this because it really pissing me off. I have supported Halo through every game and this is the only one to disappoint me,
Try contacting X-Box support because I haven't had problems
I have problems every day, since launch! I still (after 1 month and a week) can't join parties 80% of the time. And to get it to work I need to restart the game before joining any players. Ranking system still doesn't work. What is going on? When is the next update?